My Lost Family/C6 Chapter Six
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My Lost Family/C6 Chapter Six
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C6 Chapter Six

Klara's pov


"You ungrateful brat what did i told you that i want proper food not some pasta why the fuck you don't understand?"

" i am sorry mam, i will-will ma-make it aga-again"

"What will you make again huh? My house ingredients are now going to slowly vanish, just because of your foolishness"

"Why do you-you do th-this mother, i am your child"

"You are not my child, i wish i could tell you that" she muttered under her breath but i heard it.

I knew it, i was adopted.

Well you all might be wondering what happened so i will give you quick recap.

Today is my 12th birthday and i was out with sarah and this happened, i got late and here i quickly made pasta and now this mad women is shouting at me.

"You little bitch , i am your mother you have to now bare punishments"








"Ah mom no stopp"

"What did you say did i told you to shout let me call your dad he will give you good beatings."


"Well well what show is going"

Great now i have to take beatings of HE DEVIL (my father) {adopted}

" you bitch we give you one thing to do and you always mess it up .

Oh sweet klara"

They both laugh, its not normal laugh , its your evil laugh.

I stopped responding them because if i will reply i will get more punches and all.

I want to let it all out, i want to scream and say how much i hate these so called parents but no they keep on beating.


"Stop it hurts"

"This is what you get for not listening to us"

"Klara wake up"


"Wake her up"

"She is not waking up what do i -


Someone just slapped me,


I yelled.

"What the fuck Klara what was this ?"

My eldest brother asked.

Well hello to you to brother.

Oh shittttt

My whole freaking family is here that means they know about my nightmare.

God help me

"What was that"

"Who was that"

"Let me take out my gun"

"I am gonna kill him"


Everyone started blabbering, then my dad had to stop them.

I know they are my brothers, they will panic like this because if i were too in their shoes i would have done that.

Even Grayson my youngest brother was too here.

I thought he hated me.

"Klara my child was this is a nightmare?" My sweet mother asked.

I nodded.

"Is this any past incident or something like flashback" my brother Mario asked.

I again nodded.

I am a lit bit happy that they are letting me answer non verbally because i don't know if i have the patience to answer them with verbal response.

They all saw me in my most vulnerable state.

The thing which i always wanted to hide from them is now open.

Now they are going to hate me.

"Klara what happened? What are you hiding?"

"Flower tell us we will help you we are family right?"

I dont know why but i started crying.

I cried and cried.

My brother grayson held me tightly and was saying soothing words to me

"Let it all out baby its okay"

"You are so brave"

Everyone had sad smile, i know they want to ask me what happened but right now they want me to first be smooth.

Tell them dumb

But they will hate me

They wont hate you stupid

You are stupid

You are my subconscious

I told them, i told them everything.

The beatings, the starvings, the harsh words,the manipulation


(I am sorry guys that i didn't mention this talk in deep because literally its very hard to say these things and if you have to write its double hard so i am so sorry)

"I am gonna kill them"

"I failed to protect you"

"My child"

Except my older brothers everyone were now crying.

I cried and cried and slept.

Next morning,

Someone's leg was on my face.


He might have slept here.

Grayson ,Andrew and Anthony too were spread up like pigs everywhere in my bed.

Well come sleep on my bed bros.

I saw them still sleeping so i slept again.

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