My Lost Family/C8 Chapter Eight
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My Lost Family/C8 Chapter Eight
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C8 Chapter Eight

Aiden's pov

We all are finally now completed!

Sure we do had family gatherings but it was not glittery like today.

It was just a small breakfast but it was really nice , everyone were talking,laughing and most importantly SMILING.

All elders were going to Lorenzo's office but were stopped by Klara's scream.

"Klaraa" everybody shouted but didnt got any scream as she was on the floor holding her stomach.

"Klara its your mummy what happened tell me please baby"

"Mo-Mom it hurts"

"What hurts baby" my brother Anthony asked.

"Everything, My ribs,le-"

She didn't even completed her sentence and fainted.


"Wake up"

"Mario go and call the driver we have to take her to hospital, mom pack her clothes" Lorenzo ordered.

Everybody were sobbing mess.

We just got her and cannot lose her.

By the time we reached hospital , everyone were parting ways and bowing because not everyday you see whole Italian and Spanish mafia gathered.

Even my strong,cold face cousins were crying.

Klara has wrapped everyone in her tiny fingers and can't even realise it.

Amelia's POV

"She will be okay ame,don't worry she is very strong"

" I can't loose her Natalia, i just got her , i can't i just can't"

My little Klara is up at the ICU being treated. We were patiently waiting for Doctor to come and say something because literally I so close to breaking that door and see My KLARA!

Don't get me wrong i was an assassin during my young life.

Well that's how me and Leonardo met.

[ I Will post bonus chapter if you want to see Amelia and Leonardo's Love story, so tell me in comment if you Want bonus chapter]

Lorenzo's POV

Seeing all my Brothers like this is breaking my heart. What happened to her suddenly we dont even know we just took her to our mafia hospital and doctor started operating her.

Finally after one hour the gates opened and doctor came out.

"What happened to her"

"Is she okay?"

Everyone started asking questions i can see doctor is getting panicked by all these questions.

"STOP everyone! Let her speak" i shouted with full dominance.

And everyone became quiet.

"She is sleeping right now . There is no need to worry, she is allergic to Mushrooms so i guess you all ate that and she didn't knew that, Mushrooms made her feel bad and top of that she already has ribs broken and some pain in her hands and legs i guess it affected her more. You all got her on time if she was late then she would have slipped into comma! I have prescribed the medicines of her to the nurse she will contact you."

Mother was in tears and everyone were sad but what matters is that our Klara is safe now.

"Can we meet her?" My dad asked

"She will be awake by two hours then you can meet her" Dr replied

"Thank you doctor" almost everyone replied . She welcomed and went away .

"Everyone go home NOW! You all need rest , go do your things and then you can come later. No discussions"

I yelled because i knew they are going to protest but as Don it is my responsibility to make sure my family is in perfect health, since we came here nobody ate anything, and work i have to do mafia work so i will do it from hospital only.

They knew not to say anything because if they say they will face Angry Lorenzo.

Klara's POV

Everything is so white, blurry it's like i am on cloud floating in the seas with my turtles and watching dolphins.

Wait one second where the fuck am I.

I tried to catch my surroundings but everything is so annoying.

"Fckn turn off the lights" i yelled

"Language Flower"

Jesus, here i am in hospital (i think so because last thing i remember was passing out on the floor so i guess someone bought me here)

And here lorenzo wants to talk about language.

Great brother.


"Hello brother"

(I so badly wanted to say this line 😵‍💫🤦🏻‍♀️🤫 If you know DAMON SALVATORE you know what i mean )

"So you are finally awake oh my god klara you scared the shit out me" my eldest brother Lorenzo said.

"Aww love you too bro, where is mummy papa and everyone else?"

"They are comi-"

"Lorenzoooo why the fuck you didn't call us?"

"Oh my god you are awake my baby"

"My twinkle"

First my dad came and hugged me like i am going to disappear

Then my mother came she was crying so much i just cant bear to see her sad so i started crying too.

Rest my uncles aunts, brothers and cousins came and hugged me,

"So did you miss us?" My brother aiden asked.

"Nahh not at all" i replied sarcastically and they all pretended to be fake hurt and wiped their fake tears.

"DRAMA QUEENS" they all laughed.

"What happened to me?" I asked

They told me i have allergy to MUSHROOMS. Seriously Mushrooms likes seriously but whatever

"No more mushrooms in the house"

My mom said to which everyone nodded.

"Hello sweetie I am Dr Lily i am going to check you and if you good then we can discharge you"

I nodded

"So your vitals are nice, your heartbeat is normal , now no more mushrooms for you , i have already prescribed the medicines for your brusies and ribs , you have to take it regularly and then you will be again Badie Klara"

I laughed

"Thank you doctor" i said

"Thanks lily" Lorenzo said.

She blushed.

Oooo, something fishy is going to happen.

"Okay everyone you all leave i have go check her Brusies" Dr lily said and everyone went out except my mom

"Soo lily. Do you have boyfriend?" I asked wriggling my eyebrows


"Aww what is going on between you and Lorenzo huh huh" i asked

"Nothing is going on stupid He is my boss" she said looking away. It is like she is replying more to herself rather then me.

"Oh yeah yeah, i noticed the gestures between you two" i started teasing her.

Oo klara stop it

Why she can be my sister in law


Yes subconscious i won this time.

Ya ya whatever

"Okay you are good i will sign the discharge paper" dr lily said .

Everyone came again we talked a little bit and we went home.

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