My Lost Family/C9 Chapter Nine
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My Lost Family/C9 Chapter Nine
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C9 Chapter Nine

Grayson's pov

I still haven't apologised to Klara and i feel like an donkey. Its my fault and i am blamed everything on her , i thought she was that spoiled girl but literally she is the sweetest person you will ever see. I went to her room and heard a faint come in , i saw that my sister was watching Stranger Things.

I once she saw me, she got shocked.

[conversation between (K) Klara and (G) Grayson]

G- hi?

K- um hey?

She said more like question, yes sister i know you are confused

G- I know we got on bad start sister, i am sorry, i was just afraid of losing you , you know we both were closest and you always used to play with me but when you were kidnapped i shut down people because i didn't wanted to see heartbreak again, so i am so sister.

I didnt dare to look up at her, i know she won't believe me but what she did next shocked me .

She came and hugged me like her life was on stake.

K- I know Gray I understand, i did that too in my previous school but i made two friends, i forgive you Gray , how can I be angry at you , you are my brother idiot, you are stuck with me FOREVER.

I laughed, oh my god she forgave me i am so happy.

Klara's pov

After listening to Grayson i sobered him up by telling me how much i missed him too and all. Oh my god i am becoming Emotional. I knew its not Gray's fault if I was in his position i would have been afraid too.

"Klara i have got you something just one minute i will go and bring it" Grayson said and left.

He came back with a freaking


"Oh my god its so cute give it to me" i jumped from my bed and took the hamster from gray

"So I assume you like it?"

"Like it? I love it so much thank you gray! You are the best" i went and hugged him again

"What are you naming him?"


He laughed.

"Sandwich? Seriously?"

He was laughing so hard

" oee shut up this is my sandwich, bring me his food and His home please" i said

"Oh don't worry i am bringing it"

He came back with hamsters food and cage , i cooed my hamster and looks like he is going to sleep so i put him in his cage .

"Come on Klara lets resume watching Stranger things" gray said

"You watch it?" I asked excitedly

He nodded.

So thats what we did it was night already and we both watched stranger things while cuddling and slept.


"Andrew go call Klara and grayson for dinner"

"Aie aie mom"

I went to gray's room and found him nowhere, must be in Aidens room , he wasnt there too, I checked every room but he wasnt there only Klara's room was left. Can he be there?

I went to Klara's room and it melted my heart. Both my brother and sister were sleeping like there life was depended on it .

I quickly took their picture and sent it to Family group.

I decided to play a little prank . Hehe Its time for EVIL ANDREW' S PRANK

I went to my room and brought Markers and painted their face. None of them realised it. Time for show.

"Klara and Grayson wake up" i yelled

In a second both were looking as if someone has murdered someone.

"Come on Dinner time" i said .

They nodded and came downstairs.

Everyone were present Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Grandpa and Grandma have went back to Spain as their was emergency. It has been three days since Klara got out of hospital. And we all were taking extra protection of her . Mario goes on full rampage mode because Klara always throw tantrum regarding Medicines.

Everyone were looking at Klara and Grayson as if they have grown two heads. I just couldn't control it anymore so i laughed my ass off.

Aiden too started.

"What's wrong?" Klara asked.

Now dad and mom too started laughing.

" little brother and sister you may want to see your face" Lorenzo said, still trying to hide his laugh.

Klara and gray both went to see their face at nearest bathroom.


They both came and started beating me. "DAD help me" i shouted.

"Okay kids stop both of you go wash your face and come downstairs" dad said

Finally everyone is at peace.

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