My love from the sea/C1 Chapter one💖
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My love from the sea/C1 Chapter one💖
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C1 Chapter one💖

At Hilton Restaurant

'The man, sitting in front of me, is the love of my life but…he doesn't like me. Ahh!!! I hate this word 'but'. It had always come in the way as it made realise that he doesn't like me.

What can I do when he never gets my advances?'

She is kara Howells. She has everything except family. She has started her own business and made it a leading company. She had made it so far with her capabilities but she was all alone in every path she took to reach where she had reached now.

Kara Howells has made her name and gained fame with her company, K.H. Corporation.

However and whatever she had achieved, there was something she had always longed for,that is affection,love,care. These are the emotions which was never known to her.

Now it is not the same as before. She had started feeling the emotions which was unknown to her.

The reason is Derek, her secretary.

"Boss" said Derek.

"what ?" said kara while taking a bite of her steak.

"There will be a meeting with Mr. Anderson from Raylight corporation at 5 pm to discuss about the collaboration." said while eating his steak.

"Huff...Derek what are we here for?" said kara while sighing.

"umm...Eating and discussing your schedule" said Derek.

"No, it's only eating, understand?" said kara.

"okay , Boss." said Derek.

"Do you know it's been three years now that you've been working with me?" kara asked Derek.

"Yes ,boss" answered Derek.

"Do you know I feel like we understand each other better and become close to each other?" asked kara hoping he would understand her meaning.

"Yeah I feel like that too." answered Derek.

"You do?" clearly ecstatic on his reply but that was momentarily.

"Yeah, we've become good buddies." stated Derek cruelly dashing over her hopes.

"Exactly like good buddies." said with a smile on her face but it was clearly opposite inside her heart. ' How can be you so stupid, Derek? I had been trying for a year now but you dumbass always dodged my advances and behave like innocent who knows nothing.' ( reread the note once.)

"Boss let's go otherwise we're gonna be late." said Derek.

"Okay." said kara clearly in a bad mood.

Derek didn't understand why suddenly her mood got bad. He thought ' It was good just now. What happened suddenly? He didn't say or do anything. Leave it. I know how to make her happy.'

They got out of the restaurant and headed towards their car. As he helped kara to get on the car , he asked her to wait and went back to the restaurant.

kara was checking out some files when Derek knocked on her window.

"Tada…here's your favourite strawberry ice-cream. I know you always love to eat it before the meeting. Though I think this habit is weird but …" he said.' I like it when you smile after eating the ice-cream.' He thought in his mind.

"But what Derek?" asked kara when he didn't complete his sentence.

"Nothing" said Derek.

Sometimes I feel like Derek also likes me but there is something which is holding him back.

I wanna find it out.


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