My love from the sea/C2 Chapter two💖
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My love from the sea/C2 Chapter two💖
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C2 Chapter two💖

At Raylight corporation

While the meeting was going on and every one was concentrated on presentation, there was someone whose mind was somewhere else. That someone was none othe than kara.

Kara's POV:

' I'm getting bored at this meeting. I can tell by a glance that their presentation is nothing but trash. But I must say they had done a good job at hiding their flaws in the presentation but who are they trying to fool ? Me? There is no one who can fool me in my business.' I thought while smirking at their foolishness.

The Raylight corporation president Mr.Anderson glance towards me and seeing my smirk they thought they impressed me. ' What a dumbo' I said in my mind and smile towards him to which he smiled back.

While I was smiling at the Mr. Anderson, I felt like someone was throwing daggers at me and yeah I was right. It was derek. Even though it was for a brief moment I saw something in his eyes. I can't comprehend what was the emotions in his eyes but I was certain that it was something which can be develop into something more. I hope so.

' I'm gonna spend my time with Derek. Damn this boring meeting. ' I decided.

Derek's POV:

The presentation was quite good but I was feeling like there was something fishy.

I do not quite understand what was missing but this collaboration won't be beneficial for us.

I wanna signal about this to kara. That's when I noticed her passing a smile at Mr. Anderson.' I don't like it.' That was the first thing comes in my mind. Even though I don't understand why the thought of her being with someone irritates me. I wanna ask her why she is smiling at that Mr. Anderson when she don't know him well. Like she heard me, she suddenly turned towards me.

We stared in each other's eyes for a brief moment then I turned my face towards the presenter again. It may look like I was listening to the presenter but that was not true. My mind was filled with WHY WAS SHE SMILING AT HIM ? JUST WHY ?

Just then kara stood up and said something which made me sigh in relief.

"Derek let's go." said kara.

I stood up to go but that damn Andy guy interrupted in.

"Miss kara why are you leaving without signing the contract?" said Mr. Anderson.

" Ohh I forgot about that." said kara with a smile.

" It's okay, miss kara. Let's sign it before you leave." said Mr. Anderson with his creepy grin.

I was going to tell kara not to sign the contract as I feel something fishy in the presentation but I forgot that if I could tell that something was wrong in the presentation then kara must have found out the real problem.

" I mean to say that I forgot to tell you that this collaboration cannot happen because…" kara trailed off and I thought she was having the second thoughts about her decision.

" Your whole plan is nothing but TRASH." Kara said with a sweet smile on her face.

I stifled a laugh at the expression of everyone's face. Everyone was dumbfounded. They held their breath when they saw my pretty and elegant boss smile. Though I didn't like them staring at her but I was satisfied when they realised what she said.

" What? How dare you? Who do you think you are to reject me? I don't understand how you got to this position when you can't even see how beneficial is my plan to both parties. It will create a huge revenue for both parties. " Mr. Anderson said with arrogance in his voice.

I was going to say something when I saw the expressionless face of kara and I know it was better to lock my lips and throw the key far away. But someone was looking for death.

" I know you are young and have less experience. So you make some mistakes. But I'm still wondering how you made it so far? Oh! now I understand someone is backing you up and you are paying for it well right." His eyes flicking over her curves. My hands clenched over my sides.

" Mr. Anderson, you are crossing your limits."

I was raging with fury.

" Derek ,leave it. Dog barks when it has gone mad and also bites. So let's go before it bite us and spreads his madness." Kara again insulted him with her sweet smile.

The anger was gone in an instant when I saw her smile. Mr. Anderson was going to say something nasty again but shut up when kara glared at him.

"Ok, boss" I answered without any delay. Then we both headed towards the exit. While existing I glanced back at that trashy president and saw him saying something which wasn't audible to us. But I know it can't be something good.

I was following behind kara. I know even though she doesn't show the pain, every word hurt her. No one can hear something bad about them. I also know that she is not gonna let trashy andy off the hook. But I don't care about what she does to him as he deserves her wrath.

Now the most important thing is to cheer her up and I'm going to do it.


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