My love from the sea/C3 Chapter three💖
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My love from the sea/C3 Chapter three💖
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C3 Chapter three💖

Note: The sentences written in double quotes(" ") are their actual sentence. The sentences written in single quotes (' ') are their thoughts.


At K.H. corporation

Kara and Derek returned from the meeting at Raylight corporation which didn't go as planned.

Kara always respond back whenever an employee greeted her but today was unusual which made everyone realised that someone has pissed off their CEO. 'He or she is looking for their doom by going on their boss bad side.' Every one had the same thought.

Kara had made it clear to her employees that she had the principle of treating kindness with the same kindness and evilness with hundred fold evilness.

Everyone was curious to know which fool had pissed their boss and they know their curiosity can only die down through Boss's secretary, Derek. So as soon as the boss entered the office they had surrounded Derek.

Derek's POV:

While I was following behind kara ,I noticed the curious gazes of my colleagues and I know what they want to ask. It's hard to be a secretary.

As I predicted I was surrounded by them as kara entered her office.

" Who has the guts to piss off our boss, Derek?" asked gossiper #1.

" I'm used to her smiling face while greeting her but today I got goosebumps while looking at her expressionless face. Please tell us what happened that wipe our boss beautiful smile." said gossiper #2.

"Yeah exactly Our boss has an angel smile and I don't like to see her without her smile."

said gossiper #3.

" Derek Please tell us who took our boss smile." said gossiper # 4.

They were asking me but how can I answer when they didn't give me a chance to speak something. I just listened to them for a while without trying to say anything.

" Derek why aren't you telling us? " asked gossiper #1.

" Are you letting me?" I asked with sarcasm.

" Sorry. Go ahead." said gossiper #1.

Then I told them about the whole scene at the Raylight corporation.

"How dare he say that? " said gossiper #2.

" We all know how hardworking our boss is and how she had managed so far without depending on anyone." said gossiper #3.

" Yeah we have seen how this corporation had made it top leading companies in front of our eyes." said gossiper #4.

I agree with all of them. I was working with kara from the start of her company and I know how many sleepless nights she had spend to reach the platform on which she stands now. But now it's not the best time to discuss about that.

" That's enough. Now go back to your work."

I entered the office and saw kara with her eyes closed reclining her head on the chair.

" Hey boss do you really mind his words that much?" I asked her as she opened her eyes to look at me.

" What do you think?" She asked me back.

"I don't think so and I know you must have already thought of the punishment for him." I'm sure of it.

"Then why are you asking me?" She again answered in interrogative tone.

That's why I don't like her to be in a bad mood she always becomes like that. That gives me headache.

Also I can't see her without her smile, like every one said she has an angelic smile.

Let's cheer her up.

' IDEA !! '

" Boss ,you know I'm thinking that what that trashy...I mean Mr. Anderson said was true. That you have strong support behind you and you're paying for it very well." I said and the instant I finished I saw kara's shocked face.

" Derek you're joking ,right? " kara asked in a heavy tone. " It's really not good."

" I'm not joking at all. I'm only saying the truth otherwise you can't come to this position alone." I said without any emotions on my face.

" DEREK!!! WHY? " She stood up from her seat. I know she thought that I'm also thinking like Mr. Anderson.

" Of course you can't come to this position alone without my or any other employee support and yeah you're paying us very well for it. I think you know that. Why are you looking so shocked like you have seen some ghost or alien? " I answered very innocently.

" Are you okay? " I asked looking concerned but I was laughing internally at her dumbfounded expression.

When she regained her senses, she picked the nearby file and throws at me. Luckily I dodged otherwise if it hits me it must pained a lot. " Hey , are you crazy? Throwing file at me? So childish." I said while shaking my head. That's when I heard her soft chuckles.

I looked at her she was laughing and crying at the same time. 'Maybe I went overboard.' I thought while feeling guilty.

I went near her and started patting her shoulder to calm her down. She suddenly pulled more me close and hugged my waist. I didn't say anything and let her.

Authors POV:

Kara was hugging Derek's waist while he was patting at her head. They didn't look like the boss and secretary at all.

Kara was feeling comfortable and relieved. Comfortable because she was hugging Derek and relieved because the thought of Derek misunderstanding her was nothing but illusionary.

After a while Derek detached himself from the hug and got down on his knees in front of kara. They were staring at each other's eyes when Derek raised his hands to wipe her tears with his fingers.

Their lips weren't saying anything but their eyes were talking a million things. But the thing which was common was their attraction to each other or more than that.

The moment was ruined due to message alert in the phone.

Derek stood up and kara also turned away to hide the blush that crept onto her face. Well , it was same for Derek. Both were blushing and hiding from each other.

After a while.

They were now normal as if nothing happened.

" Boss you're such a crybaby. I was trying to cheer you up while you become a crying mess. You know it made me feel guilty." Derek said.

" What did you say you want to cheer me up? You know I really thought you think like that too. It hurt me to even think about it and you literally made me believe it. You should be guilty to prank me like that." She snapped at Derek.

" Ok I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I would never do it again or even think about it. " Derek said feeling really guilty.

Kara was looking very serious before burst into laughing. Even though Derek was confused, he was happy to see kara's smiling face.

" Now it's even between us." kara said with her real smile.


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