My love from the sea/C4 Chapter four 💖
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My love from the sea/C4 Chapter four 💖
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C4 Chapter four 💖

At Kara's apartment

Kara's choice of design for her apartment was nothing like a lady. Heck even she doesn't behave like a lady. While every girl loves pink ,red ,violet, beige…colours but this girl loves black, white and grey. So the walls to furniture in her house are in the shades of black, white and grey. No one will say it's a house of lady.

Derek's POV:

" Hey kara why don't you change your furniture? " I called her kara because the office hours were over and now we're not boss and secretary but only friends!

" Why? It looks good and their condition are not bad." She asked me with a confused expression.

" Don't you should make your house look a bit more like lady? I don't understand why you like these boring colours when there are so many vibrant colours to choose from." I said in an exasperated tone. I know she won't listen to me but it didn't harm to try.

" I won't change it." She said without even thinking for once.

" Ok, fine." I won't give up. "What do you wanna eat ? " I asked while going towards the kitchen.

" Whatever you make." She said then went to her room. She can cook but she loves to eat my handmade food and I can't say no to her.

Soon I have finished cooking spaghetti and served two plating of it.

Soon after kara come and sat on the dining table. We started eating food.

" Derek you really have magic fingers." she said while taking another bite.

" I know. I'm wonderful, right? " I said haughtily.

" Ah yes I remember something. There was someone who tried to make a simple omelet but got himself in the puddle of eggs. Was it you by any chance, Mr. wonderful ? " I shouldn't have bragged. Damn my big mouth !

" No that was not me. I donot remember such incident ever happened with me." I won't ever want to remember any embarrassing moments from when I just come to land.

There are many incidents when I had made a fool of myself. What can I do when I don't know anything about humans and their life styles.

" Is that so? But I really think it was you." She said with a teasing smirk.

" No you remember incorrectly. How can it be me when you yourself say I have magic fingers." I won't admit to it no matter what.

" Now tell me what will you do with that trashy andy? I know you won't let him off after he had insulted you." I quickly changed the subject before she could tease me more.

" You're good at changing subject. It's okay I let you go but I don't have any intention to let him off the hook. And yeah that name suits him very well." She said biting the last bite from her plate.

" So what's your plan? " I asked finishing my plate too.

" I don't have any plan." She said simply.

" Then my dear boss how can you punish him?" I asked her knowing perfectly she is cooking something in her evil mind.

" My dear secretary, I don't have any plan for now because it's not the time for his punishment." She said with a smile but it didn't reach her eyes and I know that smile very well. It indicates when she is going to destroy something or someone." But I do have work for you. You have to dig out any information about that trashy andy."

" Okay, that's easy. But tell me what are you gonna do to him?" I was curious.

" You will know it automatically when you look at the details." She said mysteriously.

" Why can't you tell me ?" I asked her.

" Because I ,myself ,am not sure about it now. That's why I am asking you to investigate him properly. Everything about him." Ok it make my curiosity died down.

" I will and give you the result soon. Now , I take my leave." I turned and took a step when she grabbed my hand and I turned around to face her.

She stepped closer to me. " Why don't you stay here? " She said while biting her lower lip. That's her habit when she is nervous.

' Damn ! She looks so sexy yet innocent.'

" How can I kara ? It's inappropriate for a man and woman to stay under one roof." I have to control my thoughts.

" I haven't heard of such law before." She said stepping more closer to me.

" It's not a law. Leave it. I should go." I tried to leave but she is faster than me. She locked the door.

" Kara open it." I tried to snatch the key from her hand but she slipped away.

" Take it." She said while showing the key in her hands.

Author's POV:

Kara was running around the house with keys in her hands and Derek was running after her.

" Hahahaha catch me if you can." Kara said while running away from Derek.

" Let me catch you and I swear I'm gonna punish you for it." Derek was threatening her but kara knows how much of a threat it was.

( Even readers know that too. Right? )

They both were enjoying this little Tom and Jerry chase. Sometimes kara would run around the table or goes to kitchen or near the stairs.

" Derek you're so slow." The moment she finished her sentence , she was in the arms of Derek.

" Oh am I ?" He asked while smirking down at her.

They both were panting from running so much and their hearts were also at high speed. But it was unknown if it was because of running or their close proximity.


What will happen next? What Derek will do to punish kara? or will he punish her at all?


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