My love from the sea/C5 Chapter five💖
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My love from the sea/C5 Chapter five💖
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C5 Chapter five💖

Note: The sentences written in double quotes(" ") are their actual sentence. The sentences written in single quotes (' ') are their thoughts.


Authors POV:

Kara is in the arms of Derek after he had caught her.

" So since now you're caught how should I punish you? " he said while gripping her tightly in his arms.

" You can't punish me. I'm your boss after all." Her eyes provoking Derek.

" Oh yeah you're my boss but that's in the office. Now it's only kara and Derek. No boss or secretary." Derek said.

They both were standing so close to each other. There was not an inch gap between their bodies.

" Is that so? Still what will you do to punish me? Hurt me or…" She tugged at his collar and pulled him more closer to her face and whispered in his ear in a low voice. " f**k me ?"

Derek turned red and he immediately released her. " kara what are you saying? "

" Let me explain. I'm saying you will pick me ,throw me on bed..." She is stopped with Derek's hand on her mouth.

"Stop! I don't want to hear whatever you were going to say." Derek is now blushing badly. " How can you say it so bluntly? "

" Because I know you are not gonn' do anything. " She said stabbing his ego.' But I want you to.'

" It hurts." Derek faked a hurt expression clutching his shirt at left side." You're right I'm not going to do anything." ' Not until I'm sure of your feelings and mine too.'

" Sometimes I wonder if you are gay otherwise how can you resist such a beauty."

She said pushing Derek on the sofa and positioned herself on his lap.

Derek was unable to say anything. His mind and thought were all in a mess. His heartbeat increased at a sudden pace. He was about to say something when kara placed her index finger on his lips." Shhh…don't move. Let me check if you are or not."

' What will she do? What will I do when she does what she is thinking? Should I let her or push? No, I can't push her. What should I do? What should I do?…' Derek wasn't able to think straight.

He knows that he is attracted to kara and can't deny it. But he has conscience not to do something just to satisfy his desires and he have rationality to think straight. But now kara was making things difficult for her. She is making him to think irrational.

" No ,kara. Don't be so childish. Stand up." Derek was being affected by their close proximity.

" Why? Is something bothering you ? " kara placed her hand on Derek's face caressing her cheek.

She was enjoying every minute with Derek. She likes it when she was touching Derek's cheek he was leaning in to her touch unknowingly. Even though she can see he was putting some resistance but slowly it was getting reduced.

" No." He was stuttering.

Kara was dragging her index finger down to his collarbone. She stayed there for a second before opening Derek's shirt second button.

"kara…" Derek grabbed her hand. "Don't do it." He was getting weak against her touch.

" Fine. I will let you go for now." She said standing up from him.

Like he was freed from the prison, he immediately got up and run towards the door. When he reached the door he realised it was locked. ' Damn it ! '

He turned to kara again but before he could say anything kara beat him to it again.

" What ? Changed your mind? Wanna continue? " She asked with a smirk.

He shook his head like a scared kitten and crossed his arms over himself like she is going to r*pe him.

" I want the keys." He was still recovering from her attack.

" Hey , why are you acting like I have done something inappropriate to you? " She said while handing him the keys.

He snatched the keys from her hands and glared at her. His eyes saying ' Didn't you? '

" You stop there! " She said noticing his accusing gaze.

He fled away afraid she would catch him. He immediately opened the next door to her apartment. Yes , they are neighbours.


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