My love from the sea/C6 Chapter Six💖
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My love from the sea/C6 Chapter Six💖
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C6 Chapter Six💖

At Kara's bedroom

The walls of the room in the shades of grey and the rooftop was white with the modern design of lightning on it. The room was very spacious and had a balcony opposite to the king sized bed on which the moonlight was coming at. The moonlight which would have been fallen on the sleeping beauty was now on the Kara who was wide awake looking troubled.

Kara was lying on her bed with no signs of sleep in her clear eyes rather she was thinking about earlier. How bold and confident she was acting when she climb on him while in reality her heart was drumming furiously in her chest . She was hella nervous but she masked it very well.

She was tossing and turning on her bed thinking how would she face him the next day. " What should I do? Should I pretend I got sick? Nah! That would be too obvious as if I am avoiding him purposely. But it's true I wanna avoid him for now. I can't face him." She was mumbling to herself.

The situation was not much different at Derek's side too.He still can't get over the stunt kara pulled. He was sitting in his living room thinking how he was frozen at his spot when kara sits on him. " Why can't I push her? It was just a light push. Why can't I let myself to do it? Why?"

He facepalmed himself and was wondering how would he face her the next day. He won't be able to face her after what happened today. It was embarrassing. What would he will say if she asked why he let her do whatever she did. Why didn't he stop her?! It was a question to which the answer he himself didn't know. How would he answerable to her?

It was always like this. He would think that some actions of Kara are not appropriate for friends. She would always challenges the limit between friends. He knew it is wrong but why couldn't he refrain her? Why had he let her do whatever she want? And why she keep doing it?? A shitload of questions however no one to give reply to his heart cravings.

" I don't want to think about this anymore. Now how should I face her? Should I take a leave? No, she will think of me as coward. She will have that victory smile on her face which she always have whenever she would prank and it becomes successful. This stunt must be her another prank also. I won't back down. Yes, bring it on, kara." He said jumping on the sofa and puffed up his chest looking like he is going on a mission. "Now let's go to sleep." and with his imaginary determination he went into his bedroom.

On the other hand, kara was still in a dilemma. She had gotten up from her bed and went to kitchen to get herself a cup of hot milk. ' I know I'm shameless when it comes to others and I would do whatever and however I want because I don't care what they think about me. But it's derek we're talking about. I care about his opinion of him on me.' She was thinking when a sudden realisation hit her and a sly smirk make way to her lips.

" Why should I avoid him when I made the first move? It would be more embarrassing than facing him. I should face him without any hesitancy." She said while nodding her.

"Bring it on, derek." She then went to her bedroom.

Both slept peacefully after their struggle.


What will happen tomorrow? Will they pretend as if nothing happened? What will be their first reaction on seeing each other?


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