My love from the sea/C7 Chapter Seven 💖
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My love from the sea/C7 Chapter Seven 💖
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C7 Chapter Seven 💖

In the corridor

Kara and derek both had stepped out at the same moment from their apartment. The moment their eyes met, they stopped at their doorstep. They took a step back almost going back inside but stopped remembering their decision from last night.

" Good morning,kara." Derek was the one to spoke up first.

"Good morning, Derek." Kara greeted back.

They stepped into the elevator. There was an awkward silence which made them more uncomfortable. Soon they reached to their car. Both got in the backseat.

The driver, Sam, started the car and he can also sense something unusual between them since they usually would be talking with each other but now it was all silence. He glanced at them through the rearview mirror. Both of them were staring outside the window.

" Mam , sir , did you both had a fight? " Sam asked.

" No." Kara replied. " Why are ya' asking that, sam? "

" Nothing serious miss. You both are not talking, it's weird since I have never seen you both not talking to each other. So I just asked. Sorry miss if I have offended you." Sam said in an apologetic tone.

That's when they realised he was right. Anyone, who knows their interactions with each other, would ask the same since it was the first time this kind of awkward silence had happened between them due to which they did not talk.

" No, you don't have to apologise. It is someone else who should say sorry." Derek said while glancing at kara.

" Hey why are you looking at me? I didn't do anything improper." Kara said with a haughty smirk.

" You almost did." Derek said while glaring at her. "You should ask for other party consent before doing something like that."

" Would you give me?" Kara asked with raised brows.

"No." He said without wasting a second. ' She is again starting.'

" See! I know that you won't agree to it. I just want to confirm something. Is it wrong to clear your doubt when you have the chance?" She said while infuriating derek more.

" It is okay to clear the doubts but your method was wrong. Who the hell clear her doubts like that?" Derek was clearly irritated.

" But I didn't get to fully execute my method. How can you say it was wrong? Do you not like it?" Kara asked further irritating him.

" Shut up! Don't start it again." Derek said exasperated while facepalming his face with his both hands , not commenting if he liked it or not which was the motive of kara.

'He didn't say if he liked it or not. What does it mean? Is it that he didn't like it so he don't wanna talk about it or he liked it but don't want to admit it.' She was hoping it to be the later.

" Mam, sir, we reached the office." Sam said while stoping the car at the entrance. He didn't quiet understand what was the main issue but he was clear of something that his boss again have tried another mischievous act on the the poor derek. He smiled while shaking his head looking at their backs when they were walking towards the entrance,still bickering.

They were at the entrance when Sam called them. They turned around and see him coming towards them with a phone. "Sir, you forgot your phone." Sam said while handing him the phone. Derek thanked him and turned to enter when the driver again called out to him.

" Sir you both look good talking with each other. It really was weird when you were ignoring each other earlier." Sam said with a smile.

" I know, sam. It is temporarily. Don't worry." Derek assured him as he knows that kara can't hold long without talking to him and he was the same.

He bid him goodbye and went towards the president's elevator where kara was standing waiting for him. ' I'm so proud of myself that even the president is waiting for me.' He thought boastfully in his mind. Of course he can't say it to her face for obvious reasons.

" Where were you?" kara asked as soon as I reached her side.

" I forgot my phone in the car so sam brought it to me." Derek said while waving his phone. She just nodded.

Kara reached her office and started her work and Derek also arranged her schedule. He gave her the file on that trashy andy. She read it and smiled devilishly. " I was right about it."

" How did you know?" Derek asked her.

" I got a gist of it at a party but I wasn't sure." She said while closing the file. " Don't release this now."

" Why not ? It will hit the headlines." Derek was confused at her decision.

" Don't you remember it's 25th anniversary of Raylight corporation next month? So if we release on the same day as the celebration, which headlines do you think will cause more blast?" She said with her devilish smile.

Derek understood her game and nodded while imagining the headlines himself.

In the evening

They finished their work at 5:30 and was heading home to get ready for the office party. Since the cooperation with the Raylight corporation didn't go well. They had cooperated with S.K. corporation and it was huge cooperation and a successful one so it was the time to celebrate because everyone had worked really hard for it.


What information did kara get? Will the party go without any trouble? What do you think, guys?


Hey guys

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