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C1 Hate


That’s all I felt…

Fear of dying…? No… die then die…

But, the only regret is that I trusted the people I shouldn’t have…

I may not be entire the reason that lead to the destruction of the entire wolf tribe. But, that doesn’t mean I am innocent.



Luna? Please don’t call me like that. I have a name you know. But, who is still calling me like that? After all…

I blasted myself… destroying me and my surroundings…

I hate it.

I hate them.

I hate the so called Moon Goddess.

I hate the Fate.

I hate their smile.

I hate their trust.

I hate their belief.


I hate him the most… but, more than that…

I hate myself.

I shouldn’t be here.

I never wanted to be here.

Even he, Lucas Shaw, who claimed to be my Alpha… shouldn’t have protected me like this.


If I can come to this strange place… then now that I am dying I should go back Right? Right?


So what if I am heartless?

I just wanted to live a life filled with nothing but peace and that’s how I was before I came to this place…



“What happened?” I could hear the same cold voice which could never be forgotten.

But… shouldn’t he be dead… already?

“Leader… I don’t know… when we came here… we saw that The Luna… was like this…” a voice shuddered while informing.

“Doctor Han…”

“Hmm… nothing to worry my Lord… she has just lost her consciousness…” an Old Voice made everyone to sigh in relief.

“No… No… let me… me… go… please…” a pitiful and weak voice as small as a mosquito’s song rang around the room, gathering everyone’s attention.


“NO!” startling everyone.

“Don’t ever call me that…!” for the first time in my entire two lives I screamed.

“Never… ever… please…”

I can feel the tears falling from my eyes. The pain… the agonizing pain… fear…

I don’t want to experience that kind of life ever again.



It’s all because I became the Luna… their Queen…


I don’t want to.


Even if I can’t go back to my previous world… I would rather be happy in hell.

Then, why?

Why am I still here?



“Wake Up… don’t worry… everything is alright…” that embrace, the same cool embrace… filled with protectiveness… warmth… trust… I can feel the same sparks… between the every touch of him.

Except the sobs of mine and consolation of him. There was no other sound.

Finally, after I cried out my fill… I realized that something was amiss?





Widening my eyes… holding my breadth…

I slowly touched my cheeks which was wet from my tears… warm tears…

My heartbeats got high.



I turned around to look but couldn’t see… blur…

“Here drink some water…” a wooden cup filled with water touched my lips.

A cool sensation… I can feel.

Rebirth? Or Dream?

If it’s Rebirth why didn’t I go back to my Original World…?

My farm house…? My research lab…?

If it’s Dream… why am I still here? Why is the dream still going on…?

Damn it.

I need to cool down.

Since I couldn’t move my hands.

The man as if knowing my thoughts…

“Open your mouth…” in a cold voice ordered.

I opened my mouth… subconsciously.

Gulping it with mouthfuls… fast.



When I started coughing… I could feel a wide and rough hand patting my back… trying to be gentle as much as possible.

I guess.

“Want some more?” I nodded.

“Good. But, drink slowly…” after a few seconds another cup of water came near my lips.

Finally calming my nerves.

I once again looked around.

My sight blur.

Ooo I remembered… maybe my specs might have got wet.

“Get some rest…” saying the Man… made me lay down on the animal skin hay covered stone.

Not as soft as my bed but okay… I can adjust myself… for the time being.

After-all I have already experienced this way of sleeping.

“Doctor Han…”

“Well, like I said, nothing to worry, it’s just give her something to eat. She has become very weak due to non-consumption…” shaking his head, Doctor Han… told few more things. Packing his things… doctor Han walked out.

“Look after her…” and I knew he went out… following Old Han.

“Luna… do you want too…” before the person who is talking to me could continue I stopped them by signaling them to stop and waved my hands indicating them to go out.

Guess from the moment I regained my rationality… I didn’t opened my mouth nor did I remove my specs… though they have become blur.

Actually nobody dared to touch anything I wore including him, the leader of this Golden Summit Tribe, also known as Alpha, Lucas Shaw.


I am his Luna, Shira Ashley, who has been reborn to this Wolves and beasts World, I was a botanical researcher and Farmer, an Orphan, who dislikes Violence and likes everything that is not Violent… before coming to this damn place and crowned as their Queen or Luna.

Guess, once again my journey in this World begins.

Will it be same as before?


Will it be different filled with new feelings?

Whatever it is… I want to sleep and recover my invested brain cells.


Female Lead- Shira Ashley, age 22, a botanist and a farmer, Luna of Golden Summit Tribe.

Male lead- Lucas Shaw, age 24, leader of The Golden Summit Tribe, their Alpha.


Author-sama is here~

Hello All,

This is my first time writing wolves’ stories.

Well, I can say… they are no major deep misunderstanding or anything.

It’s a very relaxed, romantic, wife chasing, improving story.

Here, the Female lead has been reborn in this Wolf and beast world.

She was from modern world who transmitted to this Fantasy world…

Read the complete story. At first many may not like the Female lead but, as we advance you will change your opinion I guess.


This is our first chapter… “HATE”


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