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C1 Tiger's

Location: Seoul, South Korea.

Time: 11:30am

Meet Mr Jungwoo who was 24 years old. He was standing near the telephone booth. He was wearing a grey long coat and black beret hat. The cops were chasing the black superbike MTT Turbine A2K. The person who rode the bike wore black leather pants and a jacket. He had a black helmet on his face. Nobody could readily recognise him. He pulled out the gear and blew his bike into the air. He crossed two lorries in a row. He seemed like a professional cavalier.

The cops stopped their vehicles and got out. The superior officer slammed his hand against the car and cursed in his breath.He shouted, 'We failed again. How does he escape so easily'. His co-officer called him, 'Mr Seyoo' and he turned. He mentioned, 'It was confirmed that the biker was a member of the tiger gang'.Jungwoo, who was looking at this scenario in secret, started pretending that he was going into the telephone booth. The cops checked him out and thought he was a local citizen. They ignored him and drove away. Jungwoo pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. He dialed someone’s ID and the bell rang.

After three or four rings, someone at last responded. He spoke, 'Master our Stunt Master made it, He deceived the police again'. A person laughed maniacally. He asked, 'What about our sky walker'? Jungwoo turned and looked across the building. He saw a boy on the next highest block. The boy was wearing jeans and a black jacket, his face was covered in a tiger print mask.

He jumped from building to building like a pro parkour. Some men tried to catch him, but he leaped from one roof to the other in the blink of an eye. He had a little bag in his hand. All of a sudden, he stopped at the edge of the building because there was no roof beside him. He was incapable of leaping. He looked down on the town from the top.

The boy looked back at the men and four muscular men smirked at him. They inquired, 'What will you do now?'

He smirked and looked down. He didn’t think twice and jumped in a blink. The four men were shocked and rushed to the border of the building. He was going down smoothly through the iron pipes which were attached to the buildings.

He eventually hit the ground and stared at them. He pointed his middle finger at them and disappeared into a crowd.

Jungwoo, who was examining all this from a distance, Now he began to talk to the person who was still on the call. He chuckled and mentioned, 'Skywalker will never change'. A person blurted, 'Did he show them the Middle finger'?

He replied, 'Yes'. A person grinned, 'I know my brats well. Come in time otherwise, the stunt master will punish you'. Jungwoo gulped nonchalantly and said, 'I-I will come in time master'. A person ended the call and he immediately rushed to the car. He sat in the car and switched on the engine. He muttered, 'I don't want to be late'.

The person who was peacefully sleeping on the front seat looked to be in his 40's. He squeezed his eyes and got disturbed because of the high speed. He got up and crossed his arms around his chest.

He glanced at Jungwoo. He shouted, 'Will you stop panicking'?Jungwoo rolled his eyes towards him. He asked, 'Do you know what the Stunt Master did to me last time'? He blurted, 'He hasn't hurt you'. Jungwoo’s mouth was partially open. He whined, 'Sang Hyung, how can you say that? Stunt Master put me in an ice bath for one hour and I was as frigid as ice cream'. Sang laughed maniacally and mentioned, 'You deserved it'. Jungwoo rolled his eyes and added, 'You’re so cruel'. Sang said, 'You have not seen the punishment of our great master yet'.

He nervously showed his teeth to Sang and uttered, 'I don’t want any punishment from the three leaders of the Tiger gang'. Tigers were known as kings of the Mafia world. He gulped and Sang laughed at his scaredy nature. Jungwoo began working with them six months ago and Sang had been working with them since that day when they entered into the underworld. People only heard about tigers, but they didn't know about their identities. They didn't know where the Tigers lived or how many family members they had. Tigers did not tolerate betrayal, disloyalty and deceit. They had no faith in a second chance. They murdered anyone who tried to betray them.

After an hour, They eventually reached the tiger's secret mansion. It was situated in the middle of the forest. It was located underground and nobody could have assumed that someone could make the whole mansion under the dark mud and green trees. Sang unlocked his monitor and entered the code. Suddenly, Mud began to fly in the air and an enormous iron panel opened. The car immediately went underground to the parking area and the large silver panels closed again.

They got out of the car and the members of the tigers were standing while holding weapons in their hands. They were wearing black jeans and a shirt with bulletproof vests. They had black masks all over their faces.

Jungwoo showed his code to the guard and he opened the gate of the mansion for them. It was an enormous manor house that was decorated with Tiger printed models. They went into the living room where their master stood. Jungwoo stopped in the middle of the lounge when he watched the scenario.

The elder master was standing in the middle of the lounge with crossing arms. Three men were kneeling in front of him. They were begging for his mercy and the master stared at them in silence. They cried, 'We will never send information to Leo’s about you. Please forgive us'. Leo’s were enemies of tigers, They wanted to supplant tigers in the underworld and wanted their position in their hands. The interesting thing between them was that they didn't know each other personally, Leo’s always tried to attack Tigers through local fighters. Tigers were still working to identify them.

Jungwoo was nipping his nails anxiously and whispered to Sang, 'Is the master going to kill them'? Sang folded his arms around his chest. He said, 'keep your mouth shut or you’ll be the next, who will soon see heaven'. He was enjoying the show and Jungwoo gulped nonchalantly.

A 28 -year- old man who was known as the elder leader of tigers was wearing a black suit that enhanced his handsomeness. His hair was well combed and showed his perfect forehead. His almond-shaped eyes can draw anyone. He had flawless skin and light pink lips. He had deep tear ducts that showed little redness.

The master glared at the guard who was standing on his right side. The guard immediately placed a gun on his hand and he pointed the gun at three men.

He was about to pull the trigger when Sang’s phone rang. Master glared at him with a sharp gaze, Sang immediately showed his screen to Master. He stuttered, 'J-Jung- K-Kim H-Hea calling'. The Master's gaze softened and he said, 'Give me the phone'. Sang handed the phone, Master smiled and began to speak politely to Hea. Jungwoo mumbled, 'Thanks to Hea who called Hoseong Master at the right time. Otherwise, my innocent heart had to see a miserable death, Huff my innocent heart'.

He wiped away the sweat from his forehead. Sang heard it and mentioned, 'Hoseong Master loved his sister the most. He can turn the world upside down for her'. Jungwoo asked curiously, 'Where did she live? I haven't seen her '. Sang glared at him and Jungwoo unflatteringly laughed. He added, 'I was joking'. Sang said with cold expressions, 'She lives in the United States. Jungwoo looked at him and smiled, 'I am glad that you trust me this much'.

He rolled his eyes and Hoseong Master was laughing while talking to his sister.Sometimes the members of Tiger’s gang were perplexed about Hoseong’s personality. He was Jung-Hoseong for others, The elder leader of the Tigers but he was Hoso for his siblings. Hea ended the call and Hoseong threw the phone towards Sang. Sang smoothly caught the phone and Hoseong gave a tight-lipped smile to Jungwoo. He excitedly smiled back.

Suddenly, Hoseong shot the three men in a single blow without looking at them. 'Bang, Bang, Bang'. Jungwoo was bewildered and he covered his ears with his hands. His heart was pounding and his legs were shuddering.

Hoseong's gaze darkened and he glared at the dead bodies. He roared, ' Whoever tries to betray us will never be alive again'. He threw away the gun and left the mansion.

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