My love towards you/C10 I want you to marry Yunki
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My love towards you/C10 I want you to marry Yunki
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C10 I want you to marry Yunki

TaeHwan entered the apartment and went directly to the dining area. His gaze darkened when he saw Yunki. Hoseong designated him seated with them. TaeHwan sat peacefully beside her and her strained shoulders loosened. She sighed and calmed down because of his appearance. Minho put food on TaeHwan's platter and said, Eat well.TaeHwan smiled at him and he began to eat the food. Hea whispered to TaeHwan, 'Thank God you're here'. He smiled slightly and Yunki asked TaeHwan,'Can you pass the kimchi'?

He ignored him and continued to swallow his food. Minho and Hoseong stared anxiously at one another. She was in the process of passing the bowl when TaeHwan grabbed her fist. They were all baffled. Their glances didn't bother him. He continued to swallow his food with an empty face whilst holding her fist. She looked at him and Yunki chuckled. He mocked, 'I guess Skywalker hates me'. She lowered her eyebrows and looked at Yunki with confusion.

She inquired, 'Who is Skywalker'? He knew they had kept the truth from her. TaeHwan immediately left her fist and Yunki said, 'Sorry, I messed up. I meant that TaeHwan hates me, right Tae'? He was mocking him indirectly. He squeezed his fists and stood up. He walked into his room without speaking a word. Hoseong was concerned about him. He thought that's why he was acting weird. She served Kimchi to Yunki and Minho smiled while looking at them.

He instructed Hoseong to watch them. They thought that they seemed good together and they both were controlling their smiles. Hea sat back on her seat and she looked at her brothers who were controlling their smiling faces. She thought her brothers were drunk.

After awhile

Hea was going into her room when Hoseong called her. She walked into his room and he asked her to sit with him. She sat beside him and he brought out the little photo album from the drawer. He put the album in front of her and they both began to look at their childhood photos. She made fun of Minho's photo. He was standing naked while holding chocolate. He flipped the page and her smile disappeared. She saw the pictures of her mother, she touched the photo with her fingertips and mumbled, 'Eomma'. Tears appeared in her eyes and Hoseong hugged her.

He asked, 'You missed Eomma'. She nodded and said, 'But not to worry because I have my charming brothers with me. Who takes care of me as a parent'. He laughed and kissed her forehead. He held her hand and said, 'I just wanted to tell you something'.

She looked at him and asked, 'Oppa, what are you worried about'? He sighed and asked, 'What do you think of Yunk'i? She responded,'He is a handsome and kind man. Why are you asking that'? He assured, 'Don't get me wrong, princess, I just want what's best for you. If you don't agree with this thing, then it's over. I will never force you because I always want you to be happy'. She didn't understand his perspective and was on the verge of saying something when he uttered, 'I want you to marry Yunki'. Her heart stopped for a while and Her eyes widened. She was perplexed and incapable of pronouncing a word.

He explained, 'He's a good man. He has no bad habits, he is a strong and reliable person. He will keep you safe from the world and make you happy'. She asked, 'What is the opinion of Minho and Tae Oppa'? He scratched his brow and responded Minho accepted this and she immediately inquired about TaeHwan. Hoseong answered, 'He said nothing about it'. She sensed that her world was crumbling. She wasn't ready to get married. She pronounced with a trembling voice, 'I told you not to send me away from you and you promised me. Now you're breaking your promise oppa. I don't want to go away from all of you. You've left me alone in the house, but I didn't complain. Now you are telling me that You are setting up my marriage. Have I become a burden to you'?

Tears dropped on her cheeks and He immediately hugged her. He patted her head and said, 'My princess, that's not the way it is. I am sorry that we left you home alone. Nowadays, we are busy with business. It's not like we won't spend the day with you'.He cupped her face and said, 'This proposal is entirely up to you. If you plan to marry him, we will go further, otherwise we will stop here'. He tried to comfort her. He wiped her tears and said, 'Now stop crying, otherwise mom will scold me in a dream. She will beat me with the pan'. He made a painful face.

She began to laugh and punched him on the chest. He politely kissed her forehead. She said, 'I need time to get to know Yunki. I can't say anything after the first meeting'. He smiled and cheered, 'That's all right. I'll wait for you to make up your mind'. She hugged him and grinned, 'You're the best brother'. Minho knocked on the door. He was holding vanilla Ice cream in his hand. He asked, 'What about me'? She ran to him and grabbed ice from his hand. She said, 'I'm not sure about you'. He frowned his eyebrows and whined, 'Then returned my Ice cream'. He was on the verge of pulling the ice cream out of her hand, but she ran out of the room. Hoseong chuckled.

She rushed into the living room and Minho was behind her. TaeHwan was standing in the middle of the living room doing something with his phone. She didn't look forward and her foot slipped on the polished floor. She was out of balance and Ice cream flew in the air. TaeHwan immediately held her from the waist. He also lost his balance and they both landed on the cold floor as the ice cream landed on Minho's fine nose. They burst into laughter. Minho clenched his teeth and rolled his eyes. Hoseong also came out of his room and he laughed maniacally when he saw Minho's messed up face.

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