My love towards you/C11 Stop lying to me
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My love towards you/C11 Stop lying to me
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C11 Stop lying to me

After Two days…

Location: Tiger's Apartment.

Time : 3:00pm

Hea was constantly chatting with Jun on the phone. She didn't feel alone in the house because of him. The servants performed their duties and left the apartment on time. Hoseong told her they were trying to get a new deal, so they couldn't spend time with her at the moment. She understood the strain on the shoulder of her brothers. TaeHwan attempted to return earlier. He had an eye on her because Minho asked him why he allowed her to go out alone that evening.

TaeHwan knew right away that she had lied to Minho but he covered for her in front of him. He accepted that he permitted her. Minho told him that 'She would not be safe if she proceeded alone'. After this day TaeHwan attempted to come earlier and he also hired two bodyguards for her. She was sitting in the living room and TaeHwan was about to enter his room when she began to giggle wildly. Jun sent her a bunch of jokes and she couldn't hold back her laughter. He approached her and stared at her in a suspicious manner. She sensed his presence and stopped laughing. She looked up and he stood ahead of her. She asked, 'Oppa, what made you come early'? He proclaimed sarcastically, 'Aren't you pleased to see me'? She stood up and said, 'I didn't mean that'. He glanced at her phone and asked, 'Who are you talking to'?

She swallowed nervously and tried to change the subject and answered, 'My friend sent me a couple of jokes. Do you want to hear it'? He inquired, 'Which friend'. She responded, 'J-JEannie, my schoolmate'. He folded his arms around his chest and his eyes obscured. He accused, 'Hea , Why are you lying? I know every friend of yours from school! You have no friends under that name. You lied to Minho Hyung as well. How did you learn that? You didn't use to lie to me'.

She muttered sarcastically, 'You didn't ignore me either. Why are you investigating me as I committed a crime'. He said, 'I ask you again, who is the individual'? She folded her arms around her chest and obstinately said, 'Why do you want to know'? He held her arm tightly and said with gritted teeth, 'I am asking you softly so answer it'. She jerked his hand and said, 'I made a new friend, that's all. She's a decent person'. TaeHwan furiously ran his fingers in his hair and shouted, 'Stop lying to me'. She trembled with fear, it was the first time he screamed at her. She looked at him with tearful eyes. She was offended to see him like this. She could not control the things she kept on him in her heart.

She whimpered, 'You're not my brother or my best friend anymore. I can't tell you who you are. When I needed you, you weren't in the world. Do you have any idea how I felt that day when you left me alone at breakfast'?

Tears were rotating in her eyes. He kept his mouth shut and tears fell out of her eyes. Her heart sank and anger spread over her because of his silence. She squeezed her fist and screamed, 'You promised you'd never leave me alone, but what did you do? You left me alone. I haven't made any friends these past few years apart from Nora. I need somebody around me. Making friends is not a crime, I haven't bothered you so you should too'. He was on the verge of saying something, but she had already gone to her room.

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