My love towards you/C14 Who had given her narcotics
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My love towards you/C14 Who had given her narcotics
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C14 Who had given her narcotics

Location: Shabby Building

Time: 10:00pm

TaeHwan was beating a man miserably. He screamed, 'I want to know the truth. Who had given her narcotics that night'? The person didn't say a word and TaeHwan furiously ran his fingers in his hair. He picked the Iron rod and hit it on his ribs. The man groached with pain and replied, 'I don't know about the person'. He shouted, 'I know you are fucking lying to me. You're the only person that sold strong narcotics'.

He held his jaw tightly and asked, 'Tell me For whom you had done this'. The person kept his mouth shut. He pointed a gun at him. He Clarified, 'If you don't open your mouth, you'll taste death'. His gaze darkened and Man trembled in fear.

He cried out, 'I-It had been two years, how can I remember about it. I worked for many people, I dealt with various people on a daily basis. I have no idea about the person. I never meet my clients. I treated them on call. The person had asked me to mix narcotics in a girl's drink and I did my work randomly as I usually did.

My client doesn't tell me their identity, and I don't ask them because you know the illegal world has its own rules. I had done his job because he paid me a lot of money. I have no clue who he was or why he asked me to do this'.

TaeHwan was about to say something but his phone rang. He listened to the call and cursed under his breath. He ended the call and said, 'I have to go now, but I won't let you go until you tell me the truth'.

He called his limbs and told them to look after the man. The man cried, 'I'm not lying, please trust me'. His limbs held the man and fastened him. TaeHwan immediately emerged from the shabby building. He borrowed a car and immediately drove off.

Location: Farmhouse

Jun and Hea were sitting in the car and getting ready to move when Jun's phone rang. He picked it up. He just listened and said, I'm coming. She was still lost in her thoughts. He looked at her and tapped her shoulder. He asked, 'Are you alright'? She smiled and nodded. He cleared his throat and said, 'Mm I am sorry. I have to go somewhere urgently so I can't drop you at home'. She anxiously asked, 'What happened? ls everything all right'. He answered, 'Yes, it's all right. It's connected with my job. I apologize, I hope you don't mind'. She smiled and proceeded out of the car. She said, 'Don't worry, I can understand'. He left and she picked up Uber for her.

Location: Tiger's Mansion

After 20 minutes, TaeHwan reached Manor House. He hurriedly went inside the manor and pressed the emergency clasp. The alarm sounded and the red lights began to spin in the manor. Everyone rushed immediately to the drawing room. Hoseong asked, 'What occurred'. TaeHwan blurted, 'We need to commence the mission immediately. Someone notified Leo that we were going to attack them, so they changed their plan. The truck is already departing Seoul. We're running out of time'. Yunki inquired, 'How do you know about it'? TaeHwan glared at him and said, it's none of your business. Minho gauged, 'Come on, now is not the time to argue'. Hoseong said, 'Let's get on with it'.

Yunki uttered, 'You shouldn't come with us. This could be dangerous to you. A leader should be left behind'. Hoseong said, 'I appreciate your concern, but I want to see them fail with my eyes'.

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