My love towards you/C2 Definition of handsomeness
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My love towards you/C2 Definition of handsomeness
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C2 Definition of handsomeness

United State: New York

Time: 12:30pm

Girls Hostel..

Hea was packing her belongings with a bright smile and Nora, her roommate, was standing next to the hairdresser. She enveloped her arms around her chest and looked at her. She smiled and beamed, 'You're excited to get together with your brothers'. Hea looked at her and left the packing. She grinned, 'Yes, of course I am'.

She was going to meet her brothers after five years. Those years were difficult for her.

She mentioned, 'You know how much I miss them'. Nora mumbled with a naughty smirk,'Who won't miss them'? All of a sudden she asked, 'What do you think about my offer'? She looked at her confused and asked, 'What offer'? Nora flipped her hair in the air and said dramatically, 'I offered to make me your sister-in-law. You already forgot that, huh. How can you do this?

She rolled her eyes and warned, 'Don’t repeat it'. She ran towards her and held her hand. She twinkled her eyes and mentioned, 'All your brothers are good looking, but I'm just interested in TaeHwan'. Hea had three handsome brothers who could easily catch the girl's eyes. She stated, 'Your third brother is the definition of handsomeness'.

She looked away and grunted dejectedly, 'How many times have I told you not to mention Tae Oppa (brother) in front of me'? Nora rolled her eyes and asked, 'Why is your relationship not on good terms with TaeHwan'?

She inquired, 'Is he a bad person'? She glared at her like she was going to smack her head. She walked to the bed and seated herself comfortably. She sighed and squeezed a heart shaped pillow. It wasn't that her brother Tae was a bad guy or that they weren't on good terms-.He used to be her best friend when she was growing up. They had a habit of playing together, eating together and even sleeping together. He never left her alone at all costs.

Those years were meant for her, but when she turned 18, the distance arose between them. He began to ignore her and did not make time for her. She believed that his friends took her place-. At the age of 19 her older brother Hoseong sent her to New York to study. Nora sat next to her and politely questioned, 'Is there anything you want to say'? She sighed and divulged, 'Tae oppa never said a word to me when I left Korea. He hasn't talked to me in all these years'.

She always questioned his brother Hoseong about him. She knew that he still cared about her, but she didn't understand why he turned cold to her. Her eyes filled with tears and Nora patted her back. She cheered, 'That’s why I suggested you make me your sister-in-law, then I’ll drag him to you'. Hea began to laugh and stated: 'You will never change'. Nora smiled and rejoiced, 'I have to say that your twin brothers are unbelievable. If this is not possible for your Tae oppa then I have no objection to going out with your Minho oppa'.

Minho and TaeHwan were twins and both were popular in women's eyes because of their handsome looks. Hea burst out laughing, 'Yes, I can think of Minho oppa. He's the sweetest one and he'll agree easily, If I asked him to give you a chance'. Nora grinned, 'Ooh you’re the best'. She chuckled and asked, 'What about My Hoso oppa'? She denied, 'I daren't think about dating him'. She frowned her eyebrows and asked, 'Why'?

She stated, 'He’s hot but dangerous. His one stare and my soul will disappear'. She remembered how he stared at her when she kept messing with Hea when he was on the video call. The way he glared at her at that time, Her soul disappeared for a moment. She laughed and disclosed, 'Hoso oppa is such a considerate and incredible man. He’s not the way you feel about him. He’s just overprotective of me'. Nora responded, 'Whatever the reason, I am truly afraid of your Hoso oppa'. She raised her eyebrows and chuckled, 'Well then, shall we count Minho oppa straight? She replied, 'Sure'. Hea laughed and asked, 'Can I pack my bags now? I'll take a flight the day after tomorrow'.

Nora looked the other way and complained, 'Why do you have to mention this'? She folded her arms around her chest and blurted, 'I shall never miss you'. She smiled and added, 'I know you’ll cry like a child'. Nora didn’t look at her and she hugged her. She declared, 'I'm going to wait until you come to Korea'. Nora replied, 'I will not come to Korea, you will live there without me'. She smacked her on the back and announced, 'Then I will never make you my sister-in-law'. She was about to move when Nora embraced her. She beamed, 'If you insist so much then I will visit Korea for sure'. Hea grinned, 'You are such a drama queen'. She flipped her hair and responded, 'Yes , I know babe'.

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