My love towards you/C4 My love went deeper and deeper
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My love towards you/C4 My love went deeper and deeper
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C4 My love went deeper and deeper


TIME : 9:30pm

TaeHwan immediately shut down the call and tried to stabilise his heart rate. He cursed himself, 'Why does my heart always act this way? Sang, who was resting secretly on the rooftop, walked towards TaeHwan and stated, 'Why don't you accept that you love her'. TaeHwan was astonished to see him and Sang sat next to him. He took out the cigarette and offered it. He declined, 'You know I don't smoke'. Sang chuckled and said, 'I know you very well. I offered you because I thought you might need this straight away'.

TaeHwan scoffed, 'Why would I need this'? Sang laughed and replied, 'You are such a stubborn brat. Why don't you tell her the truth? TaeHwan stretched out his eyes and said, 'Never say that'. Sang pronounced, 'You spoke the truth to me when you were 18. Now you're twenty-six and she's twenty-three. Things always change as the seasons change, don't be afraid of circumstances. Tell her once the truth'. He sighed and stated, 'You want me to tell her that I am not her biological brother? You want me to tell her that I developed feelings for her at the age of thirteen. When she thought of me as her brother. You want me to let her know that her mother lied to her in childhood'?

He sighed dejectedly and blurted, 'I can't do that. Hoseong and Minho Hyung adore me and look out for me as their own brother. They didn't treat me differently, they loved me the most. The three of them still consider me like their brother'. Sang assured, 'Your Hyungs know the truth about you because their Eomma (Mother) had told them before her death'.

He sighed dejectedly and responded , 'Hoseong has always said that we are siblings, and that we will remain siblings. How can I tell Hyung that I loved the girl whom he always considered my sister? Will he be able to bear that'?

He looked away and Sang justified, 'You can at least tell Minho. He will understand your feelings'. He looked at him and took a deep breath, 'Minho can accept this, but it will have a serious effect on Hoso Hyung. He was the one who took care of all of us after Eomma'.

Tears appeared in his eyes. Sang patted his hand, He was on the verge of saying something but--- TaeHwan cut him off. He grieved, 'I can still remember the day Eomma Yonva took me to her house'. Tears dripped from his eyes. Certain hurtful memories ran through his mind.

Flash Back

TaeHwan was a 9-year-old child who escaped from the orphanage because they treated children miserably. He was nameless at the time. Everybody just named him Winter Bear because he was born in the winter.

It was winter and he was shaking at the edge of the road because of the cold. A young woman named Yonva came across him. Her heart broke when she saw a 9-year-old innocent boy on the road. She rolled a blazer on him and held him in her arms.

She was the first one who asked him about his condition. He told her the whole story about his life and she cried. She had a kind heart, She cleaned his face and held his hand. She bought food for him and it was the first time anyone had fed him.Tears were pouring down the cheeks of the little boy. He sensed a mother's love for the first time. The next moment she decided to adopt him. She was the one who had given him the name TaeHwan.

She took him home where he met Hoseong and Minho for the first time. TaeHwan and Minho were of similar age so Yonva told a lie to her children that she had given birth to twins. She told them that her friend could not produce a child so she adopted one of her sons. She made up a story in front of them that they were poor back then and she couldn't afford two kids, so she gave her son to her friend. Her friend died and she couldn't let her son be alone.

A little Hoseong hugged him and accepted him. He was the one who opened his arms to him first. Minho didn't accept him in the first place. He got jealous of him and ignored him pretty hard but after a few months he accepted him as well and loved him the way the others did. A six-year old girl was the one who asked him, 'Would you like to be my best friend Tae Oppa'?

Flash Back Ends

Tears appeared in his eyes and he said, 'Sang, I have not developed any feelings for her in the first place'. His voice cracked and he lamented, 'I tried to throw my feelings into the deep ocean but my love went deeper and deeper for her. I turned cold towards her just to stay away from her and I know, I hurt her the most'.

Flash Back

He considered her as his sister. He always treated her like a best friend but things had changed when he turned 16.

His feelings began to change towards her, he didn't understand in the first place what kind of feeling he had about her. Over a period of time, he slowly learned what it was all about. He was so afraid and he felt that he had betrayed Yonva. He began to hate himself, he tried to find a way to get rid of those feelings, but he failed.

He went to her school on her 18th birthday. He was going to propose to her but his feet were frozen. He could not betray his Eomma who had brought him to life. He believed that her soul would break if she saw this. She died when he turned 13. She left them on their own in the cruel world. Hoseong fathers left them when Hea was born. Yonva was a strong lady so she raised all the children on her own. She even accepted TaeHwan as her child who was nobody in the world.

All of those things stopped him halfway and he found only one way to stay away from that feeling. From that day on, he remained far from her even though his heart would not. .

Flash back Ends

He whimpered, I am always afraid to speak to her because my heart still belongs to her. I am afraid of my deep feelings'. He held Sang's hand and uttered, 'I am afraid of this love. I am so helpless'. Tears fell from his eyes and Sang hugged him.

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