My love towards you/C5 I want a dinner date with you.
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My love towards you/C5 I want a dinner date with you.
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C5 I want a dinner date with you.


Incheon International Airport, Seoul.

Time : 11:00am

Hea's flight landed 30 minutes ago and Minho was waiting for her to exit. She was running all over the place with her little suitcase. She looked worried because she lost her violent saddlebag. She decided to tell the airport security. She was about to move when she stumbled across somebody. Her foot twisted and she was on the verge of falling, but two powerful arms held her from the waist. The boy was wearing ripped jeans with a blue and white striped shirt. He was tall and lanky with broad shoulders. He had a round face with glittering eyes. His pale skin and rosy rounded lips captured her attention. His black cap made his look even more handsome.

She was lost for a moment because of his handsomeness. Her eyes were fixed on his face. The boy blurted,'I know I am handsome. Every time I show up, the girls lose their minds'.She returned to her senses and immediately distanced herself from him. She fidgeted her fingers and lowered her eyes. The boy asked, 'What happened to you girl'?

She stapled her fingers to her cheek and thought it might be a good idea to tell him about the missing bag. The boy looked at her and smiled due to her cute expressions. He held the violent saddlebag in front of her. He asked, 'Is that your'? She looked into the bag and broadened her eyes. She immediately took the bag and hugged him joyfully.

She blurted with enthusiasm, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you'. The boy laughed and she observed that she was too close to him. She blushed and immediately stepped back. Suddenly she uttered, 'Wait, How do you know about my bag'? The boy said, 'We were part of the same flight'.

Flash back

While he was waiting for his luggage, he saw her. She was busy handling her luggage and accidently dropped off her bag. He tried to inform her but she didn't hear him. He immediately went to her spot and grasped her bag. He tried to find her, but she disappeared in the crowd. He went looking here and there. After a few moments, he eventually found her.

Flash back Ends.

He told her the whole scenario and rubbed his hand back on his head. Her heart warmed up and she cheered, 'Thank you very much. I'm sorry you had trouble because of me. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart'.

The boy chuckled and replied, 'Thank you is not enough for me'. She looked at him and tilted her head. He pronounced, 'I want a dinner date with you'. She didn't know how to react to this situation.

The boy said enthusiastically, 'I like all kinds of restaurants because I like food. You will have dinner with me tomorrow at 7:00 PM at the Myeongdong Kyoja branch'. She was seeking words to say no. He began to walk backwards and said, 'We will meet tomorrow'. She screamed, 'B-But what's your name'? The boy shouted from afar, 'My name is Kim SeokJun' and he disappeared in the crowd. She sighed and slammed her head a little. She scolded herself, 'Why didn't you say no to him? What if Hoso Oppa figured that out'?

He never allowed her to date boys. She looked at her wristwatch and widened her eyes. She said, 'Oo I am getting late'. She left right away. Minho was standing outside.His drooping eyes and anxious wrinkles were visible on his forehead. He licked his dry lips while talking to someone on the call. He anxiously claimed, 'She's not out yet, I guess she's been kidnapped. We need to find her'. She looked at Minho and screamed, 'Minho Oppa'. She threw her luggage on the floor and ran to him like a two-year-old kid.

A bright smile appeared on his face and he immediately extended his arms to her.She embraced him and he tapped her back. Tears fell from her eyes and Minho became emotional, but he managed his feelings well.

She broke the embrace and spoke enthusiastically, 'How are you Oppa'? She had no control over her excitement and said, 'I want to go home. I can't wait to meet Hoso Oppa'. He frowned his eyebrows and remarked , 'You're forgetting someone'. She looked away and responded, 'I have not forgotten him, but he has forgotten me'.

Minho laughed and he playfully pinched her nose bridge. He chuckled, 'My doll is mad at someone'. She nodded and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He smiled and beamed, 'Let's go home'. She shook her head with a brisk smile.

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