My love towards you/C9 They became friends
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My love towards you/C9 They became friends
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C9 They became friends

Hea was having fun with Seok-Jun, so they became friends. She was pleased to have a new friend after a long time. She didn't realise how late it was. She was enjoying being with him. Both of them were laughing and sharing childhood anecdotes. She looked over her wristwatch and widened her eyes. She immediately got up and said, 'I'll have to leave'. She requested the bill from the waiter. Jun blurted,'I will pay the bill because I am the man'. She said, 'But it was my treat'.

He declared, 'You enticed me and I just wanted to be your friend which is why I asked for dinner. I'll pay, and this is the final'. She didn't say anything to the stubborn handsome man. She smiled and he said, 'Wait a minute'. He picked up a tissue and cleaned her lipstick on the corner of her lip. She was baffled at his sudden act and her cheeks turned red like a tomato. He gently smiled at her and said, 'You screwed up your lipstick'. She gulped and smiled nonchalantly.

He asked her for her contact and they switched their numbers. The time was almost 8:45. She thanked him and said goodbye to him. She went straight into the subway. She was nervous and anxious. She couldn't stop checking the time. Eventually, after half an hour she arrived at the apartment. She walked into the apartment, but her feet were frozen as she saw Minho in front of her. He was staring at her with his arms crossed around his chest. She swallowed her saliva and looked around the living room.Hoseong was seated on the sofa with a man. She considered who the man was.

Minho inquired, 'Where were you'? She gulped nonchalantly and uttered, 'I went to visit one of my school friends. She discovered that I came back to Korea so she invited me to her home'. She smiled awkwardly. She told the lie because she knew her brothers were over protective about her. If they discovered a male friend then things might be tricky.

He asked with a serious gaze, 'What's her name'? She stuttered, 'J-Jeannie'. He professed, 'Don't go alone without letting us know'. She immediately blurted, 'I told Tae oppa'. She closed her eyes to an unexpected lie. She cursed under her breath. She mumbled, 'Why did I drag TaeHwan into it'?

He seemed relaxed after hearing his name and smiled at her. He said, 'Always inform us before heading anywhere'. She nodded obediently. He disclosed, 'We want you to meet someone special'. She narrowed her eyes and Minho dragged her into the living room where Hoseong and Yunki were seated. Hoseong grinned and said, 'Here she is'.

Yunki looked up and she saw his smaller eyes. His gelatinous smile appeared on his lips. His skin was white as snow and his lips were fine peaches.

She sensed something odd was about to happen to her. Yunki said politely, 'Hello'. She replied with a whisper, 'Hi'. Hoseong pointed to her and she quietly sat in front of Yunki. She examined them in a calm manner. Hoseong introduced her to Yunki. He introduced, 'Yunki is our business partner'. She nodded and smiled awkwardly while he kept an eye on her. The servant placed the food on the table and Hoseong said, 'Let's have dinner together'. Her stomach was already filled with food but she couldn't refuse in front of them.

She sat quietly at the dining table and Minho served her food. He smiled and said, 'Eat well doll'. She gave a tight-lipped smile but in her head ,she cried out how she can eat food. Yunki asked while eating, 'Miss- Hea, so you did a study in Agricultural science'. She nodded and Hoseong mentioned, 'She will start working on our farm soon but right now we just want her to spend time with us'. She tilted her head and was perplexed to think why her brother was telling him about her plans. She stared down and pretended to eat food.

She raised her eyes and Yunki looked at her plate. He smirked because he figured out that she was pretending. She gulped and he winked at her. She immediately shifted her gaze and her cheeks were heated up. Suddenly the door burst open and TaeHwan entered the apartment.

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