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It’s too old to even fight with a single argument, but for Sam, it convicted her whole purpose as a woman. Being disrespected with a single word is everything to Sam. He shouted only a sentence and it broke her dignity. Sam would never accept and tolerate that kind of action towards her.

Why is he even asking about their marriage when he’s apologizing? Sam didn’t want to believe this man’s attitude at all. As their relationship took its 10th year peak, she realized the bumps of the road. Sometimes, you just have to let go of too much pain. Like what she’s experiencing with Zach.

“Do you just have to do this now when we’re going to get married in a few months?” Zach asked her. Sam couldn't believe she's hearing that question. How can he even think of this marriage by now? When his behavior wasn't the same as when they're just both a couple? Sam shook her head.

Looking at his eyes, Sam didn’t know if he was the same man she loved at first sight. Did he change a lot?

“Do you have to do that now?” He's afraid, and she could sense it in his tone. What if she does call off the marriage? She has the right to do so. They’re just living inside the same house and didn’t have a blessing of the church. Sam still has the opportunity to step back and cut the rope.

“I have to, if you continued being like that. I can’t stay with a man who has a short temper. I just knew you’d show your true color once we live under the same roof,” she reckoned. Zach didn’t respond right away. He stood there, with regrets painted all over his face. Sam furrowed her eyebrows, placing her hands in her hips.

“Please, Zach, stay away from me for a while. I know you wanted the same thing, too.”

Zach felt lost. He’s walking out of the condominium with a bag of goods in one hand. He saw a familiar face as soon as he reached the exit. It’s Lyza. She turned in his direction, and she halted in her tracks. Zach smiled a little. He approached her, bowing down his head. Lyza’s eyes landed upon his bag, asking, “Sam’s upstairs. Did you go there?”

Zach nodded silently. His eyes were empty. Sam must have turned down to go home. Lyza sighed, muttering, “You know Sam so well, Zach. She will refuse your pleading repeatedly. She’s not going to tear down that wall.”

Zach felt down at all. If he hadn’t shouted that time, nothing like this will happen. He cleared his throat, at least offered the grocery bag to Lyza’s hand, saying, “Give this to her. It’s her favorites for a week. She’d survive not going home with this.”

Lyza held onto the plastic bag. The generosity Zach showed today will show how much he love Sam inside 10 years. Lyza nodded, saying, “Thank you. I’m sure Sam will enjoy it.”

Sam was arranging the laundry. It’s been two weeks since they washed their clothes, someone should take an initiative. Zach came up to the laundry room and planted a kiss in her forehead. “I’ll go. I have to take the overtime this Sunday.”

Sam nodded, muttering, “Take care.”

Zach closed the door. Sam sighed as she continued to arrange the clothes. She was already getting finished a few moments after Zach went out of the house… when something in his polo’s collar caught her eye. “What is this?” she asked.

She hitched the edges of the polo, and recognized the mark. Sam widened her eyes, covering her mouth. It was a lipstick stain. Why did it have to be here? Sam turned to the door, gritting her teeth, seeing how bright red this could be. She knuckled her fists, letting go of the polo in the floor.

Lyza placed down the grocery bag in the table while Sam was preparing their dinner. She wore off her coat, placed it on the rack, and asked, “Sam, are you sure you’re still angry with Zach? Look at what he gave to me outside of the condo.”

Sam placed the hot bowl in one of the table, turning to the goods. There was her favorite biscuit on the side, and she sighed. She completely ignored it, opposed to what Lyza expected for her reaction. Sam couldn’t get swayed with those little things now. It felt different at all.

Lyza took a seat down upon her chair, was going to ask a question, but Sam said, “I’ve been hiding this for you for weeks, Lyza, but I saw something different to Zach.”

She couldn’t remember how she reacted that time. When Zach has gone home the night she finished the laundry, Sam didn’t talk to him that fervently. Zach blabbered a lot about his work, but she didn’t listen to every word. That must be why she’s taking a lot of time to be warm with his hugs again. She was too attached to even start with. Lyza crossed her arms over her chest, asking, “What was it?”

Sam fiddled with her hands in her abdomen. Something sent shivers in her spine. That lipstick stain etched in her mind as if a nightmare just burst out of her eyes. Sam stayed at the corner of the counter, admitting, “I saw a lipstick stain in his polo when I’m doing the laundry 2 weeks ago. I was surprised to see that.”

Lyza’s jaw dropped on the floor. Sam shut her lips for a while, but she’s glad she’s now saying it through. Lyza sat upright, puzzled, asking, “Why are you saying that now?”

Sam shook her head. “I thought it was just a wrong sight of an eye. Turns out, it’s real. He started to change the day when our 10th anniversary happened. Everything else didn’t become the same way as it is.”

Relationships didn’t mean to be happy all along. It has to have ups and downs, and the things were really not overwhelmed with smiles. Relationships don’t last long if they’re going to give up in each other. In Sam’s experience, she’s dealing with the love of his life cheating behind his back.

Sam clenched her jaw. She added, “With the lipstick stain I saw in his polo, the trust I had given to him deteriorated all of a sudden, Lyza. It became nothing today.”

Lyza shook her head. This is all wrong in the first place. Sam had never been that vocal with her pain, but everything crushed her. It was grinding her bit by bit. Her heart broke into million pieces repeatedly. Lyza scolded, “Why do you have to stay for another week? Knowing he might be cheating behind your back?”

Nothing has been confirmed yet. She was still observing Zach’s actions towards everything. When she nagged about fixing the light bulb, he suddenly revolted. Sam didn’t know if it was Zach.

“No one confirmed it yet. I don’t want to jump into conclusions, Lyza.”

“But the fact that he has a lipstick stain underneath the collar that day meant he’s hooking up with somebody else!” Lyza raised her voice. Sam shook her head. Biting her lip, Lyza gripped the grocery bags and threw it on the huge trash bin. Sam didn’t even retaliate from what she had done. Guessing from her emotional status, she didn’t feel anything about what Zach had bought.

“You should throw out someone who’s that toxic, Sam. It’s not good for your health.”

How can she do that? When the man she dearly loved slipped away from her fingers in just one blink? Did she change, or something in her attitude turned her off? It was the moment she realized two sides have faults. Sam’s mind whispered to her lips, “I don’t know what to do, Lyza.”

She felt hopeless. No solution crossed her mind at the very least. Lyza sighed, pitying her friend in a while. Sam sulked, looking down as she closed her eyes. She bit her lip, thinking of what to do, but Lyza was a fast thinker than she was. “You need a spy, Sam. And I’m going to do that for you.”

She creased her forehead. Sam inquired, “What? What are you saying? That is such a mistake no one should find out.”

Lyza tilted her head to one side. “I worked under the radio department, Sam. My office is at the side of the top radio producer star, Mr. Zach Gonzales, you’re cheater boyfriend.”

She must have overlooked that information. She should trust Lyza this day. Sam scratched the back of her head, thinking of the consequences of their actions. Lyza cleared her throat, reassuring, “I’m sure I can catch something fishy with Zach. Now that I have the backbone of what you said, the lipstick stain underneath his collar.”

“Stay on radar, Lyza. Don’t jump out to startle them. Just capture photos and send it to me.” Sam didn’t want to go against the current flow. If Zach had changed because of the mistress, she must find it out. Sam would never settle for the less of his boyfriend’s expectations. She doesn’t want to live behind the shadows of his mistress when she’s the real one.

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