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C3 Honey

Kissing her underneath the sweet music of the hotel room meant how much thirsty Zach had been. He slammed the door, making sure it’s locked, and pulled her closer. He swirled his tongue to her. She did the same thing. A chuckle even came out from her lips. The back of her knees found the edge of the bed, and she quickly sit down. Zach traveled his hands to her tight coat, and slipped his fingers on the button.

He released it and wore it off from her smooth shoulders. Zach was a bit aggressive this time. She scraped her hands in his scalp, pulling the strands, and it made Zach grit his teeth in her chin. She moaned, liked the pleasure he brought to her. Zach whispered, “I wanted to be inside you, Stacy.”

Opening her eyes, she pushed him away. That hard he sprawled on the floor right away. Stacy puffed her cheeks, glaring at him. Zach has come to his senses, yelping out, “Why are you resisting me now?”

Stacy brushed her fingers in her scalp, clearing her throat. Zach asked, “What’s the matter? Let’s continue…”

His voice was seductive, but she raised her hands and sighed. Stacy stood in front of him, scrutinizing his eyes. She crossed her arms over her chest. There’s something Zach didn’t want to say. He’s hiding something about his girlfriend. Besides, she got called over here. She even sounded excited.

Stacy cleared her throat. “What’s the matter? Why are you a bit aggressive today?”

She didn’t like that side of him. It was darker. No woman would like bad boys, but if he can bring heaven to her, she’d like to accept it. Stacy never desired to hook up with someone like Zach, her longtime crush since high school, but the temptation couldn’t be resisted. She still gave up with her higher standards, looking down at her past self, breaking the promise she’ll not go near Zach again.

Stacy found herself ridiculous, sometimes. She waited for a long time only to be a mistress. She was a fool in love, that only one tap in a shoulder… she sacrificed her body to make love.

Zach scratched the back of his head. His tone changed at all. It wasn’t the caring and soft tone he always gave whenever he’s around Sam. He treated her differently. Zach muttered, “I’m just tired… of everything.”

He meant it. Just by looking at his exhausted eyes, it proved the truth. Stacy took a seat down on the bed, knowing his relationship with Sam is dwindling. Zach looked at her, and she clicked her tongue. She tapped the vacant seat on the side.

“Sit down. Let’s talk,” Stacy offered. Zach sulked, dragging his feet to the bed, and taking his seat down beside Stacy. She tucked in her long hair behind her ear. Zach rubbed his hands together.

“What happened? Did something wrong erupt again?” Stacy couldn’t blame Sam to get stressed out of their relationship. She must have been too tired to deal with things lately. Zach sighed, contemplating the words he wanted to say.

“Should I break up with her or not?” Zach’s words came out from his lips smoothly like it was easy to do. Stacy widened her eyes by that question. Why does she felt guilty all of a sudden? Something must have ticked off in her heart that made it ache. Zach shook his head, and he’s too torn. Stacy turned to the plain wall across, and realized it was 10 in the night.

“Why would you do it?” Stacy asked blankly. Everything that Zach did will let her hang with herself. How can she handle it? Zach didn’t want to see her crying again, but here he was, doing the same things repeatedly.

“I kept on hurting her. I kept on making her cry. She’s pushing me away no matter what change I have to do, and it made me sad to think… our marriage can be called off.” Zach shouldn’t be saying that, but she asked for space, and after a week, she must have decided what to do. Stacy parted her lips slightly. Is it the consequences of what she had done? Is this what makes her happy in the start?

Stacy sighed, darting her eyes on the ground. The guilt rose inside her. Stacy clutched the hem of her slack in her lap, and she hissed. Zach continued, “It’s better if I had to call the marriage off. It’s much better if she stayed on another man than me.”

Zach couldn’t feel the love anymore. There was something missing in it. She was the light of his life, but why did he feel like it’s not anymore? Zach must have fell out of love.

“Is it because of me?” Stacy asked suddenly. Turning to him with anxious eyes, Zach met it. His face got stony, and he had the same amount of worriedness. They both stared at each other’s eyes for a long time, as if searching the answers in their pupils. Stacy hadn’t got to ask about it, but if she was the reason of their break-up, this is not a good one. Something might rise, and it’s not going to be good.

Zach cackled, shaking his head. “No, Stacy. It’s not because of you. Something deep has happened between us, so I thought we can call out the marriage if it gets on longer. Besides, I have to converse with her, if she want to continue our relationship.”

Stacy’s chest tightened a bit more. She was such a fool to think they’d stay like this longer. Only flirting, but not dating. Stacy doesn’t want any other man rather than him. He is her weakness, and nothing can change that.

“The question is: Is Sam will be going to let you out of her grasp?” The very thing she has learned of Sam’s attitude was her determination. She would never give up to a thing if she didn’t attain it. She’d do anything for it to happen. Zach turned to her.

“Maybe she’s waiting for me to break her up. I hope she asked me in the right time.” It was hard to let go, too. Zach had gotten used to being by her side for 10 years, ever since they’re in high school. The days they had spent through: from being just students who enjoyed side street foods to adults who booked dinner in the restaurants, Zach knew he couldn’t live without Sam. But now, their relationship hit the rock bottom.

They’re both going to die if they held onto each other. They have to let go no matter what.

Lyza wore her black shades as she covered her face with a newspaper. She sat down on the bench comfortably, licking her lips to calm her beating heart. She was at the bunch of trees, where the bench is a blind spot and no one could notice her. A familiar silhouette came up, angled to the perfect direction from where she was sitting.

It’s Zach. He’s going off shift now.

Zach was on the phone, and he’s holding a briefcase. He approached the nearest car, but it wasn’t his own. Lyza waited for something to emerge, and she’s astonished upon hearing a familiar voice. She crinkled her nose, and her lips formed into a small letter O.

“Honey,” it mumbled. Lyza froze in her seat. Zach chuckled sweetly, and there was a shuffle of feet. Lyza knew it’s the cue to spy on them. She lowered down the newspaper, she readied her device, looking at the side of the car, and gasped. Lyza stalled her time, scrutinizing the woman in front of Zach.

He tucked her hair behind her ear. They’re faces were too close to each other, and Zach’s cheeks became beet red. It only happened when Sam is in front of her, but right now, the woman is…

Lyza hushed, “Stacy Lazaro?”

It was another radio producer star inside the TDC Studios. She had a different program from Zach, but they both rose in the rankings. It was an undeniable impact of both the radio shows in the Philippine audience. Sam was right on her assumptions. Something happened to Zach, that’s why he changed.

Lyza rushed to retrieve her phone and snapped countless photos. She was still pretending to read the newspaper. They finally stopped having their moments and climbed inside Stacy’s car. Lyza cleared her throat, folding the newspaper into two, and hid herself in a hoodie. She breathed furiously, murmuring, “You’re one dead meat, Zach.”

She scrolled through the conversation in the Line and found Sam’s messages. Lyza sent the multiple pictures all at once.

From: Lyza Yang

To: Samantha Lee

Sam, here are the proofs of your boyfriend’s mistress. It’s real and I have confirmed her identity. I’ll tell you later tonight.

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