My Lover's Mistress/C4 Your Mistress
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My Lover's Mistress/C4 Your Mistress
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C4 Your Mistress

Sam decided to take the overtime job today again. Besides, she got nothing to do in Lyza’s house but to slack off in her soft couch. Her office was silent, and the only noise she can hear was the keyboard she’s typing on. Sam’s heart became heavy as usual, and she had gathered up a lot of strength every morning to get out of Lyza’s couch. It has been 4 days since she last seen Zach, and they’re not communicating ever since.

He must have enjoyed a lot with his mistress, eh?

Whenever it flooded his mind, Sam got distracted. Her eyes gone back to the ring she received when Zach proposed the marriage to her, and she chuckled. Why was she still wearing this? Sam leaned back to her swiveling chair, sighing. Looking at the glamorous gem perched at the top of the silver ring, it’s beautiful. Sam knew she was the happiest when she received that ring. She wanted to spend her life with Zach, no matter what happened.

But that day she found out the lipstick stain, every love in her heart dissipated into thin air. Sam was such a woman who’d never become suspicious of Zach, but when the evidence got shoved in front of her nose, Sam’s emotions somersaulted. It was a mix of confusion, anger, and several questions running in just a split second.

Sam touched the cold surface of the ring, smiling sarcastically, “This is such a good memory to forget on.”

She hitched the ring out of her finger, staring at it. Sam furrowed her eyebrows, turning to the trash bin, and didn’t even hesitate to throw it. Sam straightened her collar right away, and looked at her cell phone lighting up. Lyza must have done something to capture the evidence they’re talking about last night.

The truth should come out.

There are a lot of photos she send, and Sam’s heart pounded louder. Something’s wrong. She mustered up the courage to open it up, seeing her text.

From: Lyza Yang

To: Samantha Lee

Sam, here are the proofs of your boyfriend’s mistress. It’s real and I have confirmed her identity. I’ll tell you later tonight.

Her jaw dropped on the floor as soon as she scrolled down the contents. There was a woman in front of her, and he’s tucking her hair behind her ear. It was a little blurry, but Sam can recognize who that woman was. Tilting her head to one side, she couldn’t help but to feel enraged. It’s similar to a volcano awoken for a thousand times over. The lava will came out as the final piece of information showed up in front of her eyes.

Sam turned off the computer right away, slung her mini bag on her shoulder, and gripped her phone. It’s time for the truth.

“It was such a sudden thing that passed in front of my eyes,” Lyza said. They ordered for some noodles and alcohol at their table. Lyza have tried to calm the air down, but Sam’s eyes were desperate. They wanted answers. Lyza opened up her phone once again, licking her lips, and hissed.

“This is too crazy for me, Sam. I suspect it was…”

“Who?” Sam knuckled her fists in her lap. She was hanging at the edge of the cliff, and only one snap, the branch will break into two. She’s going to fall in a pit of darkness, of pain, of not recovering from falling downward. Everything will happen at once.

“I only think of one person who had the same feelings for Zach, and from what I saw, her facial features matched the name I have in mind. It’s… Stacy Lazaro, Sam. The second-in-rank producer alongside Zach.” She knew the name. Sam knew the name so well, and the woman’s hair he tucked in. Sam’s eyes welled with tears, and she couldn’t form the words to say. This is only the proof he’s been cheating behind her back, and she got nothing else to do but to break him up.

Sam froze, her butt must have glued to the stool. Lyza gave the silence she needed. She balled her fists, nearly scraping the skin, raw and fresh. Sam gritted her teeth, remembering that name as the worst person she ever met in her life. She was someone Sam wanted to eradicate in her mind. With Sam’s eyes hurting this time, Lyza felt sad. Her friend leaned her hardships with her boyfriend, as always.

“Are you sure it’s Stacy and not another woman?” She wanted to turn a blind eye, but the pain will make her heart awaken of the reality. Sam should acknowledge this mistake, and if she turned her back and covered her ears, she’s the one who’d suffer. With the truth shoving up in her ears and eyes, she wouldn’t have the time to deny the facts.

“Sam, I’m certain of it. You need to come up in front of Stacy’s door or your boyfriend’s back.” Sam looked at her with glistening eyes. A few moments later, the cook served the noodles and a tray of Soju bottles.

She’s drunk. Sam’s vision circled in motions, but when she flailed her head to the window, it bumped onto it. Someone was driving her home. Lyza sighed, letting her friend see what Zach had been doing to her. Lyza swiveled her car, waiting for this moment to turn around. Sam flailed her head, recognizing the surroundings where she was at, and asked in a slurry voice, “Where is me…”

“You are inside your car, Sam. I need to bring you in your house,” Lyza said simply.

She indulged a lot of alcohol bottles the moment she came to know about her lover’s mistress. Lyza will help her as much as she can. As they turned the corner, Lyza stepped on the gas pedal. It’s only a few minutes left before they reached the house both Zach and Sam were living. Sam was still unconscious about her surroundings, constantly rubbing her eyes together.

Lyza halted the car right away, and Sam lunged forward. Her hand clasped onto the handle by the top of the car’s door, clearing her throat. Sam bumped the top of her head, hard, and it dazed her back to reality. Puffing her cheeks, she turned to Lyza and to the house they stopped by.

Sam got perplexed as to why they’re here.

“Why are we at my house? I don’t want to…”

“Something’s odd in your home. The lights are turned on,” Lyza rebutted. Sam widened her eyes. She must have sobered enough to realize the lights outside of the pavement were turned on. Someone was inside the home, and it might not be Zach alone. Staring at the front door, she waited until someone got out, but no one made a noise.

“You should sober up a little to confront your boyfriend, Sam. This is getting out of hand if you still turn a blind eye to him. It’s not good.” Lyza unbuckled her seatbelt, and Sam stared at her for a long time. This is too much of a support from her friend. Lyza motioned for her to get out.

“Cmon. You need to know the truth.”

Zach and Stacy kissed each other in the bedroom while it is vacant of Sam’s presence. The sheets smelled of another woman, but Stacy didn’t bother at all. Zach was making out with her, and he liked every second of it. Stacy scratched his bare back as he held onto her naked thighs. He soothed his warm palms, and Stacy liked her excitement edging to completeness. Stacy wrapped her legs around his waist. Both of them helped each other to remove their shirts, and Stacy couldn’t feel anything but thrall. Her heart was screaming louder, she’s very aroused. Stacy wanted his little head to be inside her cave.

But when the doorbell rang, they suddenly separated their lips. Zach opened his eyes, turning to the door, whispering, “Who’s going to visit my house this time?”

Stacy’s heart got nervous. Sam was just nearby, and she could come home anytime soon. What has gotten into her mind to let herself inside their house? Stacy hissed, knowing she’s busted, and there’s nothing to get out of here. Stacy pushed Zach out of her body, and he rolled down the bed, topless. Stacy hitched her top at the floor, rushing to get covered.

“You said Sam is going to stay for a few days more in Lyza’s. This is the consequences of our habit,” she snapped. Stacy pulled her pants on, buttoning it up. Zach hurried, too. He didn’t respond, and was the first one to come at the door. Stacy didn’t know where to hide, knowing she should just face Sam.

The doorbell repeated countless times, and Zach couldn’t help but to shout, “Wait up!”

Stacy gritted her teeth. She should help Sam prevail the truth. This is the only time she’d know if Zach truly loves her or not. Stacy waited at the living room, staring at Zach opening the door.

He swiveled it wide. Sam stood there with empty eyes and sad lips. She reeked of alcohol, but Sam’s nose recognized the scent of a women’s perfume.

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