My Lover's Mistress/C5 The Truth
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My Lover's Mistress/C5 The Truth
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C5 The Truth

Sam’s empty eyes landed to Zach’s panicking ones. His hair was tousled, like he was just gotten out of a bewitching love-making session. Standing there, she knew it. There was a silhouette of a woman by Zach’s back, only a distance from the door. Sam chose to ignore it, but her insides crumpled like a paper. It kept on shattering, like someone slammed a sledgehammer.

Sam sighed. She waited for Zach to ask the question, but Sam’s not going to respond. She’s not here to come home. She’s here to confront someone. Zach let go of the doorknob, saying, “You’re home.”

Sam thought he’s going to ask that question. She thought he’s going to ask if the week is over yet. Sam thought he’s going to push her away because of that damn space, but no. He welcomed her home… with the mistress behind his back. What a brazen act to do. Zach stood there with his stony face. Sam didn’t even form the words, but her eyes speak of loathe. Zach sighed, knowing Sam had seen Stacy. He didn’t defend himself, he just stood there. It was much more painful for her. The crickets were the only ones singing in the middle night atmosphere.

Sam averted her eyes, and met Stacy’s. She’s fazed, wondering if she should jump out of the back door and resign from her job the next day. The three of them glued their feet from where they were. Sam should be the first one to move.

Zach’s heartache was just unbearable as it is. Everything is wrong. Everything is a mistake. Sam clenched her jaw, blinking her eyes several times, fighting back the tears. Stacy balled her fists, knowing her secret got uncovered. No one will defend her, only herself.

Sam found her voice. The minutes must have passed.

“How long is it?” Sam’s eyes shifted to him again. Zach couldn’t look at her eye. She made a terrible mistake he can never eradicate from. This is the only time Zach saw how miserable he have gotten Sam to. The promise he made countless times were far different from what happened now. He wasn’t able to keep it. Sam’s face became devastated.

“I’m asking you, Zach. How long is it?” He sailed on two boats. Zach wasn’t able to choose from those boats, and he paddled it both. Zach made sure the two of them were afloat, and the connection was tied tightly with each other. He must have chosen Stacy over her.

Why? She’s much more beautiful? It might be the reason they both drifted apart. Zach darted his eyes everywhere, his heart beating louder. He expected the atmosphere to get tensed, but Zach wanted to run away. It might be because of the mistake he had done without thinking it clearly. Sam clutched her bag, ordering, “Get out of my way.”

Her words were authoritative. She’s consuming her mind with questions why Zach changed. It was such a new phase in her life she needed to accept. Sam knew this moment and day forward, Zach will get removed from Sam’s life completely. Zach didn’t move at all, and it made Sam furious. She brushed her shoulder to him, and he almost yelped out of pain.

Zach cleared his throat, hissing. Sam strode off near Stacy, not knowing that face will show up in front of her again. Sam tried herself not to see her again, but here she was, breaking off that promise she made. Zach closed his eyes, placing his hands in his hips, and felt sorry. Shaking his head, this is all wrong.

Sam didn’t speak up. Instead, Sam slapped her face, hard. It was the hardest slap she had ever received in her life. Stacy’s eyes nearly tear up, staying her face looking down. Sam’s emotions rose, and her eyes screamed of pain. Zach ran to her aide, looking at Sam in gritted teeth. Stacy held her left cheek, but Sam stood there, staring at her for a long time.

“Stacy, are you alright?”

Sam chuckled. She couldn’t believe Zach’s attitude at all. In front of his mistress, he sounded out of place. The tone he used wasn’t the one he always used in her. Sam doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, but the ending of this not-so-beautiful fairytale waved at her so fast. Stacy stared up with her hair covering her eyes, and Sam looked at the two of them back.

Sam inhaled a large amount of air, taking up a lot of courage to say, “I can’t believe you have done this, Zach.”

She rapidly pivoted her heel around. Zach left Stacy alone. He reached for her hand, but Sam yelped out, “Stop it, Zach!”

They went out of the door, and as Lyza was waiting for the scene to occur, sat upright inside Sam’s car. Zach grabbed her wrist one more time, and when she turned around, he received a slap, too. Her eyes couldn’t resist the tears anymore. It streamed down, like a waterfall, and it’s too hot in her cold and pale skin. It was too painful to handle.

The sting erupted in his right cheek. With the sound of Sam sobbing, he looked up, and saw, for the fourth time, tears. Zach couldn’t forget the promise he made about not making her cry. But now, Sam was whimpering because… of what he did.

Lyza breathed a sigh of relief. This is the time they both break each other’s ways.

Zach breathed, “Sam…”

“You are a liar, Zach. You’re such a liar,” she cried. Sam didn’t even bother to wipe her hands in her cheeks. Zach let his shoulders down, not realizing he’s shedding some tears, too. Sam sobbed, looking at the man she dearly loved for a decade. He has his time with someone else, and it made her nothing.

“Sam, I…” Zach tried to form that explanation, but nothing rolled out of his lips.

“How can you bring Stacy here in our home without me? How can you do that, huh?” Everything couldn’t be explained by just words. It was all nonsensical. Sam hissed, crying all the pain out. She’s waiting for him to respond, but Zach only stood with silence. Sam grimaced, turning her heel around, and Zach tried to touch her again.


“Let’s break up, alright?” Sam knew they had to proper close it. It didn’t go steady after 10 years. Sam expected it to be. But it wasn’t what happened. Sam thought their life together will be forever, the marriage is just around the corner. No, it isn’t what it is. Zach knew this would happen. He opted for it, too.

Sam recovered her composure, and uttered, “Let’s part ways. I think I’m going to take out my things starting next week. Just sleep with her so you don’t get scared.”

The tears dried up, and the pain felt numb now. It’s new. It’s just like that? She’s going to let go of the man she used to sleep and wake up with? She’s going to let go of the man she promised her life with? Every little thing broke her heart. With the memories flashing in her mind, Zach was too precious for her to break.

But Sam wished she never met him. If only she could turn back the time.


“You’ll be alright without me now, Zach. Just carry on with Stacy.” Is it that easy to let go? The twig had broken off. And she had no choice but to unclasp her hand from the branch. Zach’s heart sting, his chest tightened as she left that remark. Sam planted a fleeting look to him again, not even getting a response.

He just stared at her like he’s watching fast-paced movie and he doesn’t know what was happening. Sam left him hanging, heading straight to the car parked at the corner. Zach had lost a half of him? Is it even true? The car started, and the lights illuminated the street. Zach didn’t even bother to look where they were going.

It was only this time he closed his eyes… and the tears rolled down his cheeks. Gritting his teeth, he touched his knees, and leaned onto it. Zach lost every grasp in his thoughts, and just fell on the ground, slumping. Stacy was still inside the house, and didn’t run to console him.

It was her mistake, too.

Zach gripped his chest. He knelt down, sobbing, and as a man like him who didn’t cry that often, broke out. His tear ducts produced a lot, and his shoulders shook. In his pavement, Zach screamed out the pain. It wasn’t enough.


Brushing his fingers in his scalp, he couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

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