My Monster/C2 Chapter Two
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My Monster/C2 Chapter Two
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C2 Chapter Two

My name is Barbara Omeh, I have always been a sucker for cute guys, now in my new school, a guy called Kevin is just a bag of cuteness, and the moment our eyes met the first day, it was magical, it's been a week and all we do is steal glances at each other. He makes our school uniform looks like designers, he is tall, has Justin Bieber kind of cuteness, I notice as girls fawn over him, but even in midst of all those girls he still looks at me and gives me a drop-dead smile.

Since a weak now all we do is steal glances at each other, but today he came right behind me and said hi, his voice sounded like peanut butter.

"What do you think of the delinquents?" He asked

"What do you think?" I asked back since am afraid my thought might be different from his and he would hate that.

"Nothing really, it happens once every 3 years, some more interesting than others," he said looking ahead as the bus came to a halt.

"Oh," I just said and started looking up front. The first person to come out is a man in his mid forty wearing an army uniform.

"Get down" he shouted and it riveted the whole school, then one by one the delinquents came down. They're just nine, I thought they will be more

"So we now have nine new students," Kevin said stressing his first word.

I just gave a nod, the man moved forward and they followed him, it felt like the delinquents are nervous, they didn't look at the student, that's what I did the first day I came in.

The soldier shook hands with the principal, then the student lined up facing us, but still didn't look at us, some focused on the sky while others in their feet. There is a really cute girl with them, I wonder what made her a delinquent.

"Now everybody is thinking, who the poor ones are," Kevin said, I tried to judge from their appearance, but that didn't give me the answer since they all wore the same uniform like us.

"Does it matter?" I asked

"Not really, but am sure the girls will avoid the person if they know," he said with a scoff.

"Introduce yourself to the students" The soldier ordered, so they passed them the mic, I never knew school uses a mic on the Assembly ground till I came here, it will also be impossible to address the whole students without a mic, cause they are many.

"My name is Richard Igwe," said the first boy, he has a petite body but he is not bad "am here cause my school expelled me, why? Cause I hacked into their server and got the exam questions before the exam, you know I just couldn't resist the temptation," he said the last part proudly and the students cheered for him.

"What a good way to make an entry," Kevin said

"Amanda Charles," the really cute girl said, "am here cause no other school could take my bitchy attitude," she said and passed the mic,

"Don't worry we can" one of our boys shouted, we all laughed.

"Caleb Okafor, I fight a lot," The third person said, he really looks macho.

"Kayode Akin" he took a deep breath "fell in with the bad crew and I got busted"

I won't lie, it's interesting am now eager to hear them all.

"Obinna Agu, it's just a huge misunderstanding, am innocent, I don't deserve to be here," he said, we all laughed cause he looks guilty of whatever charges they laid on him. He handed over the mic to the sixth guy, the guy didn't say anything but gave the mic to the seventh guy who is also identical with him,

"Twins," Amina said.

"Am Gabriel Okeke, and this is my brother Michael," he said patting his brother "he doesn't talk much, our crime is mainly of my doing, I always pick a fight then my brother always comes to help me out, so making him my partner in crime. Our parents think the military camp will discipline us since we are the heir to a construction company" he said with a shrug.

"Now that's my type of guys," Amina said smiling.

"Am Henry Anayo, am just a victim of circumstance, am so glad I have this opportunity," he said then passed the mic.

"That's a first," Kevin said

"Collins Onuh, just decided to be the scapegoat, am not regretting it," he said and looked at Amanda, awww I smell something.

"Where is he" the army man shouted, they pointed at the car and said something, but it wasn't audible enough, he then took the second mic.

"Get down here boy before I get you myself," he said looking at the bus. So there is a tenth guy now am excited that I can't keep calm. I find myself stretching my neck like Amina, am even standing on my toe.

"Cool it girl, he will get down," Kevin said with a scoff. I paid him no attention as I watch a figure gets down from the bus. Everywhere went quiet, drop a pin and the sound will be heard, that's how quiet we all got. The reason for this is because the boy that came down is wearing a mask. A mask with the design that makes it look like a skull.

He walked confidently to the podium, his face is all covered so no way telling if he is nervous or not.

He took the mic to introduce himself, I strained my ear to hear him so I won't miss anything, no one got my interest like the boy on the mask.

"Am Eric," he said and gave the mic back to Collins, he gave no other explanation or introduction, not even a surname, just Eric.........

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