My Monster/C4 Chapter Four
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My Monster/C4 Chapter Four
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C4 Chapter Four

Everyone was anticipating what he will do, it's frustrating that I can't see his face to know his reaction, he reached out for his friends, whispered to them and help the fallen ones up. Everyone was watching his every step, he doesn't look strong to me, for the fact he always wears hood makes him look like he is sick and has never left the class. After helping his mates up, they walked away, nobody expected that and it left Kelly's lips open.

"And where do you think you're going" Kelly finally said when he got hold of himself.

"Wouldn't it be better if we all stop now before someone get hurt" Eric answered without looking back.

"Oh, someone is already hurt, my ego," Kelly said and dashed towards him. I looked at Eric to see if he will run or plead he just turn towards Kelly. Kelly was thrown back with his punch, as he fell, Eric kicked his stomach, so hard that Kelly curled up and started coughing.

"Who's next," he said looking at the petrified Kellys group, though I can't see his face I do know he is now different from the sound of his voice.

"Now the monster is out," Richie said with much excitement "and no stopping him"

Eric moved towards the crew and they all dashed at him, I thought him mad, for how can he win against 10 boys, but I was left shocked when he started crushing them.

"A punch from Eric is like a hammer, you can hardly get up", he once trashed a junior soldier, we all avoid being punched by him.

"Can't they stop him?" I asked, am already uneasy, I remember when he said to stop before someone get hurt.

"Nop, Eric is like a monster truck with no breaks, you can only get hurt if you try to stop him," Richie said, I can't stand it anymore, soon it will get out of hand. I run toward them, don't really know what made me, maybe it's because of the fact I have been staring at Eric since he came. I have no idea how to stop him or push him so I fell on top a guy he is about to trample on.

"Stop you monster," I said and looked him straight in the eyes, it was pitch black, it's as if he has stared hell straight in the eyes, like worst is the only thing he has seen and will ever see, it made my eyes sting and tears flowed. He stood there looking at me, after a moment he stretched his hands towards me, I closed my eyes and flinched he must really be a monster for him to hit a woman. I heard a punch sound, I then opened my eyes, I saw Kevin's hand balled into a fist, he punched Eric, what have I caused, now this monster will crush my sweet Kevin. I am beyond petrified, but the unexpected happened he just left, the monster left. So the saying is true, true love conquers all, I looked up and saw Kevin shining like a star before me.

He helped me up, and my admiration for him grew, I smiled at him and he returned the gesture, he then moved to help Kelly crew stood up

"Don't be too happy boy, it wasn't your punch that made him walk away," Collins said to Kevin then looked at me before walking away with Amanda and rest of the delinquents.

"Now talk about excitement!" Amina screamed and I smiled, it's what she's been waiting for, as everyone was about to get to class since it's been over 10 minutes the bell rang.

"Who is responsible for what happened here" we heard the principal voice resonates through the hall, I nearly pissed my pants.

"Eric," Kelly said with much hatred, and my heart hurts for him, but I hated myself more as my lips got sealed and I couldn't defend him, not that he didn't deserve whatever punishment, but he alone wasn't the case, actually he was the victim, a strong victim.

"Now everyone should go back to their class, fetch me Eric," he said the last part to the teacher beside him and Ieft, I can't imagine the punishment Eric will take.

It took a while before all the student cleared the canteen, I was the last with Kevin since we took our time chatting, we kept walking like lovers, though not holding hands but our hands brush occasionally and it sends jolts of electricity throughout my body.

He kept telling me sweet words and it's easy to see my blush since am fair,

"The first time you came in, I was like wow, today I've seen an angel," he said and I smiled "I know this is a lame pick up line, but did it hurt when you fell from heaven" I laughed

"Yea it's lame, but with you, it's all romantic," I said and he gave me the cutest pout. I smiled and looked up, I froze as I saw Eric walking towards us with a teacher, even with his mask I can sense his face is devoid of any emotion.

I stood still as he passed, not glancing our way like we are invisible, I don't know why that hurts.

After passing Eric at the hallway, my day got worse, and he didn't return to class, I got more pissed. I kept looking around trying to find him but didn't, I went home being sad....

To be continued..

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