My Monster/C5 Chapter Five
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My Monster/C5 Chapter Five
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C5 Chapter Five

I woke with a terrible headache, it's because of the scary nightmare, I dreamt of Eric with his mask, he has fangs and was sucking my blood, I was so powerless.

"You sure you don't want to stay home?" my mom asked, she noticed my sickness, that's why you hardly hide things from mothers

"Sure mom, it's just a slight headache, it will wear off" I answered, I would like to stay home, but I really want to see Eric and know what happened.

"OK, if you say so, do tell the school authority if anything happens" she said and I gave her a nod, "goodbye then" she said, I waved her and entered the car, yea I have a very cute car, venza that drives me to school, being rich have its perks.

Imagine my sadness when school dismissed but Eric didn't come, I just have to put up a fake smile for Kevin and his flattery. The second day Eric still didn't come, the worse is the delinquents were all sad even playful Richie.

"Girl Kevin is really into you," Amina said as she caught Kevin winked at me. I just dismissed her with a wave.

"Why so gloomy?" I asked Richie, Amina gave him a side glance, I guess she wants to know too but pride won't let her ask.

"It's Eric," he said barely above a whisper.

"Keep quiet Richie, it's none of their business," Amanda said with a glare before I could ask again she took Richie and walked to where others are sitting. I sense Collins and Amanda are dating, but she is always with Richie so am sort of confused.

"I wonder why she is dragging Richie wherever she goes," Amina said with a hump, is that jealousy I sense. On a normal situation, I will tease her but this is not the time

I stood up to go after them as they left the canteen, I was stopped by Kevin.

"Cool your horses pretty where you off to?" he asked

"Just the rest room, will be back in a jiffy," I said and rushed out, how did I allow Eric to mess with my head, I have not even had a conversation with him.

"Richie please stop," I said and thankfully he did but Amanda came in front of him

"The only reason I have not poked your eyes out is that he said no harm should come to you," Amanda said confusing me

"Who said," I asked

"Why bother asking, come Richie let's go," she said

"I won't stop till you tell me what's wrong," I said already feeling my throat tightening, am now breathing like I ran a hurdle

"Ok," Amanda said not in a nice way "we all messed up, Eric took the blame, and now he is serving the punishment," she said,

"I tried to stop the fight why then do you blame me," I asked, I seriously don't see why she hate me

"Cause if you did let him crush Kelly like he normally does, he won't have the lips to snitch, and if not for you your pretty boyfriend wouldn't walk free after punching him," she said.

"It's clearly not my fault if he was intimidated by my Kevin, he tried to hit me and Kevin saved me" I defended Kevin.

"Eric might be seen as a monster, but he never hits a woman," she said and walked away leaving me in utter awe. Then why did he stretch out his arms toward me, I tried to do good but someone took the punishment.

"In case you're wondering the punishment," Amanda said getting my attention, she is now few feet away from me "he has to clean the whole military camp, every day and only eat when he's done, and he always finishes by midnight, that's when he eats, he has to do that for 3 days" she said and left.

If they feel so guilty why not help him or say the truth about what happened, in truth I blame myself more than they blame me. Today is already Friday, so no seeing him till Monday. I went home with a heavy heart.

We normally travel to the village every Christmas period, so a day before we travel I will keep looking at the clock counting seconds cause I will be super excited. I never knew another thing would give me such excitement, cause I kept looking at the clock on Sunday counting seconds hoping Monday to come sooner. Funny, Monday that I always despised is now what am waiting for.

My mom was surprised when I dressed up early morning rushed my food and left, my dad will be surprised I left before him. Waiting for the delinquents to arrive was beyond words.

"Wow girl, you came early," Amina said and I smiled, if only she knew what's going on in my head.

"Just felt like," I said.

"Well you're in luck, I have something to tell you, I wanted to tell you on Friday but you left and I don't have your number," she said, I never thought of taking her number.

"What's that," I asked still looking ahead to see when they arrive.

"Kevin, he is determined to confess to you today," she said, it took a second before what she said registered.

"What!" I screamed

"You heard me girl, so better perform well," she said with a wink. "Many girls want him, so consider yourself lucky," she said, I looked up and saw Kevin coming with his friends, he stopped when he saw me and smiled. My eyes widened, I turned and walked away, very fast, he called and I quickened my pace, no guy has ever confessed to me before, now am afraid of how to behave.

I went to a place I discovered the second day I came into this school, it's quiet excluded, serene with the trees, I do come here when I want to study I love it more than the library. I have never seen anyone here since I started coming so I took it as my fortress, the only reason I don't always come here, because it's a bit far from the main building, so I only come when I have a free period.

"How am I going to answer Kevin," I said panting around, I decided to play it out in my mind, I took a princess stand and flipped my hair.

"Oh Kevin, what took you so long," I said with a dreamy voice "no that looks too desperate. I took a mean stance "I will think about it" I said then grunt what if he takes it as rejection. Besides am I even ready to date, this is frustrating, I took a stone and threw it at the tree without looking.

"Ouch, that hurt" I heard someone said, I froze, I looked up and saw a figure sitting on the tree branch..............

To Be continue..

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