My Nanny/C2 Chapter 2
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My Nanny/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

~Ashley's POV~

"Dad!" The girl called opening her eyes, she has the most cutest blue eye ever. It looked like I was staring at the sea.

"Hey pretty."

"Am I dead?" She asked.

"No no no, you're not, you're very much alive." I answered feeling a little bit worried. I mean why would she ask such.

"Oh I thought I was dead." She responded heaving a sigh, placing her hand on her hair she stared so tensely at me.

"Why did you say so? You know it's not good to say such a thing." I said facing her beautiful face.

"Well it's not my fault, you look so beautiful that I thought you where an angel." She confessed.

"What! I'm no angel. I am Ashely, Ashely Timothy." I stretched my hand to her for a hand shake.

"And I'm Lacey Archibald." She took my hand as this wide grin appeared on her face.

"How do you feel now?" I asked touching her forehead.

"I'm fine, the car didn't touch me yet I passed out." She laughed.

"Umh..where is the driver that almost knocked me?"

"He said he had an emergency."

"Oh! I'll just call my dad, I'm sure his worried sick"

"No need, I already called him"


"Yeah, he'll be here soon"

"You brought me here?" she asked.

"Yes I did"

"Thank you very much, I really appreciate."

"Don't mention it." I smiled.

This little girl is not only cute, she's endowed with good manners.

" Ashely can I have your contact, I would really like to talk to you again".

"Hmm of course." she handed me her phone.

"Lacey, Lacey, baby girl" a deep voice so tensed ranged inside the room .

"Dad." she called out.

"Lacey, how are you? Hope you're not hurt? What happened to you?"

"I'm fine dad." Lacey responded with a huge smile on her face.

"You!" He pointed at me with this annoying glare which could kill one.

"How dare you bring my daughter to this disgusting clinic, secondly I'll sue you for trying to kill my daughter, you filthy rag." He yelled at me.

"What the hell." I gasped, still trying to process all the hurtful words.

"Dad." she called him camly but it seemed the man wasn't ready to listen.

"You think you can touch my daughter and go freely then you're mistaken, I'll call the commissioner and get you arrested." He ranted.. I tried to speak but I got no chance. Hiss voice was all over the room.

"What the......"

"Lowlife bi*ch"he growled.

Staring at the man, I was obviously fed up from hearing such nonsense, I took his hand in mine and dragged him out of the room.

"Let go of me, you mother fvcking bitch you tried to kill my daughter"he rasped.

"I don't know where to start, I mean where do I begin, should I begin with the fact that you're rude or the fact that you have nothing in that brain of yours, have you ever heard of the word 'question'?"I asked.

"How dare you, do you know who I am?

"Yes, I know you're a big fool with nothing upstairs, so full of your self and stupid." I tried to keep myself calm and bring my voice down, I didn't want the poor child to hear me use those words.

"Are you that stupid, that you use your words recklessly. For goodness sake she's just a child and shouldn't be exposed to such words"

"Hey young....."

"Ohh shut!" I cut him off.

"I wasn't the one who knocked her down. I happened to be a passer-by that saw it happening, secondly you should be thankful your daughter is safe, and stop criticising this hospital and you should learn to control your words and lastly....."I was too angry. I never like to get angry but this man just got me angry.

His daughter is so nice, why is he rude. I didn't want to have anything to do with such man so I just walked out of the ward. I guess I'll head home.

~Richard's POV~

"Who the hell does she think she is to touch me or talk to me like that?" Dad said walking into the hospital room.

"its your fault dad, you should have asked what really happened."

"Lacey are you taking that girls side?" I asked.

"I'm not taking sides here dad, I'm telling you the truth and the fact is that, until you apologize to Ashely I won't talk to you. You need to be punished for what you did." I said facing the opposite direction.

"Lacey sweetheart." Dad called but I acted like he wasn't there, my eyes where just on the wall as I hummed.

"Lacey please talk to daddy"

"Let's go home. Oh and tell grandma I'll be spending some time in her house, cause I will if you don't apologize." Lacey drawled.

Fu*king no. She isn't going to my mom, I'll miss her so much. I can't spend a day without her but I still won't apologize to the crazy lady.

Dad is on the wrong, he talked so rudely to poor Ashely, she wasn't at fault and she even saved me.

I feel so mad at dad now, I want him to apologize to Ashley instantly. Dad is so egocentric, he wouldn't dare apologize to anyone but he has to willingly or Forcefully.

Silent treatment, is the worst punishment I can give to dad, he can't stand it even for a day.

Someone needs to teach him how to speak to people.

After all the process was done, we left the hospital and on the way dad kept trying to talk to me but it was to no avail, cause my mind was already made up, I'm not talking to him.

~Ashley's POV~

I walked into our apartment, to see a face I couldn't stand, today is possibly the most annoying day for me.

"What are you doing here?"I asked angrily.

"Ash, darling please just let me speak with you"

"I don't have anything to say to you"

"Ashley please"

"Mom, I said I don't want to talk to you. You can leave now"

"Ash please come back home. Why would you leave all the luxury and come live in this place?"she questioned and I felt more angry.

"Why won't I when you and dad would leave your daughters all alone for months, you guys didn't see each other for months and one day for some, reason you guys decide to part ways"I retorted.

"Ash baby that's not how it is"

"Yeah that's not how it is but that's how I see it, so please just leave my house"

"Ash please talk to your sister, I just want to spend some days with her"

"Laura"I scoffed.

"Laura can you hear that?"I asked.

"No I can't"Laura said.

We where all on the sitting room and I was getting vexed. I needed nothing to do with her.

"Please, I miss you girls so much, please come back home to me"

"No way"

"All you and dad want to do is own us, you want to prove to dad your a better parent than he is, and so does he .

"All you want is to use us, so you can get more fame in your fashion line,I

I know what you want"I was adamant and blunt.

"You keep forgetting I'm no longer that teenage Ashley who didn't know what was happening, I know all you've done so just leave my house"I yelled at the top of my voice.

"Okay Ash I will but please remember that, I love you and your sister so much I have transferred some money to you and the car packed out is a gift from me please accept it here is the keys" she said dropping it on the table.

"I won't accept anything from you just leave my house"I yelled.

"Bye Laura, bye Madison, bye Ashley,..."

"Just leave"I yelled.

Once she left I fell to the ground as tears flowed freely from my eyes.

"She always dose this,they both do it,she loves us?"I scoffed.

"Love she says. If they loved us they would never had let us leave the house, if they loved us they would have always had time for us, they would have known when we were sick, I'd rather live a poor life full of love than live a rich life full of pretense.

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