My Nanny/C3 Chapter 3
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My Nanny/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

~Richards POV~

When we got home, I followed Lacey up to her room pleading for just a talk with her but she was adamant on not talking to me, she didn't even spare me a glance.

She walked into her room, turned to close the door but I cut her off.

"Lacey please talk to me"I pleaded, instead she took her phone and placed it on her ear I wonder who she's calling.

She realised a smile.

"Hi Grams"her tiny voice squeaked.

"No no no! Please Lacey, I'll do it, I'll apologise to her"I yelled, I didn't want to hear the rest of her chat with her grandma cause I knew what she would say. She wants to go stay with her grandma but there's no way I'm letting her go there.

"Okay. That's good"she gave me this sarcastic smile as she took the phone off her ear.


"Lacey?"I tried to bend to kiss her but she moved backwards still having this grin on her face.

"Night dad"

"My kiss Lacey"

"Oh sorry no kiss for you tonight"she chuckled and closed the door.

"Lacey."I Mumbled.

What do I do to that lady for causing such problem for me? I fuçking hate her attitude.

~Lacey's POV~

My dad really needs to be thought how to respect people, it's getting out of hand.

I took my uniform off my body and walked straight to my wadrobe brought out my nightie and headed to my bathroom, I needed to take a long bath, cause I ricked. I smelt like the hospital and it was so uncomfortable.


Cleaning my body with my towel, I strapped my pyjamas on my body, then walked out of my room to the kitchen, since I was feeling hungry.

Chef Suzzy was still in the kitchen and I was glad cause I don't think I have the energy to go call her from her room.

"Chef Suzy ,I'm hungry." I whined taking a sit on the long stool that was right in front of the big kitchen counter.

"I knew and I was even about taking this to your room"she pointed at the tray in front of me.

"Awwn, your a darling chef Suzy, but I'll have my dinner here"

"Your not eating with your dad?"she questioned raising an eyebrow

"Yeah"I muttered.

"What did he do this time?" She gave me this look.

"Chef Suzzy my dad does it all the time, he needs to unlearn his arrogant behavior, cause one day he'll need help and he won't be offered any" I tried my best to explain camly to her.

"Do you know why I love you so much?"her eyes ransacked my body like she was looking for something.


"Not only me but everybody working here loves you because your so down to earth and disciplined despite the fact your dad acts like a....." She used her hand to notion and I smiled, yeah I know my dad acts like someone that has gone banana's.

"You also don't have a mom yet your still so disciplined"she said making me smile more.

"Awwn thanks chef Suzy"I smiled taking my food into my mouth.

"Chef Suzy please can you tell me a story about my mom?"my eyes were pleading.

"Off course"

I smiled as I eat from my plate ready to listen to her story.

"Your mom was a very beautiful woman just like you and she was so sweet loving and caring towards all the workers here, she loved us like a family and when she was pregnant for you she would buy so many baby things for you.

Most times she'll gather all the maids and they would play games, your mother was a very happy woman"she said.

Although Chef Susan has told me this story like a thousand times I still loved listening to it over and over.

"But when she gave birth to you she was too weak so she went to live with God and now she's watching over you and your dad and she's also teaching you to be respectful and disciplined just like she was." She smiled.

"Awnn thanks Chef Suzy"I smiled.

I love hearing stories about my mom it makes me so happy and I start to miss her. It makes me know more about her

Chef Suzy is the oldest worker here she was here before my dad got married to my mom and she was also her when she died, she knows a lot about them she's getting old but I love her just the way she is.

After dinner I walked back into my room brought out my book and started reading there's no way I'm failing my test.

~Laura's POV

Ashley sat on the floor crying, I feel so much for her, she's been through so much. Although I want to be with my parents, I want to know how it feels to be loved again by my parents, I still can't leave Ashley, she's been there for me for the past three years of my life.

I wont lie a bit I miss my parents. I also want to live with my parents, I don't want them to keep fighting because its eating us up.

I tapped her slowly as I tried to process some words out of my mouth.

"Ashley don't you think its time to forgive mom and dad?"I asked.

"Laura please don't start with me this evening just go to your room"her voice came so harsh, she pulled herself up and walked to her room.

I was already so emotional and I needed comfort but Ashley needed to be left alone to get herself back.

"Maddy please can I sleep in your room tonight?" I asked as I let the tears drop from my eyes.

"Sure, why not?"

She took my hands and walked me into her room.

Mom ruined the atmosphere here, she should never had come.

~Stella's POV~

My daughters hate me so much, Ashely doesn't even want to see my face.

All I did was make money all their childhood, I never had time for them.

I was so busy that I forgot my family.

I have to fix everything I want my babies back I want my family back.

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