My Nanny/C5 Chapter 5
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My Nanny/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

~Ashley’s POV~

"Do you really have to live there?" Madison asked as I dragged my bag out of my room.

"Yes I have to"

"Can't you find another Job"she said with this wide frown on her face

"No, I made a promise to the little girl and I badly need the job"I confessed.

"Why do you need the job anyway you never really told me why?"

"I just need the money"I said.

"But your parents can do that for you"

I glared at her, I didn't want to talk about that, I pushed myself towards her and hugged her.

"Bye Madison"

"Bye Ashley. I'm going to miss you"

I rolled my suit case out of the apartment and the driver helped me put it in the trunk.


The car drove at a normal pace and soon we where in front of a big mansion.

I Would have screamed but I've seen better. My mother's house is definitely bigger than this.

"Mr Archibald is waiting for you"he said and I nodded getting down from the car.

I walked into the big mansion with my suitcase rolling behind me, the house felt so empty.

"You kept my driver waiting for almost an hour." His stern voice tortured my ears.

I turned my back to see him starring at me. "It was just an hour"I sighed out

"Just an hour, you know he had other things to do"his voice was kinda cold.

"Um Mr Archibald where's Lacey"I asked. I didn't have the strength to listen to his ranting.

"Nanny" her tiny voice screamed.

There she was at the top of the stairs with an iPad in her hand. She ran down with her hair dangling behind her

"Baby!" I exclaimed spreading my hands apart for her to hug me and she did, she jumped into my arms.

"Stoppppp!"Mr Archibald screamed.

"What is the matter dad?"

"Don't hug my daughter with that filthy body of yours"he cursed making me angry.

"Dad! Don't say that... Or you'll hear from Grams"she said instantly and the look on his face changed.

"Don't say that. Your teaching her to speak rudely"I retorted. If Lacey wasn't here, I think he would be pleading now.

"Nanny, I'll show you to your room"Lacey said grabbing my hand.

I rolled my luggage as we walked to my room.

"Ta da"she said pushing the door open, reaviling a very furnished room.

"Wow, its so nice"I admitted smiling.

"Really, you love it?"she asked.

"Yes I do"


"So tell me Lacey what's the Grams stuff all about"I asked curiously.

"Oh that, I just use it to make dad behave"she said in between chuckles.

"Really? Can I use it?"I asked grinning.

"I think so"

"So whats is it about"

"Dad doesn't like staying a day without me, he might go crazy, so I'll just simply black mail him by saying if he doesn't do this I'll make sure I go to granny's house." She explained letting out a huge laugh.

"Your one crazy kid you know"I said smiling.

"I know"her reply came.

"Okay so tell me something about this house"I stern keenly at her waiting for her to speak.

"Okay so this house was built by my dad"

"Oh" I mouthed.

"So are they other workers here?"I asked.

"Yes, they are but they don't live here most of them go back home while the rest stay in the workers quarter"she said and I mouthed an "oh"

"But why do I stay here?"

"That's because your my nanny"she said smiling.

"Okay, I'm so happy to be your nanny"I said.




"Because your cute, beautiful, intelligent and disciplined"

"Awwwn thanks Nanny"she said hugging me.

"Can you tell bed time stories?" she asked

"Yes?" I answered.

"About, the prince, the princess,and the witch"

"Yes, I can"

"Oh, you get a star for this"she smiled.


"Okay you can drop your things here so we can tour the house"she said.


The girl was full of smiles and had so many things to say.

Later that day, it was dinner time and I was pretty much hungry. I and Lacey walked down the stairs having a chat with each other.

"Nanny sit lets eat" Lacey said as she sat down.

Just as I drew the chair out to sit Mr Archibald's voice came.

"Don't you dare!"Mr Archibald roared.

"Dad?"she called.

"Lacey?"he drawled. "She can't sit on my dining"he said.

Lacey picked up her phone from the table and I was forced to laugh because his expression changed immediately he saw her pick up the phone.

"No"he said.

"Nanny you can sit"she said.

I stared at Mr Archibald and I almost laughed out.

Servers the man right.

I sat down peacefully and served Lacey.

~Richards POV~

She's so annoying.

She's such a fool, I mean a bitch like her is dinning with me.

I stared at Ashely so angrily but she winked at me in return.

I Iooked at her again and she winked at me realising a smirk.

"I'm done"I said standing from the chair. I was finally fed up

"so soon daddy?"Lacey asked.

"Yes I'm done eating"I said walking out of the dinning.

"I hate her.

~Lacey’s POV~

Immediately dad left the dinning room, Nanny and I burst into laughter.

"Nannyyyy,ha ha ha"I laughed.

"Oh my gwad this is hilarious"she laughed.

After dinner.

"Are you sure you can bath yourself?"Nanny asked.

"Yes I can"

"I can, just help you scrub your body you know"she said.

"No thanks Nanny"I shouted from the toilet

When I was done I came out with a towel wrapped around my chest and my hair.

Nanny helped me dry my body and picked out my night wear for me.


"Time for stories"I said.

"So the ittle of my story is the Arrogant king and the maid"Nanny said and I chukled.

"Nanny are you talking about my daddy and you?"

"Of course not baby"She said.






"So the maid made the king angry and he left the main room, to be continued"Nanny said making me frown.

"Nanny please continue"

"No baby"

"Nanny continue the story please"

"No Lacey its time to sleep"

"Okay fine"I said turning to the other side of the bed.

"Wait Lacey"she said.

"Hmm"I said turning to face her.

"We haven't prayed"

"You pray?"I asked.

"Yes all the time"


"I'll pray today, you'll pray tomorrow"nanny said.

"Oh father bless our night and protect us from all harms way, give us the grace to over come temptations, be blessed oh God we pray Amen, say Amen Lacey"


~Ashley's POV~

Once Lacey was asleep I walked out of her room to my room.

I hurriedly had a warm bath with only one thing in mind.

My sister. I have been thinking of Laura since yesterday after the slap I'm not sure if she would want to talk to me.

I was just not happy about whatever occured between us.

I was done with my bath but I still wasn't sleepy, I have this habit of sleeping late because I watch movies at night

I walked to the sitting room and sat facing the television, I used the remote switched it on tuned it to my favorite channel.

I love Bollywood series, and Kdrama.

Just as I settled in on my Bollywood series.

A loud voice struck me into shock.

"What the fuck"Mr Archibald yelled frightening me.

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