My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C2 Chapter 2_ Drugged 2
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C2 Chapter 2_ Drugged 2
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C2 Chapter 2_ Drugged 2

Jane took two glasses of wine from a waiter passing by, luckily for her her supposed date has gone to mingle with a few business men.

She opened her purse and brought out a tiny bottle with white pills in it.

She slipped some of the pills into the glass of wine meant for her dear friend.

Nicholas was speechless after he witnessed what the girl did, "wow she has completed my work" he mumbled.

He watched her hand it over to another girl, even if the girl was pretty he didn't let his emotions get the best of him.

Amelia thanked Jane as she sipped the wine slowly, she failed to see the smug smile plastered on her friend's face.

Jane collected the glass from Amelia when she was done, as soon as Jane left Nicholas came over to Amelia.

"hi" Nicholas greeted politely. Amelia turned to him with a sweet smile, Nicholas felt his heart skipped a beat seeing her smile.

"hi" Amelia greeted back.

Nicholas suddenly started feeling a little guilty seeing that the girl was extremely beautiful for this kind of cheap move.

Anyway it was already done and he couldn't do anything else about it, he doesn't want his step brother to come out of his room to make his opening speech.

His reputation must be ruined starting from tonight, he noticed the drug was already taking its effect seeing her sweat.

" your date is waiting for you" Nicholas lied.

Amelia suddenly felt stuffy inside the hall "okay where is he?" Amelia searched around but couldn't spot him.

"he is outside" Nicholas urged he was happy when she finally left the hall.

Jane smiled meaningfully as she watched a man lead her friend out, now she could only imagine the rest.

Amelia walked a little more before she started feeling dizzy, she missed a step and was falling backwards but was caught by Nicholas.

Amelia felt her body being lifted off from the ground before she blacked out.

Nicholas carried her in bridal style to a room in the hotel and he laid her carefully on the bed.

Right now the only person remaining was his brother, he took out his phone and called one of his men."where is he?" Nicholas spoke impatiently.

Few minutes later, Nicholas felt satisfied seeing his hard work finally paid off, the two were still unconscious but soon enough the drugs would start taking its effect on them.

He saw Amelia move slightly before he went out of the room.

Amelia opened her misty eyes, her body was feeling weird, she let out a soft cry. Something was wrong with her and at the same time the man beside her moved.

He slowly opened his eyes, his body was feeling funny from the inside, he cursed silently knowing what was wrong with him.'he has been drugged'.

He heard a soft moan beside him, it was a lady she was tearing off her dress.

His mind was already clouded with the drug's effect on him, he pounced on Amelia like a starving lion that was released from a cage.

They pulled roughly at each other's clothes ripping and tearing them apart.

Amelia felt her body burning with intense pressure, her body wanted something but she has no idea of what it wants.

She felt the cool breeze brush on her bare skin, she and the man we're both naked.

Amelia felt her legs being forcefully pulled apart, she let out a cry when he thrust deep into her.

Tears fell out of the corner of her eyes from the sharp pain, after a few more thrusts the pain gradually dispersed replaced by pleasure.

Their moans filled the room, since they were given heavy doses they had a few more rounds before passing out.

Amelia's eyes opened slightly trying to adjust to the brightness. Her brows furrowed in confusion seeing the unfamiliar room, her eyes went down to find herself naked under the duvet.

The events from last night played in her head, she looked around the room but no one was there.

She pulled her hair hard, she just had a stand with a stranger.

She scurried to the floor picking up her dress, but it was torn so badly. She opened the wardrobe searching for anything appropriate to wear.

She grabbed a black pajamas since it was the only thing making sense in there.

She went to the bathroom to freshen up, she turned to the mirror looking at each hickeys the monster made all over her body, as if marking his territory.

She turned on the shower allowing herself get soaked, Amelia cried in the bathroom for a while and came out after she was done.

Amelia stepped out of the bathroom to meet someone else in the suite. The man sat proudly on the sofa with his legs crossed, his grey eyes stared at her in mockingly.

Amelia blinked her eyes at the male god before her, he had jet black hair that was perfectly gelled she couldn't even see a stray hair, his high cheekbones, perfect jawline and full lips. all these features in one person made her speechless.

She saw his eyes narrowed down at her, it suddenly dawned on her that he was the shameless man who took advantage of her last night.

Amelia's eyes turned red in anger this man took away her innocence, " you were the shameless man that took advantage of a helpless lady"

Liam raised a brow at her outburst, he got up the next second.

"it was just a stand think of it as a gift from me to you" Liam pointed out and in the next instance Amelia grabbed his index finger that was pointing at her.

"it might be a stand but not all girls are dying to be on your bed especially not me" Amelia muttered through gritted teeth.

Liam caught hold of her neck "I can be scary, don't try to act special, I will compensate you for your loss" he muttered as he stared at the red stain on the bed sheet.

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