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C3 Chapter 3_ Ruined

Amelia met his eyes "well I'm not scared of you Mr. arrogant" she released the grip on her neck.

Liam narrowed his eyes at her retreating back, that was new everyone is always scared of him.

Immediately she got to the hotel's lobby, the same media who were admiring her last night flocked around her throwing insulting questions at her.

" ma'am is it true that you are having an affair with a driver in your company?" a reporter asked. "ma'am tell us how long has this been going on?" another reporter asked.

"ma'am do you know that your contract with star entertainment is over?".

Amelia closed her ears she didn't want to hear anything anymore so she ran out of the hotel.

Jane was intertwined with Greg on the bed both of them celebrating their victory, they were currently watching the news, they smiled in satisfaction seeing Amelia's face on the news.

Now they were sure that she would never come out of this mess.

The door opened with a loud bang, Amelia in her disheveled state came into the room with a cigarette burning in-between her fingers.

Jane and Greg both jerked up as a result of the loud bang, but as soon as they saw her they tightened their embrace more.

Amelia stared at them in disgust, she couldn't believe that they could do this to her, she lost everything in just one day.

" don't you know how to knock before coming in?" Greg barked at her.

Jane got off the bed immediately and stood in front of Amelia " is there a problem?" Jane mocked before letting out a loud laugh.

Her eyes found its way to the hickeys on her neck "oh wow you really had a good time last night" Jane continued.

Amelia was dazed "where did I go wrong? you were my best friend, how could you do this to me?" she asked innocently, tears were beginning to form in her eyes.

Jane scoffed " Amelia, you've done so much to me, everything is always going your own way nobody sees me whenever you are around, I can boldly say this to your face Amy that I enjoyed seeing your life ruined to bits".

In a fit of rage Amelia slapt Jane across her face, Greg came down from the bed pulling Jane to his side, he held Amelia's hand tightly "have you lost your mind? if you try this madness again I will make you pay dearly" Greg threatened but was slapt instead by Amelia.

Amelia's eyes turned red " you both have managed to ruin my life, how could I be so foolish to trust you both with everything but what did I get In return? betrayal"

"you deserved every bit of it" Greg announced and was slapt for the second time.

He became angry that he tried to raise his hand on her but it stopped midway. Amelia pressed the cigarette butt on his arm, Greg retracted his hand, the spot turned red. "don't you dare try to raise your hands on me, you can't bully me, you know what? I wish you both a happy life together, I will surely make a comeback and when I do I will make sure you regret ever messing with me" Amelia said and stormed out.


Nicholas was enraged his plan failed again, once again Liam got lucky instead of his scandal being released it was the lady who got the thrashing.

His name wasn't even mentioned in the affair between that was circulated.

One of his men ran into his study room panting slightly " boss he is here and he looks very angry".

Nicholas panicked a bit, how did Liam find out?. The door flew open, Nicholas swallowed hard seeing his brother's face turn red in anger.

"brother what brings you here?" Nicholas tried to play smart.

Liam caught hold of Nicholas shirt and sent a punch to his face causing blood to rush out of his nose.

" keep the pretense to yourself, now let me give you a taste of your own medicine".

Liam's men came, one of them stepped forward with a small box handing it over to Liam who forced the pills into his brother's mouth.

Liam took a glass of water from the table and forced him to drink. Nicholas was panting heavily and sweating profusely.

He tried to choke out the pills, Liam saw what he was doing and gave him a smack on his head.

He then instructed his men to leave the study "this will teach you to never mess with me like that in the future".

Liam let out a wry smile and left the study locking the door behind him.

Too bad, no one was in the room to relieve him of the pain that he will feel when the drug start taking its effect.

Nicholas banged the door from outside, he was sweating so much already.....


Amelia arrived at her apartment and threw herself on the sofa in her room, her phone rang beside her.

She picked it up, it was her manager "Martha".

Martha sighed hard from the other end " Amelia have you seen the news? boss is really upset you have brought a bad name to our company and I'm the most ashamed" Martha scolded.

"I didn't take your call for you to scold me, your boss already fired me" Amelia said impatiently.

Martha scoffed " you still have enough pride to talk back, your whole career has been ruined to bits. you know what? you deserve whatever that is coming your way, sleeping with your driver cheap slut".

The call went dead, Amelia sighed and threw her phone farther away from her.

She wouldn't let anyone trample on her again, her eyes set in determination.....

Amelia heard light footsteps approaching her "Amy" the person called out, Amelia recognized that voice instantly.

She turned to Louisa the only one who had good intentions for her, now she understood everything Louisa really tried to help her out of Jane and Greg's clutches but she was too stupid to understand then.

Louisa ran to Amelia's side and embraced her tightly "I'm sorry I should have listened to you earlier" Amelia broke down.

Louisa's eyes turned red in anger, now that she was here no one is allowed to bully Amelia ever again she vowed silently.

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