My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C4 Chapter 4_ A new beginning
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C4 Chapter 4_ A new beginning
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C4 Chapter 4_ A new beginning

Liam's expression but gave up the idea knowing it was impossible.

"come on man the least you could do is to take responsibility" Dylan murmured.

Liam shot him a look 'take responsibility' he mused silently, that lady insulted his pride today, she must be punished.

He rang the intercom and his assistant came in and bowed before him "I need you to do something urgently"..............


Amelia took out her phone there were several missed calls from her mum and some of her fellow actress.

She really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone so she switched off her phone and turned on the TV.

She sighed in frustration all news channel were talking about her affairs, she tuned in to another channel.

Her mouth dropped someone leaked the pictures and videos of last night to the public, how shameless of that person, at least he was involved now.

She knew this was Jane and Greg's doing, they've given her the final blow, netizens were already criticizing her.

Her eyes narrowed at the screen "he isn't the man I saw today" she mumbled, she knew he looked familiar but this morning she was too angry to think things through.

She doesn't even know this man on the screen but he was claiming to be her driver

Louisa came into the living room and turned off the TV. "Amy the videos were leaked out few minutes ago, we have to leave now the netizens are crazy they are heading here" Louisa worriedly said pulling Amelia out of the room.

Amelia smiled scornfully, she picked up her dark spectacles and face cap so she won't be recognized easily.

She came out of her apartment in a hurry with louisa, a luxurious car stopped in front of them horning for them to get in.

Amelia and Louisa exchanged looks as if asking 'do you know them?'. They quickly got into the car since they could see angry mob heading there way.............


Amelia tried to calm herself down her blood was boiling she could murder Jane and her lover this minute if given a chance.

Louisa saw the direction they were heading "umm..where are you taking us?" she questioned the driver who ignored her question but Instead raised the partition to avoid further questions.

Amelia and Louisa turned alert trying to unlock the door of the moving car. "hey where are you taking us to?" Amelia screamed banging the partition.

Louisa moved back, Amelia's anger and temper were the things she didn't want to witness at least not right here.

"Amy" Louisa called out before throwing a slap at her face to bring her back to her senses.

Amelia breathed heavily and nodded her head "thanks I really needed that".

The black Porsche pulled over in front of a building. Amelia and Louisa exchanged looks as to where they were.

Amelia came down from the car and yanked the driver from his seat "where have you brought us ?you piece of dirt".

Louisa on the other end pulled Amelia away from the driver she knew how crazy Amy could get, they first needed to know where they were before creating a scene.

The surrounding was serene and the building itself was majestic it was painted with white and gold.

A middle aged man in black suit walked up to the ladies and bowed slightly, he was a butler in the building.

"This way miss, young master is waiting for you" he announced with a bow.

Amelia found it corky wondering who this young master was, her mind darted to the rude young man this money 'could it be him? nah I doubt he could never be so kind enough to help me out'.

The butler left them in the large living room, the girls looked around them everything in here was shinny and sparkling.

Amelia set her eyes on a tiny golden sculpture of a dog, even though she hated dogs the sculpture was really cute.

They heard footsteps approaching, Amelia suddenly grasped the tiny sculpture inserting it in her pocket.

Louisa caught her friend in that act and scolded her with her eyes since it was too late to drop it.

The girls heart beat drummed wildly in anticipation as the footsteps grew louder and louder.

Amelia's eyes widened as saw who just stepped into the room, Liam walked over to the long couch and sat down elegantly.

"I should have known that it was you" Amelia stated grumpily meanwhile Louisa was still trying to catch her breathe, she knew who he was.

Liam Grayson, the name rolled on her tongue, but how did Amelia meet the big shot of their country?

Liam scowled out the girl who was glaring back at him with the same intensity.

A young man rushed into the room and was puzzled seeing the girls with his friend, he immediately assumed one of them to be the girl Liam had a stand with but which among them?

Since she was the most trending person on the internet, after that scandal.

Dylan please show miss Louisa around" Liam ordered, Louisa was flying on cloud nine hearing him address her with her name.

'he knows me' her heart danced.

Dylan dropped a file on the table before leading Louisa out of the living room.

Liam turned to the lady in front of him, he watched her sit on the couch without a worry in the world.

His brows collided against each other, how dare she sit when he hasn't asked her to sit? "I didn't ask you to sit yet!" His voice thundered into her ears.

Amelia rolled her eyes at his attitude " you didn't ask me to stand either so let's get this over with what do you want?".

Liam smirked, this lady doesn't know who she is dealing with yet.

He picked up the file on the table and threw it at her "you have been publicly shamed, how can you stoop so low as far as having an affair with your driver?".

Amelia's face turned red like a meatball, "you were the driver who I had an affair with". She stated.

Liam was caught off guard by her bluntness "you have no idea who you are messing with".

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