My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C5 Chapter 5_ The nasty contract
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C5 Chapter 5_ The nasty contract
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C5 Chapter 5_ The nasty contract

Amelia scoffed at his words "don't try to instill fear in me Liam Grayson I'm not scared of anyone".

Liam knew this won't lead anywhere if they keep on going like this "you should be" Liam pointed out.

Amelia looked down at the file with her " what is this about?" She inquired.

" We both have been wronged by the people we consider family, you are facing a huge backlash and I'm on a really tight spot how about we get married..........

Liam wasn't even done talking when Amelia butt in after hearing the word marriage "I'm not interested, I rather face this scandal forever than to get married to you no one will be able to tolerate your bad attitude". Amelia said in one breathe.

Liam massaged his temples " I wasn't done yet and don't be under the impression that I like you, because you are wrong you are the last person I could ever get married to but since the situation at hand is very critical this is the only way out of this mess, the marriage is only for a whole year after that we go out separate ways and you will get fifty million as a compensation".

Liam explained while Amelia went dumb the huge amount kept on ringing in her ears, fifty million to put up with this brat.

"Where is the pen?" She questioned, he handed her the pen which she used to sign where necessary.

After she was done, she stood up " congratulations husband" she said sarcastically throwing the file back at him copying what he did to her earlier.

Liam remained unmoved for some second before he pulled Amelia to sit on his laps harshly with a smug smile.

Amelia who was taken by surprise went into a daze seeing how close she was to him right now.

Liam inserted his hand into her pocket pulling out the tiny statue she took earlier before pushing her off his laps, he took out a napkin dusting his suit pants especially where she sat.

"Get your things over here before noon I have to register this papers". He stood up and was walking away before he added "petty thief".

Amelia narrowed her eyes at him if not for the huge amount that she will receive she would have not signed those stupid papers.


Dylan showed Louisa around he noticed her face was getting red by the minute, so he stopped and touched her forehead "are you okay?".

Louisa was left in a trance even if his hands were no longer there she could still feel the warmth lingering on her forehead.

"Yeah I'm okay" she managed to smile at him.

Dylan ransacked his head on how to start a conversation with her, " bad I'm Dylan" he stretched forth his hand for a hand shake which Louisa took without hesitating.

"Louisa" she mumbled.

"Then I'll call you Lou" he announced walking forward while Louisa blushed behind him.

Dylan didn't know why she was acting weird but he liked her cute behavior, he doubts if she is as calm as she looks.

"So what do you do for a living?" He asked hopefully the conversation could last longer than the rest he tried to have with her.

Louisa blinked "I'm a waiter at a bar". Dylan noticed she was embarrassed to answer that."do you like your job?" He asked to receive a short stare from her.

He doesn't know why but something was pulling him towards her, he wanted to probe further into her life but considering they just met he doubts if she would open up to him.

"I'm not complaining about it" she replied honestly, it was at that bar she met Amelia ever since then they became close friends because she visited frequently with Jane and Greg.

Louisa's phone beeped and she excused himself to answer it, Dylan watched her side profile for a while she was a pretty lady no doubt.

Her whole countenance changed instantly into a fierce one making Dylan slightly shudder, he knew it, he knew this lady was putting on a facade and pity face to fool him.

She was tough just as her friend, he couldn't help but laugh inwardly at Liam who just sighed a death wish with Amelia.

He wondered who would dominate each other since the both of them seem to stubborn.

Louisa returned back to his side and unknowingly took a step back."sorry that was my boyfriend".

Dylan nodded to her words with a forced smile, she was such a good actress and knows where and when she could put on her show.

Louisa saw Amelia approaching them with hurried footsteps, Dylan was awed by the way she carried herself gracefully.

She was really pretty, Amelia caught up with them and pulled Louisa with her....................

At Grayson ancestral home..

An old man with gray hair sat on the sofa in the large hall like living room he was exuding a deadly aura anyone who came near in shudder even without him saying any words to them.

He was mad at his rebellious grandson, Nicholas was lying in the hospital in a critical condition after he was given an overdose of a drug.

His eldest grandson was to be blamed for that, a middle aged man strolled in with hurried footsteps " dad what were you saying on the phone?" Mark who just flew in from the country asked his wife was not picking his calls so as Nicholas.

"That terror you gave birth to caused your son a great harm go to the hospital and see for yourself" old Grayson said fiercely, even at his age he still looked stronger.

Mark was left puzzled so he hurried back out to go to the family's hospital.

Mark arrived at the hospital, his wife and some of the family were present he rushed to his wife who was weeping.

His heart leaped, he was alarmed 'has Nicholas died?' he asked himself hoping it was something else.

"Honey what is wrong with Nick?" He asked which made her sob more.

His little daughter held his arm "big bro is inside the room, we found him asleep in his study and that's why we brought him here". Clara spoke cutely, mark gave her a small smile but he was sure that wasn't the case here.

" Nick was brought in unconscious, he was in a bad state when we found him but don't worry the doctor is checking up on him". Martha explained, she was mark's only sister.

The door opened as the doctor stepped out, "Mr Grayson you are here, we've gotten him under control we found out he was given a pill that could make any person sexually active and high but there is a high chance that he might suffer a side effect after taking an overdose" the doctor broke to the family.

"What side effect doctor?" Mark asked he just hope nick was going to be okay.

The doctor pulled off his glasses "there is a high chance that he might be impotent after this" the doctor added and left their sight.

Angie wailed further, she immediately got up and seized mark's shirt "this is all your fault mark! If only you have gotten rid of that boy for a long time this wouldn't have happened to my son, did you hear what doctor said nick might be impotent".

Mark silently endured her pounding on his chest, "Angie Liam wouldn't do anything like that unless he was provoked it could be Nick's fault also" mark explained to receive a tight slap from her.

Martha quickly pulled Clara out with her so the couples can sought themselves out.

"Mark ! do you think my son is foolish enough to do that? the truth is you are not able to move on after that witch died so you are trying to atone your sins by caring for her son" Angie breathed in anger.

At the mention of his first wife he lost his temper " don't bring Brianna into this matter, and don't you dare forget that Liam is Nicholas older brother he is also my son and I know him well enough that he wouldn't bite unless he has been bitten so what I'm asking of you is to teach that empty headed son of yours some values of our family". Mark said irritably and left the hospital, he couldn't tolerate it whenever Angie blames brianna for all her misfortune.

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