My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C6 Chapter 6_ Husband 1
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C6 Chapter 6_ Husband 1
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C6 Chapter 6_ Husband 1

Mark sat still in the car for some minutes, he needed to clear his head out.

After some time he ordered the driver to move, his thoughts were in conflicts.

Just what has Nicholas done to warrant such punishment from Liam?.


Amelia returned to her home to get her things, when she reached her house with Louisa she saw how torn apart everything was.

Her eyes blazed in anger, Jane was going too far and she needs to be stopped in time or else she will do more damage to her.

Louisa sighed in disappointment there was nothing here to take anymore it has all been ruined to bits.

"I won't spare Jane for this" Amelia mumbled under her breathe.

Louisa touched her shoulder before pulling her in for a hug." Amy think about it, you really don't need all this stuff anymore because you are now Mrs Grayson do you know what that title holds?".

Louisa tried to give Amelia a new hope, Amelia thought about it for a while and nodded in affirmation, it was true though.

Amelia walked over to her table and picked up a photo frame of she and her parents, that was the only thing that survived the rampage.

Amelia returned back to her new husband's mansion.

She went into the living room but he wasn't there so she assumed he has gone out already.

She turned back to leave when she saw a man standing in front of her.

She could see shock written all over his face, her hands unconsciously touched her face to see if something was on it.

Mark smiled at her cute reaction, Amelia saw the slight resemblance between him and Liam.

she assumed him as his father.

"good afternoon" she smiled at him.

Mark didn't know if he should be happy or sad seeing a lady in his son's house.

"dear are you here for Liam?" Mark suddenly blurted out.

Amelia let out a chuckle "yes he is my boyfriend".

Mark raised a brow at her, Liam Grayson was the only guy he knew so far that sees women as a big taboo.

They heard footsteps approaching them, their heads snapped to the direction, it was Liam.

When he saw the man beside Amelia his eyes darkened, this man doesn't have any right to step his foot into his house as long as he lives.

Amelia stared in confusion the two men before her were behaving like secret lovers who were shy to look at each other in the eye.

Liam threw a file on the table in anger "what are you doing here?" he coldly asked.

Mark sighed he knew he had wronged Liam and his mum but he was trying to make up for his mistake, however Liam wasn't over it yet.

Amelia was taken aback by the tone he used to respond to his father. "Liam what did you do to your brother? he is lying critically on the hospital bed".

Liam scoffed at his father's words, his eyes showed no regret whatsoever of what he did. instead it seemed as if he wasn't satisfied by the news.

"you should be happy that he is still breathing, do you know what that son of yours did? last night I was drugged and had an affair with the worst lady in this world. you should be bowing down and thanking me for sparing his worthless life".

Liam angrily spoke, Amelia could see tears forming in his father's eyes.

"how dare you speak to your father in that tone?" Amelia chipped in.

Liam hissed pulling Amelia's wrist roughly "don't speak to me in that tone anymore or else you have a death wish and he isn't my father, I only have a mum".

Amelia slapt his hands off her wrist "you are really ungrateful, is this how to behave with someone who gave you a name?"

She pushed his chest, "I'll give anything in the world to have my father with me now, and you? speaking so coldly to him do you care to know how your words might hurt him?". she added.

Mark was speechless, no one has ever raised their voice at his son and no one has also stood up for him like she did.

He is the one who everyone blames because he couldn't control himself.

Liam's face turned red, his fist tightened by his sides. this lady was crossing her boundaries.

"if you care so much about him why don't you let him be your new father let him marry your single mum".

Liam's eyes further darkened when he received a tight slap from Amelia.

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