My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C7 Chapter 7_ Husband 2
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C7 Chapter 7_ Husband 2
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C7 Chapter 7_ Husband 2

Mark was quite shocked by what he was witnessing right now.

The veins on Liam's neck almost popped out.

Amelia breathed heavily in anger "if you say one more thing about my mum again I won't spare you".

Liam turned to his father disgusted by his presence, he held his wrist and took him out of his house. "don't try to come into this house again".

With that he slammed the door at his dad's face, Amelia couldn't believe how heartless the man she just got married to could be.

Liam started walking towards her but she remained unmoved from the spot she was standing.

Amelia stared back with the same intensity as he was staring at her.

"you dared raised your hand at me!" he barked at her.

Amelia sighed if she had seen this side of his earlier she doubted if she would have signed those papers.

"that's because you brought up my mum which wasn't necessary".

Liam smirked at her words "but I wasn't wrong if you wish to see my dad happy set him up with your mum".

Amelia was furious at his words that she slapt him again twice.

Liam caught hold of her neck pushing her backward until her back touched the wall.

"how dare you raise your hand to me?".

Amelia sneered at him pulling off his hand that was holding her neck.

"that's because you deserved it, and trust me I don't feel any remorse about it. I'm not scared of you husband".

On hearing the word husband from her his stomach churned with disgust.

"happy married life husband" Amelia said sarcasm evident in her voice.

"consider it the beginning of your nightmares".

Liam mumbled.

Amelia smacked her lips and winked at him "and I'll be waiting for you in my nightmares".

Liam left her and went to his room, he broke everything in sight. No one, no one has ever disrespected him like that girl did.

At Grayson's ancestral home.....

Nicholas hands were fisted by his sides he just got discharged but he was still on a wheelchair.

His mum stroked his head slowly, she could feel his pain.

Angie's eyes were very red from crying all day, she was at least happy that her dear boy was still alive, the doctor said he might be impotent but she strongly believed that he still has a two percent chance to recover.

That son of a b*tch did this to her prince, she won't let him off this time.

"mum I'll destroy his life if I eventually become impotent" Nicholas said admist tears.

"haven't you plotted enough? he only gave you a taste of your own medicine!" mark who just entered said.

He was enraged when Liam told him what his foolish son did.

Angie stood up in anger walking towards him "why? has he fed you with more lies? my son can never be wrong!" Angie defended.

Nicholas bowed his head down avoiding eye contact with his father.

"really? ask this foolish boy what he did! he drugged his elder brother, I knew Liam wouldn't attack without a cause" mark added.

Angie clapped her hands scornfully"wow mark, so you choose to believe what that boy said than your son's words?".

"Liam is also my son, and I hope in the future you will teach him to be more like Liam" mark said and left their presence.

Angie shook in anger Liam was becoming her problem nowadays, she kissed her son's head trying to comfort him.

Later that night at Liam's house

Amelia's phone beeped by her side it was her mum, she didn't know how to explain all this to her mum so she turned off her phone.

Since it was getting dark, she decided to change into a breathable fabric but realized that she didn't have any clothes except the one she was putting on.

Due to the fight between she and Liam she completely forgot to go shopping an idea popped into her head since she couldn't go out because of the scandal and all those nosy Media.

She hurriedly left for Liam's room, when she stepped in the first thing that came to her mind was, if Liam was a demon everything in his room were either black or white.

Her eyes itched by the sight, she loves colours a lot seeing this only made her want to puke.

Nevertheless she went into his walk in closet, she blinked severally. "what is wrong with him?"

From his suits to his shirts, tie, shoes and everything she couldn't mention now we're all either black or white.

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