My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C8 Chapter 8_ Rainbow 1
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C8 Chapter 8_ Rainbow 1
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C8 Chapter 8_ Rainbow 1

Amelia randomly picked a white shirt in frustration, nothing in his closet were making sense at all.

She changed into the shirt and was about leaving the room when she came face to face with Liam.

Liam's brow furrowed seeing her in his room and at the same time putting on his shirt.

"who gave you the permission to enter this room, and why are you wearing my shirt?" Liam barked, it was only the first day of their contract marriage and he was already stressed out.

Amelia stood akimbo with her hands on her waist, "so what if I came into your room and wore your clothes am I not your wife?".

Liam didn't want to argue further, this lady is just so full of herself.

He grabbed her wrist to throw her out of the room, Amelia slapt his hands off.

"were you trying to throw me out just now? i really didn't want to stay but you leave me no choice, I'll spend the night here" Amelia announced.

Liam sighed and headed to the bathroom if he stayed any longer she was sure to drive him completely nuts.


At a bar

Dylan came into a bar with some other guys, when they stepped in the girls were whispering and murmuring at the same time.

They were admiring the group of three friends actually they were four but it seems the last one wasn't present.

The last one was Liam, he was the hardest to ever approach.

The three guys sat on an empty table, James looked around for a waiter and spotted one immediately.

He called out and the lady turned with a smile approaching their table.

James smirked as he saw the lady approaching him, her hips was swaying as she took steps further to him.

"may I take your order?" she asked with a sweet smile.

Dylan who was busy on his phone didn't see who the waiter was.

She took their order and left.

"that is one good looking girl, definitely my type of lady" James commented.

Dylan raised his head to see who he was talking about but she was long gone.

"James I thought you just got yourself a new chick" Steven scolded.

Dylan let out a small laugh "one woman is never enough for us, we don't know about you".

Louisa returned back to their table placing the different bottles of wine, whiskey and beers.

She shook her head as the table was filled up, rich people didn't know where to spend their money.

Dylan raised his head to have a glimpse of the waitress his friend was talking about.

Their eyes met Dylan was quite surprised even though she told him that she worked at a bar.

Louisa simply left without saying a word to him, James nudged Dylan "dude close your mouth or else a bug might fly in, I told you she was good looking".

Dylan tried to find her but he couldn't see her due to the crowd.

He excused himself and followed the direction she went to.

Louisa went back to the counter to attend to some people. she was surprised to see Dylan sitting in front of her.

"why are you following me?" asked Louisa.

Dylan smiled at her words "I wasn't following you around, it's just by chance that I saw you here" he explained.

"ok so what do you want?".

Dylan tapped his chin"what do I want?" he asked himself continuously.

Louisa wasn't in the mood to joke around one mistake then her boss will fire her.

"say what you want to say! I'm busy and I don't want to get fired".

Dylan nodded at her words and left her sight, his lips curved into a mischievous smirk.

Dylan returned back to his friends, he watched how Louisa take orders and at the same time some of the guys tried to touch her.

His hands folded under the table that his fists turned light purple.

This job wasn't for someone like her, James traced Dylan's line of sight.

"do you know her?" James asked seeping his beer slowly.

Dylan nodded "yeah kind of" he mumbled.

Louisa's heartbeat raced as she stepped into her Manager's office.

When she entered the man looked at her with a killer gaze, her heart pounded she tried to remember if she did anything to warrant such looks.

"Louisa you are fired" the man said.

Louisa's eyes widened, "but sir I didn't do anything that could make you fire me!".

The manager adjusted his glasses "you spilled a drink on Dylan Wesley's shirt and he has ordered me to fire you or else he would close down this bar".

Louisa's face turned red, when did she spill a drink on him? that dummy will have to answer her question.

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