My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C9 Chapter 9_ Rainbow 2
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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant/C9 Chapter 9_ Rainbow 2
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C9 Chapter 9_ Rainbow 2

Louisa left the Manager's office heading straight to Dylan.

Dylan saw her approaching him he flashed her a smile which turned upside down the moment she slapt him.

The music died down, the crowd gasped at the sight.

Dylan was shocked by her audacity, he has never been slapt before.

Louisa grabbed his collar "why did you report me? I didn't spill any drink on you".

Every inch of feelings James had for Louisa died that minute.

"Lou...." he tried to explain. "don't say anything further" Louisa yelled angrily at him and left the bar.

James and Steven let out a loud laughter, Dylan's expression was priceless right now.

He shot them a look which they ignored and laughed out more.


Liam came out of the bathroom after changing into his sleep wear, he frowned seeing as Amelia slept on his bed.

He breathed in anger as he pulled her off the bed, she fell with a light thud.

Amelia held her head "I've you lost it?". she massaged her head slightly.

Liam didn't feel any regret for what he did instead he laid on the bed leaving her on the ground.

Amy's chest moved up and down, she suddenly jumped on him on the bed refusing to let go.

Liam tried to free himself from her grip but she was putting a hell of a fight for it.

"what is wrong with you?" Liam grunted trying to move.

Amelia ignored his question and maintained her position on top of him.

After a few more struggle Liam gave up and suggested he left the room but Amelia wasn't having any of it.

He suddenly regretted getting married to her, he knew she was troublesome but he didn't expect it till this level.

Amelia smiled inwardly she enjoyed the new position................


The next morning Liam woke up and tried to move but realized that she was still on top of him, he pushed her off his body.

Amelia rolled to the soft mattress and smiled she has been awake for a long time but she just enjoyed that position.

Liam caught her smiling face and was upset, his body was aching so bad and she was enjoying it.

She opened her eyes only when he left for the bathroom.

Amy came down from the bed, it's time she starts acting how a wife would. so she went to his closet to pick something for him to wear to the office.

She left for the kitchen to make him a quick breakfast, she had no idea of what he likes so she made a simple toast and tea for him.

Liam came out of the bathroom, his eyes darted around around the room he sighed in relief that she wasn't around.

His eyes darted to his bed and he saw the clothes she picked for him.

Amelia placed the simple breakfast she made on the long dining table, she wondered why he needed a dining like this when he was the only one living in the house.

She waved at his guards that were standing waiting for their boss they simply smiled at her with a bow.

Earlier the maids stopped her from making breakfast since she was Liam's wife now, however she chased them out of the kitchen.

Now they were all lined up in a straight line watching her move about the kitchen.

She heard footstep descending the stairs, she assumed it to be Liam.

Amelia's eyes narrowed when she saw him putting on a different outfit other than the one she picked.

He met her glare and was about to head out when she blocked his way.

"move" he ordered.

Amelia placed her hands on her hips and shook her head "no you can't leave yet you haven't had breakfast or wear the outfit I picked".

Liam was starting to get impatient now "I'm late already get out of the way!" he yelled at her causing everyone in the room to shudder except Amelia.

She stepped back like she had given up but in the next second she dashed to the kitchen and the thing she did next shocked everyone.

Liam looked down at his shirt which she spilled ketchup on.

"I hope this teaches you never to raise your voice at me, don't think I'm doing all this because I love you I'm only trying to make you a human being" she stated and watched him return to the room in anger.

Amelia winked at the people present in the room before following her dear husband to the room.

She came in to see Liam ransacking his closet.

"why are you so stubborn? just wear what I picked out for you or else you won't leave this house". Amelia spoke mischief written all over her face.

Liam glanced at his wrist watch before he took the clothes from the bed and entered the closet.

Amelia smiled meaningfully.....

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