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It is a wonderful summer afternoon.

Abigail, Kimberly (my best friend) and I are in my bedroom, lying in my bed, watching a Bollywood Blockbuster, “Gully Boy”, on a flat-screen TV.

Gully Boy is about an aspiring street rapper, Murad, from the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. The film portrays Murad's journey as he struggles to convey his views on social issues and life through rapping, in order to win over his challenges and fulfill his dreams.

My puppy, Cookie, who is a white Shih Tzu, is curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. I’d wrapped him up in a pink blanket sop only his face is peeking out.

A commercial comes on for Barbie dolls and Tessa asks Abigail, “When are you leaving for Scotland, Abby?”

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, precisely.” She pushes up her black-rimmed glasses.

“Abigail, I’ll be completely honest with you, when you decided to go to college in Scotland, it really felt like a betrayal.” I suddenly threw in.

Abigail rolls her eyes at this. She thinks I’m being dramatic about it, but I’m not. “I’ll visit by Christmas and I promise to call anytime I have a chance to.”

I’m still mad at her, just a little, just a teeny-tiny bit. Obviously, I know it’s not her fault. But she’s going so far away, and it’s a lot to take in.

Tessa devotes herself to the big bowl of popcorn by my side. I grab Cookie, who was about to fall off the bed, and unwrap him. “Is Robbie going to the same college with you in Scotland, Abby?” I ask.

‘‘Yeah, dad’s gonna drop us off at the airport together.’’ She replies, getting up from the bed and walking towards the door to leave the room, but before she leaves, she tells us to call her when the commercial ends.

Robbie is Abigail’s boyfriend, but I guess you could say my whole family is in love with him. It’s hard to say who most of all. If I had to state a reason why Abigail loves Robbie, I think it’s because we all do.

All of a sudden, my twin brother, Mason, barges into my room. ‘‘What’s the deal with Nick Spears?!’’

‘‘Um… Personal space much?’’ I mutter.

‘‘You heard me! What’s the deal with Nick Spears?!’’ He yells aloud again. ‘‘You think I didn’t see you outrageously flirting with him earlier at the lacrosse game, huh?’’

‘‘Hey! Just because he’d beaten you to become president of the freakin’ Student Council last year doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with him.’’ I defend myself.

Mason shoves his finger in my face. ‘‘You can talk to any other guy at North Ridge High but you are not allowed to talk to Nick.’’

I heard yelling, but I didn’t care, and why?

(a) Because I’m fifteen seconds older than him.

(b) Because I can’t stop talking to a friend of mine without any reason, especially Nick Spears. Never.

New chapter is coming soon
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