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Qin Qingyu tightly hugged the novel she had just finished reading. She was curled up in bed, and was so angry that she had a angina pecker!

She could not believe it, her beloved male god! Idol! His spiritual world husband, the second male lead Dugu Yu, was actually written to death by that perverted and devoid of conscience!

After he became the hero of this whole book, not only did he not end up well, he even became the last stepping stone for the female and male protagonists on the path to the Empress.

He knew he was going to die, but he was still defeated by two teardrops from the heroine.

It was one thing, after all, in the book, he was a loner for a lifetime, a lifetime given, but no one cared about the setting that no one loved.

However, what Qin Qingliang absolutely couldn't tolerate was that not only had the male and female masters not collected his corpse, but they had also acted in peace in order to snatch the Imperial Jade Seal, bringing thousands upon thousands of soldiers and horses with them, trampling him into a pile of mud! He died without a complete corpse!

Qin Qingyu was in extreme sorrow as she fainted!

When she woke up, all she could see was antique furniture. She was sitting in a large armchair, wearing an ancient silk dress.

"What's going on?"

"Miss, please wake up and don't go to sleep. His Highness Duke Wu Ling has arrived!"

Who is the Lady? Which Martial King?

At this moment, a white light appeared in her mind. It was what she had read on the page. Dugu Yufeng had only used seven months to fight for Zhao Ling, and he had already conquered an entire country!

From being a second-rate country, the State of Zhao had suddenly become one of the largest. It was on par with the established super empires like the Eastern Qin, Holy Eaves, and Qing Li!

Such brilliant military exploits, using troops like gods, contributing greatly to the Zhaoling Empire, bestowing special merits to the prince of the opposite sex, Zhang Qizhi!

He had been bestowed the title of Martial King according to his own unparalleled skill and had been awarded the title of "Your Majesty" by His Majesty. He had been bestowed the title of Martial King with the surname of "Martial King"!

To be able to be conferred the title of a nation was unprecedented in the history of Zhao Ling State and even the surrounding countries!

It was precisely because of this that the crown prince, Ling Jingyu, and Wang Jingxuan had taken Dugu Yu's head off!

Such a peerless genius was finally violated to death by Lin Xiafeng, the expert who was eating in a bowl and watching the scene unfold in front of him. He was truly a hero and a slut!

Lin Xiafeng was the heroine of the novel, a textbook style white lotus!

When she spoke to Dugu Yu, her catchphrase was, "You are Feng'er's most trusted friend, you have to help me ?" We've been friends all our lives. "Big brother Dugu, Feng'er knew it, you never let me down ?"

Before Qin Qingyu could walk out from the plot of the novel, a sound suddenly came from a chair behind a curtain. Someone sat down.

This, this, this...

King Wu Ling, Dugu Yu, male god, idol, Xiao Yu, is that you? Is that you?!

Qin Qingyu was so excited that she wanted to jump up from her chair, but she discovered that she couldn't move, couldn't move at all!

His legs looked crippled, and his buttocks seemed to have grown on the chair. He couldn't even get up after exerting all his strength.

She wanted to call for the maid to help, but she found that she had become mute, unable to make a sound or speak!

As for the two young maidservants, they looked as if they had gone blind. Didn't they see that her face was contorted? Won't he come and help?

Her male deity was just a corner away from her, but she couldn't see it. It was simply tragic beyond compare!

Who knew when the next time he would dream of such a great fortune would be!

Dugu Yu quietly sat on his chair. After about half the time it took to brew a cup of tea, he finally opened his mouth and asked, "What's your name?"

Qin Qingyu realized that her brain had yet to wake up from the male god's thick bass cannon, and her tongue had already finished working.

These three words were simple and nimble, "Qin Qingliang."

The heck, so it isn't a mute?

But why only three words?

Even if he added 'I am', he could still say two more words to the male god!

The person next door let out a 'hmm' sound, and Qin Qingyu heard Dugu Yu stand up and leave.

Go, go, god of men!

Do you know how hard it is for me to dream about you? I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you the most!

Qin Qingyu discovered that she had become mute again. Not only that, she was half-paralyzed as she sat on a chair, completely unable to move.

She probably understood that she wasn't herself. She was the Third Miss of the Qin family from that novel!

In the original novel, Dugu Yu had personally come to the Qin family to ask for their name. Separated by a screen from the third lady of the Qin family, the person had only spoken a single sentence.

"What's your name?"

"Qin Qingliang."

It was exactly the same as everything that had just happened!

What the hell, did she have to follow the script even when she was dreaming?

The little girls by her side would glance at her from time to time with sympathy. With her twisted and struggling face, they completely misunderstood her actions. They all thought that she was scared by her solitariness.

For the male god, even though she was half-dead, Qin Qingyu did not give up. She desperately tried to stand up.

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