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"Come on, don't thank me, I haven't thanked you yet."

Qin Qingliang looked at the smiling face of Qin Yuelin and let out a breath of relief in her heart. Her third brother was fine, and so was Zhao Xi. Had she defeated the plot?

The male lead wasn't an absolute, too!

Qin Yuelin followed King Duanren and exchanged greetings with the other generals. With the excuse that he had to help that unruly little sister at home buy some things, he had no choice but to leave first.

Before Qin Qingyu left, she turned to Zhao Xiaohe, "Little General Zhao, you ?"

Zhao Xi's face was flushed red as she frantically waved her hand, "Little brother, quickly don't call me Little General Zhao, I'm just a Captain!"

Qin Qingliang, "It won't be for long. Keep up the good work, I'm optimistic about you!"

Qin Yuelin dragged her and left.

Zhao Xi: "..."

Everyone: "..."

Qin Yuelin pulled away a drop of sweat from Qin Qingliang's forehead. In the future, he would not dare to bring this stinking girl out to play. It was simply nonsense!

"That's Prince Duanren! How dare you act so atrociously in front of him?! How dare you!"

Qin Qingyu waved her hand without a care, "An Luan, the Duke of Duan is busy right now, there's no time to bother with a nobody like me."

"Moreover, you ten over future pillars of the country are still standing there. Why hasn't he taken this opportunity to express his benevolence and magnanimity? "I won't ruin my image for a nobody!"

Qin Yuelin suddenly realized that this was indeed the case, but how could this little girl understand so much?

"You know a lot, don't spout nonsense outside!"

Qin Qingyu proudly raised her head, her small face was filled with pride, "I am the woman who is going to marry Prince Wu Ling, and I don't even have this much wisdom!"

Qin Yuelin held back his anger and had nowhere to vent. This damned girl was too infuriating. She hadn't even married yet and she was already putting all her efforts on her husband's head?

If she was willing to change that sentence, he would definitely love her even more!

However, there was nothing he could do. Who said it was his sister? Other than spoiling her, what else could he do?

Qin Yuelin said wholeheartedly, "Prince Wu Ling was able to marry one of us, and he is truly a person of great fortune!"

"That's a must!"

The two shameless people boasted as they walked down the long street. At a nearby stall, a young master in a long robe, who was looking at the jade pendant, couldn't help but laugh as he watched Qin Yuelin and Qin Qinglang laugh and play with each other as they walked away.

"This future wife, Dugu, seems to be a little interesting!"

He thought that with Dugu Yu's reputation, the Qin family wouldn't be willing to marry this precious thing. So they were actually so willing?

He was preparing to visit the Martial House to share this interesting news with Dugu Feng.

In the end, Qin Yuelin and Qin Qingyu ran into a playboy who was riding a horse in the street. The horse was startled and couldn't be stopped even if it ran wildly.

In the middle of the road, an old man was carrying a load to sell vegetables, but he didn't move aside in time.

Qin Yuelin dashed forward and hugged the old man while he dodged to the side. Suddenly, the burden of the food on the old man's shoulders was flung away.

A basket was thrown into the air, and the rope with the carrying pole wrapped around Qin Yuelin's ankle, causing him to fall to the ground.

Before he fell, he let go of the old man and pushed him aside.

In the end, Qin Qingyu could only watch as one of the hooves of that horse stepped onto Qin Yuelin's back ?

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