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"Third brother!"

Qin Yuelin's face instantly contorted in pain, causing Qin Qingyu to feel cold from head to toe.

The rider on the horse saw that he had stirred up trouble, so he ferociously waved away the passersby around him, and ran away like a wisp of smoke.

Qin Qingyu knelt beside Qin Yuelin, holding him down while he struggled to get up, "Don't move! Don't move if you're injured! "

Murong Ce, who was about to go to the Prince Wu Ling's mansion, stopped and walked out of the crowd. "Little brother, I am Murong Tactics and am a doctor. May I have a look for you?"

Murong Ta? Why was this name so familiar? He must be someone with a role in the book, but Qin Qingyu couldn't remember who he was, so she definitely wouldn't dare to let him touch her brother.

"I can't just treat him on the street. I'll have to trouble young master to find a door to bring me here, then find four powerful brothers to help me carry my brother home. I will pay for it!"

That little girl, Qin Qingyao, had written everything on her face. She had clearly seen through her precautions and distrust towards Murong Ta. However, not only did he not feel offended, he did not feel that Qin Qingyu did not know what was good for her and instead admired her very much.

She was clearly so anxious that she was about to cry but she still maintained her rationality. She was worried about her brother, but she didn't care. She rationally made the best choice. What a vigilant girl. She must have picked up a treasure!

He was certain that Ling Jingxuan and Lin Xiafeng had not found out what kind of woman this Qin Qingliang was. Otherwise, why would such a person like Ling Jingxuan be willing to be handed over to Dugu Yu instead of taking her back?

Indeed, the rumors were not to be believed. It was unknown how the rumors of the Qin family's third young mistress being unruly, domineering, unruly, and difficult to deal with got out.

Murong Ce quickly brought his men to a door board. The two of them lifted Qin Yuelin's head and feet and placed him on the door board. Then, they carried him back to the Qin Manor.

Qin Qingliang was worried about Qin Yuelin the whole way, so she didn't think of anything to say to Murong Ce.

Without any mishaps, they were members of the Qin Clan. Murong Zhe bowed politely to Qin Qing and said, "I still have things to do, so I won't go in. I hope Third Young Master Qin can recover soon!"

"Thank you, young master Murong! We'll meet again another time. I'll call you Third Brother to treat me to a meal to thank you!"

"Alright, then I'll be waiting!"

Qin Qingliang called out to the Qin Clan members to bring Qin Yuelin in, and at the same time, she gave some money to those who brought him back.

When the doctor was treating Qin Yuelin's injuries, Qin Qingliang had been thinking about the name Murong Ce. But he still couldn't remember who he was.

Judging from his attitude towards them, she knew that Murong Ce knew of their identities since a long time ago.

However, he wasn't surprised and pointed it out. Instead, he treated them as if they were ordinary people. He tried his best to help, but it didn't exceed the moment by even a little bit.

He was clearly a person who was experienced and knowledgeable, confident and confident. Even if he was a tramp, the scenes should be very important. How could she not remember?

She had been leaning against the door of Qin Yuelin's room and hadn't even taken half a step out. She had clearly heard Dr. Jin say, "Third Young Master has a bone injury and can't get out of bed for at least half a month!"

"How can I do that? The competition is coming up in half a month, how can I not get out of bed?!"

"But you must not show off your strength because of the serious wound on your waist. If you get hurt again, it will be a lifetime's worth of work!"

Qin Yuelin was so shocked that he did not forget to tell the doctor, "I got it, don't tell Third Sister!"

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