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"Yes, this old man understands!"

Qin Qingliang returned to her room. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't understand why it was so strange. She wanted to stop the martial arts competition, but Jiang Lou ended up as King Duanren.

She thought that her brother would be fine, that the plot was over, but her brother's waist was not only injured, but it was even more serious than the injury in the book.

If the plot's power was so strong that it couldn't be changed, didn't that mean that no matter what she did, Dugu Yu would be used to his death by Lin Xiafeng and Ling Jingxuan in the end, pierced by thousands of arrows and trampled into mud?

If that was the case, then what was the purpose of her transmigration?

Wasn't reading enough to make one's heart hurt, and it wasn't enough to make one's life miserable, so should he let her watch it again and experience it for herself?

Qin Qing lay in the corner of the bed, feeling nervous and helpless.

She knew that the plot could not be violated. No matter what she did, this damnable plot would improve it and even punish her for recklessly destroying it.

Qin Yuelin was the best example.

But that wasn't right either! If Qin Yuelin could not participate in the competition, then wouldn't the rest of the story regarding him fall apart?

Although he was just a cannon fodder, he should still have a butterfly effect!

That night, when the Qin family was still grieving over Qin Yuelin's injuries and had yet to think of finding the culprit to settle the score, Hou Mingde, the tutor, personally brought his youngest son here to beg for forgiveness.

Hou Pengcheng was beaten up so badly by his father that his back couldn't straighten, and he limped as he walked.

The Imperial Tutor was the Crown Prince's teacher, so this identity was destined. He had no choice but to be talented, to be rich, and to boast with both merchants.

However, based on the principle that even the main characters of both sexes would not have a good ending, he had devoted his entire life to the crown prince. Therefore, he lacked discipline for his own children, resulting in his three sons becoming scum one after another!

Forget about the first two. The most troublesome one was this small one who liked to bully others.

Qin Qingyu also didn't understand why the Prime Minister, the son of the general, and the other powerful families were all foppish fools.

On the contrary, it was this son of the honored tutor, who didn't have a shred of power in his hands, who was so arrogant and despotic. It was as if he had been born to cause trouble for the honored tutor and discredit the crown prince.

He didn't know if it was because he was mocking the Imperial Tutor for not teaching his son well, or because he couldn't teach the Crown Prince at all.

However, the Crown Prince here was definitely a powerful character who truly had talent and looks. Otherwise, how could he be qualified to be the opponent of a male or female protagonist and even survive to the last chapter!

This logic was too fucking chaotic!

If Hou Pengcheng had been beaten black and blue and had his head turned into a pig's head to beg for forgiveness, Qin Qingyao would have definitely doubted the Imperial Tutor's sincerity. However, he wasn't. His face was completely unscathed and his clothes were neat and tidy.

However, just from the way his back trembled and his trembling limbs, and the frightened expression in his eyes when he heard the Imperial Tutor's words, Qin Qingyu knew that his father had already taken care of this child half of his life.

Therefore, at this moment, she wasn't too angry. The story didn't exist in the original book, but it was all Hou Pengcheng's bad luck. The silkpants attribute was taken advantage of by the plot's active correction, what a pitiful child.

By the time Qin Qingliang had understood all of this, the Imperial Tutor had already stood in the hall and sincerely apologized. He had expressed his determination to hand over Hou Pengcheng to Minister Qin to deal with him and vent his anger at will.

Madam Qin was crying until her eyes were red and swollen. Although Qin Shang was angry, he could not do anything to Hou Pengcheng. He was even angrier!

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