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Presumably, the tutor knew that the Qin family wouldn't actually touch his son, so he beat them half to death before bringing in an apology.

"Uncle Hou, good morning. My daughter is Qin Qingliang, the younger sister of Qin Yuelin."

Minister Qin shot her a disapproving glance. "Rumors say you can't be rude to the honored tutor!"

She wasn't being rude at all, she was just unhappy that she called him Uncle Fu!

"Father, Uncle Hou, I am very clear about my brother's injuries. Since father and mother do not know how to punish Third Brother Hou, why don't you all listen to my opinion?"

Madam Qin quickly pulled her daughter back. "Girls' families should not concern themselves with the affairs of adults!"

The marquis also knew that Qin Shang was in a difficult situation, so he said sincerely, "My house was at fault, let's just listen to Third Miss."

Qin Qingliang told Qin Shang, "To ride a horse and run on the streets of the city is a grave sin. The Third Brother of the Hou clan is a descendant of an official. The consequences are even worse, and the sins are even worse."

"If everyone doesn't tell us clearly, then tomorrow we will be in big brother's hands. Isn't that making things difficult for big brother?"

Qin Qingyu was able to think of this point because the three popinjays from the Tutor Manor had troubled Qin Yuefeng quite a bit. In fact, they had even caused the relationship between the Qin and Hou Families to become increasingly tense.

At this moment, Minister Qin finally realized that he had an eldest son in the justice courts. If he came to judge a case, it would be a form of public revenge for personal grudges, and even more so, he didn't know what kind of scandal would spread.

However, because everyone's judgement and expectations of severity were different, this matter, no matter how Qin Yuefeng judged it, would always end up getting scolded. It was impossible to get something good out of it!

Qin Shang Shu looked at Qin Qinglang in shock. When did this girl have such an intelligence?

"Then tell me, how do you think we should judge?"

Qin Qingyu nodded, "Hou's third brother must have been beaten up. I say, Imperial Tutor, you shouldn't have hit your son. You should have hit yourself instead!"

The entire room, including Hou Pengcheng, was stunned. His father was the crown prince's tutor, and although he didn't have any actual power, his status was still high and mighty. Even the emperor wouldn't easily say something that would cause him to lose face.

A little girl like Qin Qingliang actually said that he should hit her?

The Grand Tutor looked thoughtful as he said, "Third Young Miss Qin, please speak!"

"Although my daughter has not left the courtyard for a long time, she knows that the honored tutor's knowledge is well-known. To treat the crown prince with the utmost respect, even after your death, as the tutor of this court, you are undoubtedly the role model of a hundred officials!"

"But don't forget, in addition to being a teacher to the crown prince, you are also the father of many children of the Hou clan. Have you ever done your duty as a father to all the brothers and sisters in the Hou clan?"

"My daughter won't talk about the reputation of the three Hou brothers. But aside from getting angry and beating them up, do you really have the heart to teach them what's right and wrong?"

"My daughter is asking this outrageously, have you ever scolded the crown prince like this before? No. But you still taught the crown prince so well, the emperor is satisfied, the court and officials are satisfied, and the citizens are also satisfied! "

"Even if you can take out one thousandth of your thoughts of treating the crown prince and distribute them to the brothers of the manor, why wouldn't they be able to make you proud?"

"Everyone says that you three brothers don't do good things, but do ask yourself, when you three brothers don't cause trouble, do you go home and visit them?"

"If they didn't find something for you, you would have forgotten that you had these sons."

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