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"As a father, you are always neglecting your duties like this. What right do you have to ask your brothers to be dragons amongst men so you can have it?"

Qin Qingliang's words caused both Qin Shang Shu and the Grand Tutor Hou to be stunned. Hou Pengcheng was a man who had been beaten up by his father to the point that he even had a clear conscience. He actually felt wronged!

"The reason why they are causing trouble is because they want you to go back home. Even if you go back, you will be beaten up."

The tutor covered his face with his hands as his eyes turned red. If he hadn't been embarrassed at his colleague's house, he probably would have cried while holding his son.

Seeing that the Imperial Tutor had finally understood, Qin Qingyao went back to the topic at hand, "At this point, brother Hou has indeed made a mistake. My third brother's back is severely injured, so he can't stay in bed for half a month. He can't even participate in a major event like a martial arts competition."

"This matter will affect my brother's career. Third brother of the Hou clan has caused the army to lose a powerful general like my brother. Why don't we make up for it ourselves!"

The Grand Tutor asked, "Third Miss, what do you mean by that?"

"What is the honored tutor's responsibility? Other than the crown prince, there's nothing else that can be done. But if the three brothers of the Hou clan continue on like this, they'll be ruined."

"You don't have the time to teach them yourself. You saw what the women in the backyard can teach them."

"Therefore, this little girl thinks that uncle Hou should send all of our brothers to the army camp and let the generals teach them how to be manly."

"How about two years? You don't need to say it yourself. When they look back and see how shameful their lives are now, they will feel ashamed to see anyone!"

"As for where to send it to, General Gu doesn't seem too suitable."

Because General Gu was one of those who carried Wang Ling Jingxuan, the Imperial Tutor would rather have his three sons spend their entire lives in this state than send them to the tiger's mouth, leaving him in a passive position.

"I've heard that General Yang has quite a good relationship with the tutor. He might even take extra care of his three brothers. That's not good either."

"How about we send him to Prince Wu Ling, Yan Yi Jun!"

The Flame Army was the most elite army under the command of the Wu Ling Kingdom. The embers of the army that passed through the sky were originally a celebration of the unstoppable might of the Flame Army.

However, in peaceful times, these words had become sarcastic towards King Wu Ling's ruthlessness, the barbarity of the Yan Army, and an irrefutable proof of killing without batting an eye!

This kind of army wasn't something that could be entered just because they wanted to. Even if the crown prince and the Imperial Tutor begged Dugu Yu, he wouldn't even spare them a second glance.

Putting a straw bag in there would not only be a lack of responsibility for that straw bag, it would also be a lack of responsibility for the other soldiers. If they really were to go to the battlefield, they would be a lack of responsibility for the entire country.

Therefore, Qin Qingliang's suggestion now was to use provocation to set a life's goal for Hou Pengcheng!

"Legend has it that King Wu Ling's army is the most rigorous and demanding. He doesn't even recognize any of the six. He can control hundreds of thousands of soldiers and he's not afraid of your three young masters."

"The third brother of the Hou clan seems to be called Peng Cheng. When Uncle Fu named him a son, he also hoped that he would be able to spread his ambitions and become a Peng!"

"Prince Wu Ling will not let you down!"

This was the first time that Hou Pengcheng realized that his name had such a grand meaning.

In such a short time, the tutor had a whole new level of respect for this little girl.

To think that she could clearly see the power and influence of the three armies. Was it that obvious between him and General Yang?

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