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King Wu Ling was loyal to the Emperor, so he treated the crown prince with utmost respect.

However, he had a very good relationship with the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince had never given up on roping him in, so the Crown Prince was always on thin ice. He didn't dare to relax in the slightest.

No matter who King Wu Ling was facing in the end, everyone could guarantee one thing, and that was that King Wu Ling was a true hero. Even if he had gone to the King's camp, he wouldn't have held the three sons of the Supreme Fu Mansion hostage.

The old man bowed towards a little girl named Qin Qingliang and said, "This old man understands. Minister Qin has taught my daughter to be so intelligent, I am truly envious."

Qin Qingyu said, "That's because my parents love me. Uncle Hou will also be a good father who dotes on his children!"

Qin Shang Shu was so scared by his daughter that he broke out in cold sweat. He could only laugh dryly at the Grand Preceptor's flattery. He couldn't even think of where he would teach her this little girl's words.

Why did it seem like she was suddenly enlightened? Not only did she stop fooling around, she was even so good at speaking and acting like a fool in the past?

The Grand Preceptor left with his son in gratitude. Before Hou Pengcheng left, he gave Qin Qingliang a deep look.

Not only did Qin Qingyu not turn her head away in shame, she even looked at him as he clenched his fist and said, "You have to do your best!"

The corners of Hou Pengcheng's mouth went stiff as he followed his father.

One had to say, even though Hou Pengcheng couldn't do anything else, he was truly proficient at being beaten.

In the future, when he was beaten up in the army, his injuries would heal faster than others. In the future, when he was beaten up in the army, his injuries would heal faster than others.

He definitely had to enter the army of Yan, he definitely couldn't let that little girl Qin Qingliang see everything, "Extending your ambitions, Roc of Ten Thousand Miles, that girl probably doesn't know that my big brother is called Hou Hongtu!"

He thought about how his father, the tutor, was usually so cautious and so ambitious when he named his son. When he'd given birth to them, he'd probably been filled with pride and anticipation.

It was a pity that the three of them had almost failed their father ?

"Come on, practice again!"

? ?.

Not only was the Grand Preceptor satisfied with this method of Qin Qingliang's, her father, Qin Shang, was also very pleased.

Once those three ancestors entered the army, they would naturally be taught by their superiors to never run out and stir up trouble again. If there was nothing else to do, they would go to the justice courts to drink tea and add to their eldest son's troubles.

The Imperial Tutor had followed Hou Pengcheng all the way home. Neither of them said anything, nor did they even look at each other. It was also impossible for them to have the kind of long talk and sobbing scene that Qin Qingyu had imagined.

Between men, there were some things that didn't need to be said too clearly. Anyway, she had already helped to explain it clearly.

When the Imperial Tutor returned home, he didn't allow them to fend for themselves like he did in the past. Instead, he instructed the Imperial Physician of the residence to treat his injuries, watch him drink medicine, and even accompany his son to eat dinner.

Only after Hou Pengcheng fell asleep did he enter the palace to find the crown prince. He first begged for forgiveness, and then explained Qin Yuelin's serious injuries to the crown prince.

He had mulled over Qin Qingliang's name countless times in his heart. In the end, his heart had been moved, and he couldn't bear to tell the entire story of that child to the Crown Prince.

If the Crown Prince interfered and tried to snatch away this marriage, to that girl with such spiritual intelligence, it would definitely be a disaster.

As an experienced person, the Grand Tutor could naturally see what it meant when she mentioned King Wu Ling. His eyes shone with admiration.

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