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That girl couldn't wait to get married and go to the Royal Mansion.

Although he held back his words, he still couldn't help but mention his duties as the Crown Prince's tutor.

"This subject went to the Qin family to apologize and meet Third Miss. That young lady is quite different from the legends, she ?"

"Is that so?" The crown prince was wholeheartedly trying to save his relationship with the Qin Clan. He was afraid that the Qin Clan would blame him for covering up over the Tai Fu Estate and would feel resentment towards him. How could he have the time to care about a little girl who was about to be married off?

Thus, he directly interrupted, "Becoming a military general is Qin Yuelin's wish. That kid's military skills and martial arts are top-notch. This time, he's saving someone from getting injured by accident."

"In order to reward him for his good deeds, this crown prince will look for General Yang and ask him to break the rules and take Qin Yuelin as a subordinate?"

"It's not a good thing for him to be unable to convince the public otherwise. He is a capable man, after all, he will definitely be successful in his own position once his injuries are healed!"

"What does the honored tutor think?"

If it weren't for Qin Qingliang's words, the crown prince's decision would have undoubtedly done two favors to solidify their sincerity.

However, with the contrast of Qin Qingliang, the Crown Prince's idea was only to treat the symptoms and not the root of the problem.

However, the Crown Prince's decisions were undoubtedly the most perfect for their own forces.

"Thank you, Your Highness!"

"There's no need to be courteous, Imperial Tutor!"

Qin Yuelin was a talent, and the Crown Prince was also someone who cherished geniuses. Furthermore, he had the father of the Minister of the Government, and his two capable brothers were about to have a brother-in-law.

Thus, when he was injured, it was undoubtedly the most advantageous for him to try to rope him in!

In the morning assembly, the bystanders were all waiting to see the crown prince make a fool of himself, thinking that the Grand Preceptor and Minister Qin had no nose or eyes.

He hadn't thought that the two of them would be in such harmony, blissful and blissful. He had truly seen a ghost. Wasn't Old Third of the Grand Preceptor's family trampling on Old Third of the Qin family?

After the morning assembly, the Crown Prince personally handed a delicate ebony box to Minister Qin. It looked expensive and extraordinary.

"Your highness, this is?"

"I heard that Yue Lu's third brother injured his waist yesterday and it was very serious. Among them, there is a blood circulation pill, the Bone Connecting Muscle Strengthening Elixir, I believe that Qin Shang has also heard of its effects."

"This ?"

"The divine medicine may be good, but it's useless in my hands. If I can make young master recover and continue to serve the country, then it would be worth it!"

Of course, Qin Shang Shu knew what this Life Continuing Pill was. Legend has it that it could steal people from the gates of hell. The Crown Prince's words about promoting the blood, bones, and tendons were too subtle!

"How could my son accept such a precious treasure!"

"The thing is dead and the person is alive. Your son can certainly bear it. Minister Qin, don't push it away!"

Qin Shang Shu's old eyes were red with gratitude, "Thank you, Crown Prince, for the medicine!"

He couldn't casually say things like 'great kindness is unforgettable and unforgettable' in the palace. It was fine as long as everyone understood it.

After the crown prince left, Minister Qin met Dugu Yu at the Li Palace. He thought that his daughter had always thought of marrying this man.

He wanted to ask Dugu Yu to come to his home and have a look at his daughter so that he could claim some credit in front of his precious daughter.

Minister Qin's excuse was that Wu Ling Wang was experienced enough to want him to check on Qin Yuelin's injuries.

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