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Although Dugu Yu wasn't very good at this kind of private relationship and he didn't like it, he was currently proposing to marry her daughter, so he had to give her this face.

In addition, Qin Yuelin was injured because he wanted to save someone. He admired this kind of behavior, so he decided to take a look.

As the two of them walked into Qin Manor, Qin Shang Shu signaled for the little miss to come over with a look. He then went to Qin Yuelin's room to meet his future husband.

Speaking of which, it was coincidentally Qin Qingyao who had taken care of Qin Yuelin for a long time yesterday. After chatting with him for a while about the blade in Lu Kui's sleeve, she comforted him and praised him.

It was not easy to make him laugh, so he went back to his room in the middle of the night to sleep. Thus, he woke up late today.

In the end, while she was still in a daze, the little girl came to inform her that Wu Ling Royal Hall had come! In Third Young Master's room, asking if she wanted to take a look?

Qin Qingyu jumped up from the bed. I have to go!

After being scrubbed and dressed in a flurry of hands and feet, she did not wait for the servants to lead the way. She picked up her skirt and rushed out.

It was just that strange. She could run to the main entrance accurately the moment she opened her eyes. Furthermore, she could walk from her third brother's courtyard to her own house in the dark last night. But now, she was lost!

He didn't know why, but he ran into a one-man tall rose forest, and there weren't even any maids or servants passing by.

"What the hell is this place?" How come I don't recognize it at all? Is there anyone here?

Qin Qingyu wandered around the Rose Forest who knows how many times, sweating profusely, but she couldn't tell which direction was which.

Not to mention going to her third brother's place, she couldn't even find her own courtyard!

It took some time for the maidservant in her courtyard to find her. "Miss, why did you come to the garden?"

"Where's King Wu Ling?"

"The old master has just sent the prince out of the manor."

Qin Qingyu was immediately discouraged and squatted on the ground. She remembered the description in the book about her eloping with Liu Shiyuan, being grabbed by Lin Xiafeng and Ling Jingxuan, and being brought before Dugu Yu.

There was a saying, 'That was the first time Dugu Yu and Qin Qingliang met'!

In other words, she just couldn't beat the few words of the original author, and couldn't change the plot, could she?

That Qin Yuelin would hurt his waist, so he had to do it? She said that the first time she and Dugu Yu met on their newly wedded night, they could only meet at that time, could it?

What about elopement?

Even though the marriage was not Dugu Yu's life plan, Third Miss Qin's absurdity still deeply hurt Dugu.

As a dignified prince, his new wife eloped with him before he could take off his cover and was taken back by his beloved and love rivals. Who could endure such nonsense?

This won't do, she definitely won't run away. Even if she breaks her legs or drinks the knockout drug like water to make herself unconscious, she definitely won't run away with Liu Shiyuan!

"Miss, what's wrong?"

"I'm fine, take me to Third Young Master's room."

"Yes sir!"

When Qin Qingliang arrived at Qin Yuelin's place, he saw that Qin Yuelin was lying on the bed, boasting with a smug face.

"Oh, what are you doing here? Your future husband just came here to offer his condolences to me. Don't be too envious!"

Seeing that her brother was still in the mood to joke with her, Qin Qingliang smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed, "Is that so? "Then is your future brother-in-law handsome?"

Qin Yuelin grinned, "Handsome, too cool, I, as a man, am about to be tricked by him!"

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