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Qin Qingyu raised her face and smiled even more arrogantly than Qin Yuelin. "What a pity, this man is destined to be mine. Hahahaha ?"

Madam Qin ordered someone to bring the medicine. There was a pill in a small bowl in her hand. "What kind of secret talk are you two siblings having?"

"Rumor has it that your third brother's waist injury is a bit heavy, don't keep on making him laugh."

"Yes, your daughter understands. Mother, what medicine is that?"

Madam Qin's face was filled with gratitude. "This is the Life Pill that His Highness the Crown Prince personally gave your father this morning. It was used to treat your brother's waist injury."

A white light flashed in Qin Qingyu's mind, "Origin Life Pill? Are you sure it is a Yuan Life Pill? A Yuan Life Pill that can save lives? "

Madam Qin gave her a rebuking look. "My daughter, be more reserved. Is there any other medicine in this world called the Origin Life Pill?"

Qin Qingliang trembled in nervousness as she watched her mother place the medicine on the cabinet beside Qin Yuelin's bed.

She thought that she wouldn't be able to change the plot, but how come the wings of a small butterfly like her were even more exaggerated than the golden thighs of a male lead?

The Mortal Life Pill in the crown prince's hands played a very important role in the entire book. This was because Lin Xiafeng would meet with a calamity in the future.

It was the Crown Prince who had taken out the elixir of life to save him when he was on the verge of death!

In the end, he, an open and upright hero, a true man who valued friendship and righteousness, completely destroyed the crown prince's plan to kill Ling Jingxuan after his injuries were healed.

To others, he was glorious and glorious, but once Lin Xiafeng opened his mouth to plead, he was simply a complete, utterly heartless, and ungrateful fool!

But no matter what, the mission of this elixir was to save Dugu Yu, to highlight Dugu Yu's betrayal of the crown prince and his deep love for Lin Xiafeng, not to save Qin Yuelin's waist!

Qin Yuelin ate the medicine so early, what about Dugu Yu?

Did he just die on that cliff and use his life to achieve his unreserved love for Lin Xiafeng?

The dignified Zhaoling Empire's sole king with a different surname, a legend that had destroyed a country, just to save the woman of someone else who would not die even if she died, was she killed by a few men in black?

It was simply a longevity!

Seeing Qin Yuelin take a gulp of water and was about to go get the Life Pill, Qin Qingyao shouted anxiously, "Wait!"

Big brother's mother looked at her at the same time. "What's wrong?"

"Eh ?. I feel that such a big pill looks weird, are you sure you can cure my brother's waist injury? Do you have any side effects? "

Madam Qin smiled. "This was given to your father by the crown prince in front of a court official. Who would dare have any ulterior motives?" "Don't worry, it can't be wrong!"

Qin Qingliang suddenly felt that she shouldn't have seen Qin Yue smile at her. Why would she ignore her brother just because of a fixed storyline?

Brother's dream was to become a general. This is the only general of the Qin family. If he could not cure the wound on his waist, his dream would only be a dream!

Qin Qingyu made up her mind in an instant. She had come to protect Dugu Xiao. She was soon going to marry him. The reason, the reason, and the outcome of her injury was all known to her.

If she wasn't able to completely destroy this plot, then she would just cling onto Dugu Feng and not let him go.

If he wanted to save Lin Xiafeng, he would have to step over her dead body.

She then revealed a relieved smile towards Qin Yuelin, "That's good. Speaking of which, His Highness the Crown Prince is really a kind and generous man."

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