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By the time Dugu Yu was about three hundred meters away from the Qin Residence, she had collapsed from her seat due to overexertion!

The maidservants nearly had a heart attack, "Miss, are you alright?"

The usually delicate and weak Third Miss did not cry out in pain or shed tears. Instead, she got up by herself with a grumble, shaking off the maids and madly running away.

Dugu Yu, wait for me. At least let me see you once. Listen to me talk about how much I like you. After waking up from a dream, I won't have any regrets!

Qin Manor was really big, it was truly big to trample on horses!

But miraculously, she made her way from the reception hall all the way to the main entrance without a single obstacle, as if she had already walked countless times on these roads.

After she was scared silly by the bunch of servants, she was finally stopped by the gatekeeper at the gatehouse.

"Third Miss, where are you going?" How can you not bring servants with you when you're going out? "

Qin Qingyu was extremely anxious, "Mind your own business!"

Damn it, her future husband had already left, and she could speak casually again. What kind of shitty dream was this!?

The servants in charge of the gatehouse kneeled down, "Please don't be angry, Third Miss. But you are alone, and the servants really can't let you out!"

This little ancestor was the old master's and his wife's flesh and blood. If they were to go out and bang him, they would have enough brains to pay for it!

Qin Qingliang gazed at the streets in front of the Qin Residence. Every single one of their faces was clear and vivid. Wasn't her dream too real?

She had a dream with such a high configuration. Just thinking about the faces of these servants and passersby would cause her to lose so many brain cells!

But in her mind, even the faces of her classmates were blurred.

She unconsciously pinched the hem of her skirt. The piercing pain in her palm caused her to uncontrollably suck in a breath of cold air.

He had fallen off his chair and his palm had been scratched. Now, blood was seeping out from the bead. It truly was painful!


Qin Qingyu walked to the pillar next to the gatehouse and rammed into it.

Before passing out, he made a very pertinent comment, "It hurts, it really hurts!"

The gatekeepers, "..."

When she woke up again, she found herself facing a top grade mahogany bed with carved flowers, a silk brocade quilt, and a pink veil that was as thin as smoke.

Beside him, there were a few beautiful women. Their eyes were red with worry. "Rumor has it that you've finally woken up. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Qin Qingyu swept a glance over the crowd and discovered that she recognized everyone. The one who spoke was her own mother, while the other three were her father's concubines, the concubines of the Qin Residence.

This doesn't seem like a dream.

'Did she transmigrate? Did she come to a world where the god of men, Dugu Qiong, came? The heavens have eyes! '


This was a life that was even more blissful than the six times she won!

Thank you, Buddha! Thank you, Jade Emperor! Thank you, gods and buddhas!

Some overly excited girl simply didn't think about what she should do with her body in the original world. She only knew that she was finally going to be married to her male deity, Dugu Dai, for the rest of her life!

That's right, in the novel, the woman named Qin Qingliang. She was the direct descendant of the Minister of Civil Affairs, Qin Wanghe, and was also known as Qin Qingliang.

It wasn't a coincidence, it was something Qin Qingyu had rewarded the author with three months of hard work in exchange for him being an alliance head.

He had just finished praising the author, and was about to be in his third year. His phone had been confiscated, and he couldn't look at it in a row.

So what she didn't know was that not only did this wangfei not bring any warmth to Dugu Xingfeng, who was like a lone star with a heavenly calamity, she had been a disgrace to him from beginning to end!

When Madam Qin saw the crazed excitement on her daughter's face, she was scared out of her wits and burst into tears.

"My poor daughter, why do you have to think so hard about this? We don't want this marriage anymore, you don't want it, even if mother dies, I won't let you marry that evil fiend Wu Ling Wang!"

Qin Qingyu abruptly sat up on the bed, and almost pulled Madam Qin off the bed, "Mother, what nonsense are you spouting? How could I not want to marry to King Wu Ling? I'm so willing! "

Madam Qin was flabbergasted when she saw her excited daughter. "Then ?" Then why are you seeking death? "

Qin Qingliang's head was hurting ?

"Mother, who would want to run to their doorstep and crash into a pillar?"

"Then what are you doing?"

"I... Isn't this the first time I've seen my future husband ? "Hubby, you're too excited. I didn't say much in the room and didn't even see your face, so I wanted to chase after you to say hi. But I couldn't catch up to you, so what's there to be vexed about!"

Not to mention her own mother, even the three aunts beside her had their mouths agape in an 'O' shape.

Madam Qin's old face flushed. "Rumors have it that girls are so shameless!"

"Aiya, mother, I'm not a child anymore. I'm about to get married!"

"You ? Is she really willing to marry to King Wu Ling? "

"Rumor has it, you don't have to be afraid. If you don't want to marry me, then don't be afraid. It won't be that easy for King Wu Ling to deal with your father and brothers. We, the Qin family, cannot do anything to sell our women for glory!"

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