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Regardless of whether it was to save Dugu Yu or Qin Yuelin, the crown prince had actually taken out this life-saving treasure.

Unlike Ling Jingxuan, who only knew how to put on an act and had a glib tongue, she would carry around a female protagonist who loved everyone and play all over the place.

However, who asked the couple to be the main character? Who told them to have a negative IQ when they saw them? They could do whatever they wanted to them, so there was nothing much to say.

If she didn't know that the crown prince wouldn't have a good ending, she really wanted the entire Qin family to unwaveringly support the crown prince!

"Brother, quickly take some medicine. You might even be able to make it in time for the competition if you recover!"

Qin Yuelin knew that even if this was a godly medicine, he wouldn't be able to make it to the arena.

"Alright, mother and sisters, all of you can leave now. It will be hard for you all to see me like this. I can take good care of myself. There's still a servant left, so there's no need for you all!"

"Okay, then rest well brother!"

On the eighth day of the seventh month, the betrothal gift came from the Prince Wu Ling's mansion.

Six matchmaking partners, one hundred and twenty-eight, and King Wu Ling had no parents, so he hired the widow of General Zhong Wu, the matriarch of the Yang family, who was seventy-two years old this year.

Such a big battle had scared a large family of the Qin family into going out to welcome the matriarch. If this old man was tired, then something big would happen!

Dugu Yu had just entered the army camp and was under the command of the matriarch's youngest son. Now, the Yan Army had been handed over to him by the deceased Old General Yang.

However, times had changed. Not only was this army many times more powerful than before, there was no longer a single old man among the soldiers.

Most had died in the battlefield, dying for their country!

Qin Qingyu was very happy. It wasn't because the Duke Wu Ling Mansion had given her so much face, but because the Yang family's matriarch had never appeared here in her original novel!

The original next betrothal gift segment, more than luxurious but not enough sincerity.

Dugu Yu had indeed delivered many things to the Qin Residence. It seemed like he had given them face, but in reality, he had given them to Qin Manor without even blinking his eyes. He simply did not care about them at all!

But now, someone like Matriarch Yang had taken the initiative to greet even the Emperor. She was personally representing King Wu Ling in hiring. Just what did this represent?

This meant that the plot had changed and that the marriage alliance had been taken seriously!

Qin Qingliang was so excited that even Qin Yuelin couldn't sit still. He lay on the bed, disobediently doing whatever his mother wanted him to do. His mother hit him on the butt, ordering him to lie still and not to move.

Even though Matriarch Yang was already old, she was still calm and elegant, her demeanor impressive and her entire body exuded an imposing aura that did not anger nor anger. However, within her majesty was a sense of peace that did not cause fear in others.

Madam Qin was so happy that she couldn't close her mouth. "How would that good-for-nothing little girl of mine dare to trouble you to come here personally? You praise her too much!"

"What Madam Qin has said is wrong. Third Miss being able to catch King Wu Ling's eye and make him think of marrying the wangfei makes me happy. Just this alone is a great achievement!"

"In the future, you can do your best to help the prince give birth to two chubby boys. With a stomp of my legs, I'll be able to explain myself to my generals and my sons when I reach the ground!"

In fact, Wu Ling Wang didn't get along with the Yang family at the moment, and he was only a colleague of General Yang at the moment, but his relationship with the older generation of the Yang family was very subtle.

New chapter is coming soon
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